What are the best places to go in la

We recently visited Los Angeles, California.  L.A. is one of the hottest tourist destination in the world.  One of the first things we noticed was how many OTHER tourist were there when we tried to go to Griffith Observatory to get a picture of the Hollywood sign.  EVERYONE had the same idea.  There were people from China, India, Mexico, Europe and from many other states.  Since L.A. is so diverse you can really only speculate where they are from base on their language, car or just asking them.  It is not uncommon to mean a South Korean or Armenian for example who does not speak great English but is actually in the US as a permanent resident or even a US Citizen.

We had a checklist of things we wanted to see.  We ate at Korea town, we walked on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we checked out a few fancy restaurants, we took pictures of the Hollywood sign.

There were a couple of cool extras that were not on our list of things to do in L.A. that were really great!  Santee Alley and Roscoe Chicken and Waffle.

What to expect in LA?

Tourist traps – Expect an enormous crowd everyday in every la tourist spot.  If you don’t want to avoid the tourist spots, then go during off peak hours (before 8am).

Crazy Traffic – Be prepared for the heavy traffic and aggressive drivers.  If you are an inexperienced driver, you should just avoid driving if possible.  We drove around L.A., fought through the traffic, maneuvered through the ridiculous intersections and let me tell you.. it is exhausting if you are not used to it.

What are the most interesting places to see in los angeles?

Hollywood – The Hollywood sign was very cool to see.  It is such an iconic symbol that you almost have to check it out if you are in L.A.  Hollywood boulevard is also nice to see.  Wax museum is located there as well as other famous tourist spot. Another one that is worth seeing is the La Brea Tar pits.

It might also be worth your time to check out the lots where they actually make movies like Paramount Studios (http://www.paramountstudiotour.com/) or Warner Brothers (http://www.wbstudiotour.com/)

There is also Universal Studios to check out.

What is the best part of LA?

The best part of L.A. is actually in L.A.  It is a city about 30 minutes away in a city called Long Beach.  It has the classic feel that everyone thinks about when they think L.A. only if they are NOT FROM the real L.A.  It looks like Tampa.  It is very clean, rich looking area. It is very classy with lots of restaurants around.  It is also not as crowded as LA. The apartments there look beautiful.

What did I like the most?

Santee Alley – Oh my gosh, Santee Alley!  It has all the new styles.  I loved it. They have really nice lingeries there too.  They sell cheap, high quality knock off clothing, purses, and shoes. You can also bargain if you are not tired. L.A. is an international fashion hub.  Many new styles of clothing start there.  The place resonates cool and starts world wide trends by accident.  Beautiful people flock to L.A. trying to make it as actors, musicians and models…

What is the most disappointing attraction I had been?

Walk of Fame was really not what we expected for sure.  I felt terrible going there. We were expecting a gleaming sidewalks with facy shops lining the sides of the streets.  What you get is a huge crowd, with solicitors every 10 feet, and poor homeless living off random change from tourists.  The stars with the names of famous actors, directors and writers of hollywood are there, but I imagined much more.  I was sadly mistaken.


What is the cost of living in London?

The Cost Of Living In London Is More Expensive Than Many Places Around The World

Many believe the cost of living in London is more expensive than the rest of the UK, and according to reports it is. London has become so expensive that thousands of people who work in the capital cannot afford to live there.

With the high house prices and the extremely high rental prices, many of those who do decide to live in London have to share a room in a house.  This is not ideal for those wishing to buy their first property or to rent their own flat, but with the high unemployment in the UK, many people have no other option.The average price. Depends what part of london but you are looking at around £400,000 to buy one. For a basic flat to rent, you are looking at around £1,600 per month but you will not get much for that.

For people visiting London, many are shocked at how high the prices are for food, entertainment and travel compared to other countries around the world. A stay in a hotel is much more expensive than most other parts of the country, and that is why many tourist who visit London either stay in a Bed and Breakfast or a hostel.

A pint of beer in London can cost on average nearly £5, which is much more expensive than the rest of the UK. Even soft drinks have become expensive, including bottled water.

An average meal in McDonalds will cost around £5.15, which is not bad considering other prices on food. Shopping in supermarkets is much more expensive in London compared to the rest of the country, which includes personal care items such as hair shampoo that is priced at around £4.44.

Many travel experts believe the high prices in London are putting off the tourists and driving them to other parts of the country including Manchester. Many suggest a person visiting London should bring with them 50% more in spending money than they would visiting other countries around the world.

