Mantayupan Falls


A picture of Mantayupan Falls

Bored of the city, I had the thought of exploring the place of where I was born, Cebu.

One morning, I decided to go for a tour to the furthest areas away from the city to get a new experience of the province. I thought that it would be romantic and adventurous because I will be spending the day with the love of my life while traveling. My close friend had told me about the  Mantayupan falls. We’d passed through it and I thought of stopping by to check it out because Kawasan falls was under under nature preservation program that time and they were only allowing Kawasan falls Marathon runners.  It was not that far from the city. The falls is located in Barangay Campanga, Municipality of Barili less than 100 kilometers away from the Cebu City.

How to get to Mantayupan Falls:

From Cebu City South Bus Terminal, seek for the bus that has a sign Cebu Via BATO Barili to take you to Mantayupan falls. The fare cost P 70.00 make sure you tell the driver to drop you off in Shamrock Barili.

The people have really made use of Mantayupan falls by making a livelihood out of it. They’ve planted crops on the rice fields next to the falls and made a fish pond where guests are welcome to go fishing and cook the fishes they catch. They sell it for less than P200 per kilo. They also made a mini- hydro electric power system for the town which they have benefited from for more than a decade.

From the main road, we hired a motorbike driver to send us to the falls. The fare had cost P25.00 per person.  When we arrived to Mantayupan falls, I didn’t expect that it would be a very memorable experience for us. We paid for the entrance fee which was P15.00 each to get inside. I was surprised when we got to the falls because it was very beautiful, very high and looks so natural. The locals had took care of it well and didn’t build any cottages around it. The water was freezing cold even if it was noon time.

BE CAREFUL!  If you walk on the rocks of the falls, you need to be careful of the slippery, moss covered rocks. Its so dangerous and you can slip any time if you don’t walk slowly and watch your step. Do not even think of jumping from the top of the falls to the water grounds because it is too high and it all consists of rocks around it. It is really not allowed. Now, for the safety of the people swimming on the falls, wearing a life jacket has become mandatory. The Cooperative who’s managing the entire place are providing the life jacket with P10.00 rental. They have some chairs and umbrellas for rent for as low as P 150.00. For convenience, if you’re taking a car, they have a parking area too . Parking fee costs P 20.00.

Malapascua Island

Located on the North of Cebu Philippines is the beautiful Malapascua island that is full of beautiful palm trees.  This palm tree filled paradise can be a great adventure with friends or a relaxing experience with family or lovers.

Malapascua island’s natural beauty is preserved well by the natives. The seaweed remains mostly  untouched which makes  the water look greenish.The coral reef is the most interesting to see. It’s a perfect place to go diving and snorkeling.  The coral reef is vibrant and colorful. Underwater, you will see fishes,seahorses, sea urchin, squid and snakes with a rainbow color

on their bodies. I’ve discovered that squids are not only delicious on plates but also really fun to watch in their natural habitat.

Despite the green color, the water is very clear and its only one and half meter above the sea (low tide), you could easily see all the creatures even if you don’t snorkel.

Malapascua has 3 spots underwater:

  1. Garden Corals
  2. Japanese Shipwreck
  3. Cliff under the sea

How to get there:

From Cebu City, ride a cab and tell the driver to go to North Bus Terminal. When you get there, check the yellow big buses that has a sign marked ‘’MayaBagay’’. That will take you to the end of Cebu North. The time of travel will be 4-5 hours and the fare will be 100 peso.  When you arrive there, you will see the boats in line beside the port. Ask the boatmen if which one is going to Malapascua. They put 25 pesos on their signs there for boat fares but they actually charge more. The fare would be 100 pesos and the travel time will be an hour. Upon arriving there, you won’t have to worry on getting a hotel room because there are a lot of resorts right on the beach to choose from according to your choice of convenience and budget or you could do an online booking too to ensure of getting one before the date of travel.


  1. It’s ideal to travel on summertime. January-April. for safety on boat travel. Because rainy seasons in the Philippines means typhoons. So the sea will have strong winds and big waves.
  2. Its better to travel early morning to ride on the bus by 6 or 7am. Travelling early will not be too dusty since there are less vehicles. They don’t have air-conditioned  buses on going there.
  3. Do not entertain the dispatchers on the North Bus terminal as they may lead you to the private van which cost very expensive than the regular bus transportation, plus they will ask you money from carrying your bags 5-10 meters away from the bus.





