Foreigner Dating a Dominican Republic Women (Part 2)

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In a Foreigner Dating Dominican Republic Women (Part 2) we talk to the Youtube channel Lina’s world.

We ask him about his experience as an American dating a woman from the Dominican Republic. He is actually going through the K1 fiance visa process with his girl who is from the Dominican. Check out Lina’s world here:

Foreigner Dating a Dominican Republic Women (Part 1)

We have a lot of single guys that follow us and we thought it would be a good idea to ask about Dominican republic women..

How to find them? Are many open to American guys? Should you learn Spanish? Should an American or Western guy look into the Dominican Republic for a mate? What made you look? Is the culture open to foreigners? How different is the culture? I notice there is an amazing variety of people there. Seems like it would be more open than America or UK. What should Western guys know before dating women from Dominican?

Holiday in Bilbao City, Spain

Grandadan visits Bilbao.  Bilbao is a city near the Cantabrian Sea at the north of Spain. Worth a visit, beautiful architecture, lovely views around the city and Butrón castle only 15 minutes away.

Check out more of Grandadan on Youtube:

Ocean Park in Manila Philippines

Ocean Park in Manila, Philippines



Manila Ocean Park Luneta Manila Philippines 1000


+63 2 567 7777


+63 2 567 2309



American, Alan Karla, vists Ocean Park in Manila, Philippines

Check out his videos here:

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