Although the prices are high in London, the capital is still one of the most visited capitals in the world.

Sample cab fare price:  Start : Great North Way, London NW4 1PT, UK

End: Saint Mary Somerset Tower, London EC4V, UK   £ 35.60

Women shopping : Santee Alley

Welcome to the “Disneyland of women’s shopping” in L.A! L.A. is the hub of fashion in the west coast.  It is where many of the world styles start.  On our last day in LA, my husband was talking about taking me and my mother in law  to another attraction before we finally leave for our cruise.  To my surprise, he mentioned shopping (which sounds strange coming from him).  He said there is another attraction in LA called Santee Alley.  They sell all kinds of clothing there and knock off brands.  The place looks average and not clean in some areas but they have any style of clothes you can think off.

women-shopping-santee-alley (2)They have stores that sell sexy stylish lingerie, fancy dresses, cool jeans. My heart was pounding with excitement as we parked in one of the parking areas walking distance from the famous alley. As soon as we walk outside, I started seeing shops and women carrying plastic bags full of clothes that they bought.  They have all kinds of beautiful stuff that women love. Oh my gosh! I was so happy to be there.  We started going to the alley and looking at different style of dresses and summer outfits. women-shopping-santee-alley (4)I bought myself a pair of simple 3 inch heels shoes that was comfortable to wear. I also found a dress with a nice textile, stylish and quite elegant. I bought another cotton acid wash daytime dress. I bought another darker acid wash long sleeve shirt paired with a long skirt. It was a great feeling to be able to shop for goods that is rare to find. And for sure I wont be able to find those in Colorado. In a store called my secret lingerie. I snuck away to buy a pair of sexy lingerie hoping to surprise my husband. Wow. It was very sexy red, lace criss-crossing the body to reveal just enough to drive a man crazy.  The lingerie has a decent quality and not poorly made, a great deal for the price you pay.  women-shopping-santee-alley

I am so delighted that my husband took me there. Santee alley made my LA trip fulfilling.

 women-shopping-santee-alley (3)

Summary of shopping:

 3 inch high heel shoe Buy one, 30% off 2nd pair:     $ 30.00

black elegant dress       :      $ 25.00

Acid wash dress       :      $ 25.00

Long sleeve acid  wash shirt                               :      $ 15.00

Acid wash long skirt                                             :      $ 25.00

Lingerie                                                                :      $ 25.00

Sexy stockings                                                     :      $ 15.00



1. Wear flat shoes.

2. Shoe early at 9am before it gets too hot and crowded.

3. The nasty bathroom are blocks away so it is better to use the toilet before going there. They also make you pay for .50 cents and it is gross looking toilet.

4. You can bargain if you think the price is quite high.

5. Do not make up your mind in buying the first nice clothing you see. There might be better option along the way.


Denver Art Museum

There are lots of things to see in Denver.  You can go to an amusement park (Elitch Gardens), if you are in to nature you can go hiking or check out the botanical garden, The Denver Nature and Science Museum is definitely worth checking out, you can check out a football game and there are hundreds of restaurants in and around town.

If you are an art connoisseur, then you must go to the Denver Art Museum.

Entrance fee for Colorado Resident / Adult : $10.00


Admission for kids:  Free everyday

General admission is free for everyone on First Saturdays


Parking Fee: $ 9.00 for whole day

denver-museum (5)

Denver Art museum is truly a great experience. It is the second museum we have visited in Denver. There are tons of things you can see there. The architecture is spectacular. They also offer free days on special occasions.

denver-museum (4)

denver-museum (3)

Denver Art Museum has a souvenir shop and the ticketing booth located on the first floor. The second floor display famous paintings and unique sculptures from artists like Matthew  William and others.

denver-museum (2)

Souvenir shop



Souvenir Shop


A painting with real looking images

denver-museum denver-museum


The Denver Art Museum even has an area for kids to enjoy art.

denver-museum (7)


denver-museum (10)

kids art



denver-museum (6)

Ancient Collection

denver-museum (8)

Metallic handprints

denver-museum (9)

Giant Hallway wooden sculptures

You can visit their website at  http://denverartmuseum.org/

Cappadocia – splendor of Turkey

Cappadocia – splendor of Turkey

After a short general walk through of the main tourist destinations in Turkey, now it’s time to turn towards a rather unknown but majestically beautiful place called Cappadocia.