Daan Bantayan


serenity of Bantayan Island

My boyfriend and I escaped for the day to a little known beaches of Bantayan Island.  Although it is not Boracay, but it does have beautiful powder like sand and nice accommodations.  We held walked down the beach at noon and made love by the light of our moonlit dinner.

It was not luxurious but it was definitely romantic for us.  We did not have to spend a lot of money, but we were able to have one of the most memorable times of our relationship at Bantayan Islands.

If you are looking for a simple, quiet time without the typical tourist crowd, try Bantayan.

This beach is near one of the towns of Daan Bantayan Island.  This town and is known for a Catholic Church there that has a big feast that allows Christians to eat pork during the Holy Week. *Some Christians believe that eating pork during this holy days is prohibited and  is a sin base on the Roman Catholic Religion.


From Cebu City, it is 3 hours by buss (2 hrs by private vehicle) plus one hour by boat

To reach the town of Daan Bantayan, you need to go to the North Bus Terminal and ride in either the regular non aircon bus or for a better convenient ride they have a bigger and more comfortable seats in an aircon buses. Buses have sign that says  Daan Bantayan. The ride will take 3 hours to reach the port of those cargo boats that take passengers to STA. Fe where the white sand beaches are located.

 Worried of a place to stay? No need to worry coz you wont encounter problems when it comes to accommodation.
Upon arriving at the Sta fe Daan Bantayan port, their are locals that will ask and offer resort deals and packages or you can choose any of those resorts by that same beach because its just walking distance.  If it is peak season , its better to make an advance booking before traveling to the place so you wont have a hard time seeking for one when you reach there. The room rates of the beach resorts are from 1500-5000 pesos. There are more places to stay like guest houses and inns less than a kilometer away from the beach suited for travelers that are on a tight budget..

Some of the resorts offers motorbike rental for as low as P 100.00 per hour.

Sta fe is a small town , so an hour to drive around would be enough to see the whole place. There’s nothing much to see on the town except the park and their church.


photo by:

Paolo Marco

Cebu Girls

Going on a vacation to the Philippines?

Forget about the overpriced Boracay tourist trap, forget about the Boracay’s poor cousin “Bohol” and don’t go to Manila to get robbed by street kids!

Go to the “Queen City of the South” Cebu! There is LOTS to do in the beautiful city of Cebu. You can see the rich culture and strength of a proud Catholic people that has over come hundreds of years of adversity.  But why see any of that when you can go straight to Cebu’s best ASSET, Cebu girls!!
If you are looking for girls in Cebu there are four places that have the best crop of fresh (and not so fresh) Cebuana flowers:

  • Mango Street
  • SM/Ayala Mall
  • IT Park
  • The Internet

Mango Street

I believe sex is one of the most beautiful, natural and wholesome things money can buy. That is why Mango street is like heaven and the Cebu angels are there.. selling their bodies for about 500-1000 pesos.

Cebuana Expert:
“prices may vary: for more mature average looking they may charge more. Also depends on what they think they can get out of you.”

Just ignore the half naked, begging children and step over the homeless mother holding her baby sleeping on the streets, and you will be swimming in a sea of prostitution.

Cebuana Expert:
“Prostitution in the Philippines is illegal unless the translation is done in a bar. In the bar you get a “bar girl” you will need to pay the bar. The bar fine is about 2500-5000 pesos.”

J Ave is a great club with many Cebuanas starving for tall, white meat. If you have the average white guy look that is worshiped all over the Philippines, they will swarm you and tear you apart like a pack of tiger sharks. If you are trying to get a quick one-night stand, most of your time will be spent dancing them into bed. These girls might expect a little money after a quick one night stand.
A white guy is a status symbol in the Philippines. They like Koreans and Japanese because its easier to get their money. Black men are favored for their big, long black wallets. In the Philippines all foreigners (and their money) are welcome. If you are concerned about racism don’t worry, because there are no black, yellow, brown or white people.. only green.. you are a walking dollar $ in Mango.  If you have money and show a little bit of respect, you will be treated very well.

If you want to just pay and get down to business, just step right outside and you will be asked right away especially if its a weekend and you happen to be a foreign looking guy. The street of Mango is littered with all kinds of hookers. You will find Cebu girls in different sizes and shapes: Fat ones, thin ones. Yes, you can get ALL types of working girls from the ugliest to the prettiest. Use protection because many of them go through 100’s of guys with no protection. Its a recipe for the finest STDs; its like a STD Adobo. Mango is a street ripe with sexually transmitted diseases.

Hookers in the MALL?  no way?! In CEBU , YES Way!  SM Mall go the French Baker to get a french kiss.  Bos coffee in Ayala.. get coffee AND cream… because there are hookers there too.  Also, in the Ayala Mall you may see a 60+ Western man with a cane holding the hand of a girl wearing a “Dora the explorer” shirt.NO, ITS NOT HIS DAUGHTER.YES, that grandfather is F#$%ing that high school student.Now, I must admit.. the first time I saw it.. I wanted to beat up the old pervert and take the little girl back to the school playground so she could continue to enjoy her childhood. But then I realized, that the girl is 18 (I hope) and she definitely has a filipino boyfriend and that old foreign guy is paying her whole family so that he can have the time of his life.Is it right? Who am I to judge? She is an adult (I hope), so she can sleep with that guy for money if she wants. Things are different in the fils.

WHO CARES about the older gentleman and his high school sweet heart?! How do you get a piece of that MALL action? The first step is to have money. Second step is that it helps to be white… I am not saying you MUST be white. I am saying it REALLY helps. Since 99% of Filipinos worship white skin.  Ultimately, in Ayala and SM all you have to do is look cool and look foreign. Last step, approach girls that look interested in you. Its sooo easy right?


There are three very very bad things about the mall:

  1. Many girls in the Mall are NOT LEGAL. They may even lie about their age. JAIL IN THE PHILIPPINES– do not risk international shame and being raped in jail by taking the Jail Bait.  Due to rampant poverty there are many underage girls in soliciting sex.  THERE IS SO MUCH JAIL BAIT.  YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH AN UNDERAGE GIRL.. not for long as Investigators are beginning to crack down.  If you think so, then you deserve international shame and ass rape in a Philippine prison… ok.. i am off my soap box..
  2. If you already have a girl and are STUPID enough to take another girl there then you deserve to get caught.
  3. There are not many prostitutes there.

Cebuana Expert:
“One more pick up place is infront of Robinson’s Mall where girls stand and wait to get picked up by customers.. sometimes they are there at daytime approaching white guys to pay them for sex. They look fine. theres one Bo’s coffee shop in robinsons too. That is mostly where white guys that live around fuente hang out and look around for meats.  Mostly those girls are out there waiting at night time when Robinson’s mall closes.. prices would be P500-1500.. it really depends on negotiation but it cannot be higher than that.  in ayala that  on the second floor has a bos coffee. that is where they passes by and hunt a customer by that coffee shop there’s a terrace on the side. so they stand their first. smoke then go start checking for guys that they can approach “

IT Park

If you really want a classy woman go to IT Park and flirt with a Cebuana that is working. You have nothing to lose. The worst thing that can happen is she humiliates you in front of your friends and you kill yourself in shame.

But a Cebuana with a regular (non sex job) realizes the value of money so she won’t try to spend all YOURs. She will even buy YOU things. IT Park also has some smart filipino women that have not had sex in a long time because all they have done is study and work. If you treat them, you will win not only her P#%y but also her heart. A classy woman will expect more, so you should probably learn a little about Filipino culture, maybe some tagalog or Cebuano language and show a LOT of respect. If you are just a broke loser that lives with your parents, don’t even waste your time with an IT Park woman, go to Mango Street and get a two for one discount with a hooker.

The Internet

SCAM SCAM SCAM! The first thing you need to know about getting a girl on an Internet Dating site is that many Filipinos (straight/gay/lesbian) make a living off dating/romance scams on dumb foreign men.. including ME 🙁

Don’t believe their sob stories.. save your pity and money for prostitutes and sluts that deserve it because at least they work for it. Scammers will cry about sick family members or getting milk for their baby but think about this.. How the hell can they have enough pesos for electric and Internet but not enough to get milk?