Situated in the Eastern, more Islamic part of the country, Cappadocia is a rising tourist destination, with many areas benefiting from unique geological, historical, and cultural features. The main cities of the region are Nevsehir, Kayseri, Aksaray and Nigde. There are regular flights from Istanbul or Ankara to Kayseri airport, but rail connections have also improved in recent years. As we mentioned in our previous article on Turkey, the best way to get around the region is by car; so either bring your own or rent one.

courtesy of bgr.bund.de

courtesy of bgr.bund.de

One place you really have to visit, when in Cappadocia, is the “Fairy Chimneys” rock formation, near the city of Goreme. These sedimentary rocks were formed by lakes, streams and ignimbrite deposits that erupted from ancient volcanoes approximately 9 to 3 million years ago. The view is spectacular, many Turks choosing to take their wedding photos there. It’s a truly magical place – the fact that you can rent a hot air balloon and fly over this fascinating sea of pointy stones makes it even more interesting.

courtesy of e-turkey.net/

courtesy of e-turkey.net

Trekking is very popular in the region. The Mars-looking features of the landscape in Cappadocia offer a unique experience to wilderness lovers all around the world. Don’t worry about getting lost – the Turkish police will find you, eventually (!). The most popular trekking destinations are the Ihlara Valley, Monastery Valley (Guzelyurt), Urgup and Goreme.

courtesy of onemillionpicture.com

courtesy of onemillionpicture.com

Finally, one should not leave Cappadocia without taking a tour of the magnificent mansions and cave houses. People living in the Cappadocian villages carved out houses, churches and monasteries in the soft rocks of volcanic deposits one can find everywhere. Göreme became a monastic center based mainly on rock churches in 300–1200 AD. Nowadays, tourists can have the full experience; some of these houses or palaces being rented out by locals, so that people can spend a couple of nights living like their ancestors. Most of the rentals are located in Urgup, Goreme, Guzelyurt and Uchisar.

courtesy of kayseri.bel.tr

courtesy of kayseri.bel.tr

Trips to local urban centers, such as Kayseri or Aksaray, are also worthwhile. The atmosphere is more Middle Eastern than in the Western part of the country. You’ll see a lot of people going to mosques and more women wearing traditional veils. Each of these towns has their own bazaar, so you’ll definitely find things to spend your money on.

Tips for your trip are pretty similar to the ones mentioned in the main article on Turkey: keep track of your money, but also of your ID or passport – migrant smugglers are known to steal documents of people that resemble the ones they want to smuggle; keep away from street protests or potential local unrest, but ultimately, try to enjoy your time there – it’s a place that you won’t forget, for sure.

Turkey – Western flavor in the Orient

Turkey – Western flavor in the Orient

At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, between the Black and the Mediterranean Seas, lies Turkey, the most Westernized and liberal of the Muslim countries. With almost 80 million inhabitants, it’s one of the biggest states in the Islamic world, helping the Turks see themselves as the leaders of Allah’s subjects.

Prominently located in what is today called “Little Asia”, the largest part of Turkish territory lies in Asia, while a small smudge, including Istanbul, in Europe. A long time ago, the Turks have been the leaders of one of the most powerful states that ever existed, the Ottoman Empire. They conquered most of North Africa, large parts of Europe, as well as Persia. After the collapse of the Empire, at the end of WWI, Turkey denounced its Muslim heritage and started looking westwards. This created the mix of Islamic traditions and Western thinking that is today the Turkish society.

courtesy of agbuyp.org

courtesy of agbuyp.org

Probably the most important touristic hot spot that everybody knows about is Istanbul. This 10 million people metropolis was the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires for the last 1000 years (now, the capital is Ankara). Major landmarks can be found in Istanbul, such as: the Topkapi Palace – former seat of the Ottoman sultans, who enjoyed a lavish lifestyle while they conquered the rest of the known world, the Hagia Sofia – a former Christian church, transformed into a mosque after Istanbul was conquered by the Turks in the 15th century, the Maiden’s Tower, situated on a small island in the middle of the Bosphorus Strait (it was also featured in the James Bond movie “The World is Not Enough”). The city itself is an interesting experience: going through the Grand Bazaar, avoiding the infernal traffic, taking a boat trip on the river – all these added-up will surely make you enjoy your time in Istanbul.