If you can get past the army of scammers, then THE BEST way to meet a Cebuana is online. Some really do want to meet for a relationship, or just for fun. The only way to know if they are real is to actually meet them. If they are asking money.. just move on.

DO NOT GIVE MONEY ONLINE! No normal person is going to ask you for money within a month of meeting you if they are serious about keeping you around. The situation in the Philippines is desperate especially for single mothers, but the best thing you can do is fly there and invest in the Philippine travel & tourism industry. Remember its more fun in the Philippines!!

Cebu Call Girls

Cebu call girls are rare and limited in Cebu City.  When checking out Cebu Call Girls, Cebu Escort services, Cebu erotic massage, Cebu sensual massage you will see that the services and meaning blurs.  If you have an escort she can give sensual massage and if you have a woman giving a sensual massage, she might be willing to be an escort.  What all of these have in common is that its a pretty girl you can call for sensual service or companionship and it can be discrete or it can be out in the open (depending on the arrangement and the service itself).  There are differences in quality of service and how much is spent.

Model Cebu Escort Service

High class people are the ones who usually request their services as an escort while playing golf, a companion, a date in the day, a night out or more.  A high quality call girl will look like a model (and she may even be a model).  Filipino standards of beauty is tall, thin girls that look Caucasian.


Some Cebu call girls (Cebu escorts) are expensive since they are like a status symbol or a “trophy wife”.  You can expect a high maintenance, diva, with expensive tastes.  Sex may not be apart of the deal.  Its mostly for show.  You need to know someone to get this and its p5000 – p10,000+


Cebu Call Girl Sensual Massage

Some Cebu call girls are linked to Cebu massage.  Please don’t get confused and think that ALL massage places in Cebu have “happy endings”.  If they say “sensual massage” that is where you will pay more and get your happy ending and maybe more.  Price must be negotiated with the Cebu call girl.


sensual massage

CEBU Escort service agency is the finest place where you will find the most elegant CEBUANAS massage girls available. We continuously look for fresh faces that can possibly be part of us and become a escort in CEBU.

More about Cebuanas


ohhhhhhhhhh baby..

 宿霧 やった


Alcoy Beach

South Cebu, Alcoy

map of Alcoy in Cebu

Alcoy beach is located in the town of Alcoy ,South of Cebu. Spanish people created that name from a city in Spain called Alcoi. The off-white sand of the beaches are nearby 2 towns: Alcoy and Boljoon It is very easy to locate it because while riding on the bus you will be welcomed by the beauty of white sand beach.

Alcoy beach looks simple and undeveloped but it looks naturally beautiful. Beside the beach are  resorts with cheap room rates and cottages to spend the night with family or a group of friends. Alcoy beach is popular for its white sand and beauty yet very affordable cheap prices for Filipinos.


Pattaya Prep: Learn Basic Thai Words

Our first trip to Thailand was a disaster.  First of all, booked us on the wrong flight (minor oversight.. no big deal).. I also had very little money.  We also did not no where to go until we got there.  We still had a good time but next time we will do things waaaaay better by planning ahead.  I will learn some of the language, list all the places and things I want to do, and save money to go.

This series (Pattaya Prep) is a breakdown of all the things I am doing to prepare for my trip to Thailand with 6 months.  Its a walk through with resources and guidance on preparing for the culture, language, location and shock of the wild life style of Pattaya, Thailand.


Similar to Japan, being polite is very important to Thai culture.  You will notice people bowing and helping you out everywhere you go.  Its really one of my favorite things about these remarkable people and their beautiful culture.  Even more impressive is how much more polite and open people are when you show interest in their culture and try to speak the language.

Basic Thai Words

sa wa dee khrap – hello (male)

sa wa dee kha – hello (female)

sa baai dee mai – How are you?

sa baai dee – I am fine

khap khun khup – thanks (male)

khap khun kha – thanks (female)

khap thot khrap – sorry (female)

khap thot khrap – sorry (female)

chai – yes

mai chai – no

a run sa wat – good morning

sa wat dee tawn thiang – good noon

sa wat dee tawn yen – good evening

raa trii sa wat –  good night

chuay nawy daai mai – can you help me?

mai pen rai – no problem

chan chue <name> – my name is ___

khun chue a-rai – what is your name?

yin dee thee daai ru jak – nice to meet you


I am taking my first week to memorize and practice these words.