courtesy of thewrongwayhome.com

courtesy of thewrongwayhome.com

The vastness of Turkey has more to offer than just its biggest city. The Southern part, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, is exotic and warm in all seasons, making it the ideal place to spend a nice family holiday in a 5-star all-inclusive hotel. Kids playing beach games and you sleeping on the sea bed; sounds good, eh? The best places to do this are Antalya and Alanya (Antalya airport has flights coming in from all over Europe or Asia, so you’ll get there easily).

courtesy of designlaunches.com

courtesy of designlaunches.com

More to the West, the city of Izmir and its surroundings are just superb. The so-called “White Sea” in Pamukkale, made out of limestone, is a definite must do. You can bathe in the waters that are caught in natural pools made out of limestone, in crystal clear water that suddenly becomes white, because of the material on which it stays.

Probably the best way to travel through Turkey is by car. Rental companies are everywhere in the big cities, mostly around airports, and fees are a bit lower than the ones in Western Europe. Public transport has also improved in recent years, but only in the Western part of the country.

A few definite top tips: guard your wallet and keep your eyes open, because Turkey is scam heaven – from the money exchange, to the hotel clerk and taxi driver, everyone will try to fool you into giving them money or buying crap – keep a clear evidence of the money you have and always keep spare notes in your hotel room, just in case; don’t get involved in any street protests or similar things – police tend to be brutal sometimes and you don’t want your vacation ending at the hospital.  Make sure that you get health insurance – hospitals in Turkey are some of the best in Europe, but they come with a “spectacular” price tag. Nothing more to say, except: have fun!

How to date Bulgarian girls

written by our friend Cosmin

How to date Bulgarian women, for dummies.

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re putting a great deal of importance on human interaction, when going abroad and visiting. This is why we’ve offered you some advice on how to hook up with beautiful girls all around. Now, it’s time to take a look at one of the most beautiful, but also the poorest countries in Europe: Bulgaria.

One doesn’t really need a specific reason to visit Bulgaria: if you’re into city breaks, just pick up your backpack, grab a flight to Sofia and spend an interesting couple of days in the country’s vibrant capital, the spectacular mountains or the confortable beaches.

courtesy of pixshark.com

courtesy of pixshark.com

Once you’re there, you obviously don’t want to spend your time alone, do you? Well… lucky you, because you’ve apparently landed in the right place.

Similar to Czech girls, Bulgarians come in two categories: either smoking hot or very, very ugly. Tough luck pal; you’ll have to work a bit to find a nice one.

courtesy of news.bgfashion.net

courtesy of news.bgfashion.net

Local girls are classy, elegantly dressed (a bit too in love with sparkling materials, but, then again, what girl isn’t) and kinda’ fancy. They also have a strong taste for adventure – some of the Bulgarians that I met were into activities like skiing, mountain biking or wind surfing, so, if you think you can stand a high level of adrenaline, then you know where to take them.

If you’re not Bear Grylls, don’t hesitate to ask for a normal date – movie, dinner, a walk in the park. Sofia has a lot of opportunities with regard to that: some of the biggest urban parks in Europe are in the capital of Bulgaria.

courtesy of http://coffeeticks.my/ courtesy of http://coffeeticks.my//caption


The clubs and bars spread around Sofia are also a good place to go for a night out and meet your first Bulgarian girl. This Balkan country is probably the only place I’ve never seen packs of 5-6 girls in clubs. They are usually in smaller groups, of 1 or 2 (maybe 3), making them easier to approach. Dance, talk, touch – pretty classic tactics that will get you going all night long.

Maybe one thing you should be aware of is that they expect a man to support (to be ready “pay”) every common activity. Be sure that you have enough money with you at all times – you never know when she might want cotton candy or a pet raccoon. It’s also a good sign to tell her about your life in your home country: what car you drive, what do you do – if you’re more open to them, then they will be the same.bulgarian-girls

A 3-4 hour car ride from the capital, there is the magnificent Bulgarian seaside. If you haven’t gotten lucky yet, then here you surely will. Places like Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, Albena or Burgas are packed with tourists, but also with beautiful girls looking to have a bit of fun during their vacation. The numerous nightclubs or bars are ideal places to meet the most beautiful (and lightly dressed) girls you’ve ever seen.

A couple of tips: as I’ve mentioned before in our pieces on Romania and Hungary, don’t believe whatever you hear – some people just want your money and not your heart (or…); although you’ll probably have to pay for everything, prices in Bulgaria are among the cheapest in Europe so lucky you; get sun cream – the country can become a bit tropical during summertime and you don’t want to pick up girls looking like a tomato. I think you’re good to go – over and out!

A taste of Belgium Beer

written by cosmin

Belgium. Land of Beer

We’ve mentioned before that Belgium is mainly known for two things: its food and its beer. While the former has been extensively analyzed right here, the latter we seem to have neglected… until now.

Belgium has a long history of producing beer (local breweries are historically mentioned in chronicles from the beginning of the 10th century). The drink has been profiled as the national beverage of Belgium, with many local breweries (over 180, at the last count) making their own, different type of lager.

courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

One important sort worth mentioning is monks’ beer, locally called trappist. This type of lager is heavily protected by the government with very strict rules regarding the production process and the producers. Because of this, there are only six manufacturers of this type of lager: Achim, Westmalle, Orval, Chimay, Rochefort, and Westvleteren, all taking the names of the monasteries that house them. While some of the trappist beers can be found in supermarkets and shops (like Orval and Chimay), some can only be ordered online (like the Westvleteren Yellow Cap) for prices going up to 100 euros a six pack.

courtesy of cafedetempelier.com

courtesy of cafedetempelier.com

The monasteries that didn’t make the trappist benchmarks have not given up. :) They sell the so-called abbey beer (in French biére d’Abbaye). The most known are Maredsous, Grimbergen (the abbey itself is worth a visit – it’s just outside Brussels) and Triple Karmeliet. All are blonde and strong, with up to 8% in alcohol content. Tripel Karmeliet is the one you should try, especially together with a big side of fries with ketchup and mayonnaise.

One type that I, personally, like very much is white beer. It’s basically beer made out of wheat, instead of barley (or a combination of the both). Hoegaarden is the biggest producer of white beer, with several different flavors on the market, including simple, cherry, lemon, radler and some other stuff that I can’t remember (probably because of too much beer).belgium-beers

If all these don’t meet your tastes, you can also find the classic pils-type beer. Stella Artois is the biggest brand (a trip to Leuven to do a tour of their factory is definitely worthwhile), together with Jupiler. You’ll find these two beers in almost every shop, restaurant, pub or tourist attraction you will go to.

courtesy of beeradvice.com.au

courtesy of beeradvice.com.au

For your female companions that don’t really like the fact that I’m telling you all this :), you can find a beer type called kriek, which is basically cherry beer. It’s a mild, sweet lager that will surely meet the requirements of your wife/girlfriend in terms of taste and flavor. One particular brand that people seem to be very fond of is called Mort Subité (that is “sudden death” in French; no worries – it’s no Spring-break alcohol bomb).

courtesy of travelandbeer.com

courtesy of travelandbeer.com

A big part of the beer tradition in Belgium is the style of the glasses from which you drink it. Every beer producer has styled their own glasses for their beers, in order to create a classy and effective experience when drinking them. Often, beer glasses are available to buy, either in souvenir shops or in supermarkets (or you can just take them from the pub – they have so many of them, they don’t really care).

Finally, just one top tip before you can go off to the pub: don’t come to Belgium thinking that you’re a skilled drinker; because you’re not. Alcohol content in local beers varies between 6 and 15%, so even two 330 ml glasses of booze can get you singing your way home. Be careful how much you drink and how fast, because you don’t want to end your holiday in an ambulance or in a ditch. Saluté!

Luxembourg travel tourist attractions

Luxembourg... or land of luxury and banks…

So I’ve mentioned before that Belgium is a small Western European country. Well… if we’re talking smallest of them all, then Luxembourg is the place to be.

Squished between France, Belgium and Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (fancy name, isn’t it?) is a country with only a couple of hundred thousand inhabitants and one of the biggest GDP per capita in the world; so at the same time, the smallest and the richest country in Europe.

The Grand Duchy has been around for more than 500 years, having its origins somewhere in post-medieval Europe. The local population mostly speaks French, but also German and the weirdly sounding Luxembourgish. Most of the people based here either work in the institutions of the European Union (the top court of Europe is based here) or in financial corporations (Luxembourg is known for being a fiscal paradise).

courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

The landscape is spectacular, the capital city (also named Luxembourg) being built in and above a valley. You can arrive either by train (from France, Belgium or Germany), by car or by plane on the small airport located just outside the capital. Hotels are mostly luxurious and quite expensive, but as you wonder outside of the city proper, they get a bit cheaper. Nevertheless, if you’re not good on your cash, it may not be the best place for you – prices are over the European average and a lot of basic stuff (like water or McDonalds) can be unavailable to the average Joe.luxembourg-tourist-attractions

The main attractions in Luxembourg are located in the capital: one really impressive thing is the cathedral, dating back to the 16th century. It’s placed on ridge, just on top of the main valley – worth a visit. The main square of the city, where the Grand Duke’s palace (now the parliament), the town hall and a lot of souvenir shops are located, is probably the place where most people will go.  But the biggest attraction is the view: a short walk through the city center will make you understand that being located in a valley has its advantages.

The Royal Wedding . courtesy of en.people.cn

The Royal Wedding . courtesy of en.people.cn

Luxembourgish people are generally nice, although you might not meet any of them during your stay. Having that it’s a very international place, most of the people roaming around are from all over: Europe, America, even Japan… There’s also a huge Portuguese community in the tiny principality – literally, every other person is from Portugal or either speaks Portuguese (bus drivers, cabbies, even tour guides).


There are two big downsides to Luxembourg travel: one is the weather – the fact that the entire country is literally in a valley means that it will attract cold air and clouds, so if you get to enjoy sunshine the day you visit, consider yourself lucky. The second one is the nightlife – almost all the bars and cafés close at 10 PM and there are very few clubs that are open all year round. So if you’re in to partying and wet T-shirt contests, Luxembourg is probably not the place for you.

Either than that, it’s worth a trip. Allez Lux!

How to date Irish girls

written by Cosmin

How to date an Irish girl, for dummies

First of all, it should be mentioned that you don’t have to go to Ireland in order to find a girl that puts a four-leaf clover in her hair every morning. As opposed to Hungarian and Romanian girls, the Irish are spread all around the world, most of them living outside the tiny island in the Atlantic.

You’re in New York; or Paris; or Barcelona for that matter. How do you see that a girl is from Ireland? Well… if she’s blonde, blue-eyed, with fancy, but not posh clothes on her, and can drink the liver out of everybody else without falling on her head (like English girls do, for e.g.), then she’s probably Irish.

courtesy of thejournal.ie

courtesy of thejournal.ie

The first Irish girl that I’ve ever met had the “blondest” hair and the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, but she also had a “cheeky” (they love to use that word all the time) way of interacting with the people around her. She was beautiful, but in a different way than what I was used to before. That Celtic origin of the Irish really has a word to say regarding their looks.

You’ll usually meet them in bars or clubs, especially in the summer, in places like Spain, Italy, Greece or the French Côte d’Azur. The beach is not their thing – they get easily sunburnt, so they won’t hang out a lot on the sand. Summer is not only vacation time for them, but also when they’re the most approachable and willing to find partners. Especially, partners that aren’t Irish.

courtesy of irishpressreleases.ie

courtesy of irishpressreleases.ie

So… say you’re in Corfu: go out in the evening, get yourself a pint at the bar and just wait. Sometime after 11 o’clock, a pack of blonde girls will come rolling in. If they’re so drunk that they can’t even talk, then they’re English and you want nothing to do with them. If not, then they’re Irish.

Don’t expect them to all be models or volleyball players. Take a slick look around and target the two best-looking girls. Make sure they notice that you’re looking, but not too much. Take your time and plan your move carefully. Then just go up to them and tell them that you thought one of girls was your high-school/uni/work buddy from Cork or something. Then just say: “Oh! sorry..”, ask them “you’re from Ireland, aren’t you?” and from there on you can handle it.. Throw in a bit of Sloancha! (that’s “Cheers!” in Irish) and you’re done for the night.

courtesy of dating.co

courtesy of dating.co

Some things that you should probably know before you start: it’s common in Ireland that the boy pays for the drink, so you should probably have enough cash with you for 10 or something beers and some whiskeys; even if you don’t like her or she’s just too annoying to stand (might happen!), treat her with respect and part ways nicely – the Irish usually have large families and you never know how close a brother that can throw you in a trash bin is; don’t think you’re an awesome drinker – she’s probably gonna’ put you to sleep if you start a drinking contest; don’t get offended on jokes or slick remarks on their side (the Irish, in general, are a very frank and outspoken people, but very friendly) and, finally, be careful with the pack – if they see you aiming for one of their friends, the other members of the group will try to test you; so don’t start accepting drinks from everybody or answering all questions – they’re probably just tricks. Enough said: go and get yourself a Celtic girl!

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