More references:


Disneyland (LA)

California Adventure Cars

images form LA California Adventure Radiator Springs

Its expensive. Its crowded. BUT its something you MUST do once before you die. Here are some of the pros and cons of Disneyland LA.  *note: Disney is actually in Anaheim, CA which is close to LA. 


Brilliance of the imagineers.  The level of detail and design in every attraction is something you have to experience to appreciate. StarTours for example has about 10 mini shows in the line to the actual ride. Each mini story line integrates into the actual ride. Its hard to find that kind of detail at any other theme park. Each attraction attempts to emerse you into the theme with music, sound, site and even smell.

Ferris Wheel Disneyland

Disneyland Wheel Disneyland

Its legendary. No matter what age you are, you will more than likely a fan of at least one of the Disney movies. With all the classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Mickey Mouse, and now the entire Star Wars franchise, they have something for everyone to enjoy.

Its great for kids! If you take kids to Disneyland its something they will never forget. Its a memory that they will cherish because something in that total experience will resonate with them. Its just magical to kids.

Its convenient in L.A.  Disneyland in L.A. is extremely convenient. With great weather year round and fairly cheap hotels and stores in the surrounding park area, its a great choice if you want to keep prices low and happen to already live in North or South America.

Disney California Adventure Pro and Cons

California Adventure vacation

Disney California Adventure.  Another bonus of being at Disney LA is California Adventure. Its a completely different theme park equal to or greater than Disneyland. If you have two days, its worth spending once day in Disneyland and one day in California Adventure. If you are there one day, you can get a Park Hopper ticket to go to both for the day ($200).





Lines, Lines, Lines! At the peak of the day, the lines are waaaaaay too long. You can wait as long as 3 hours in a line for a ride that lasts 5 minutes.  If you are with kids, they may get restless.. its very brutal for kids.  But you can avoid this by getting FastPass. It will schedule you for a ride.

$$$$$! The food, the swag, souvenirs, services, parking, hotels (in Disneyland) will cost you up to 4 times more than what you might pay at a normal store in Calfornia. Now keep in mind that California is notoriously among the most expensive of all states. If you spend 9.99USD for a hat in a convenient store in L.A. that same hat will cost 20 – 30 dollars in Disneyland. If you spend 9.99USD for a hoody at Walmart, that same hat can cost 30 – 60 USD in Disneyland. The food is even more ridiculous! A lousy hotdog, bun, small bag of chips and NO DRINK will cost 7 – 8 USD. If you have a large group, this price can quickly turn into 100 USD.

Even with all the lines and prices, its worth going to see in your lifetime. The level of detail and quality of theme park is unmatched. If you want to save money, don’t spend as much INSIDE the park, bring lunches, stay outside the park, bring extra batteries and plan on spending as little as possible inside Disneyland. Once you are in, all rides are free but the lines will make you have to budget your time because its only open from 9am to 10pm. So make sure you get a FastPass.


Not far from the beautiful white beaches of Alcoy in Southern Cebu is Boljoon.
Boljoon is a historical town located at the Southwest of Cebu Province. Hundreds of years ago, Spaniards came to introduce their religion and built one of their churches in this town. The Patrocinio de Maria Church was built in 1783 and underwent expansion in 1808. The church is made of coral stones and hard wood. It has been solidly built and has not been distracted until now. Its ceiling has a beautiful captivating design. When you enter the main entrance, on the left side is a huge old door of the Boljoon Parish Museum. It has been preserved and guarded by the locals. There are tourist guides who will assist and lead you the way to explain each thing inside. The museum has a lot of stuff kept from the people who use to live there such as antique decors made from shells and the big metal bell. Spaniard friars clothing that they used in conducting masses for Roman Catholic religion are displayed in wooden stand inside the glass frame. Archaeologists have dig in some part of the church and found bones along with gold jewelries.

Across the church is a park beside the shore. It is small and ordinary although their wash area looks unique and interesting. Their faucets are placed inside the earthenware jar.

For some reason the beach doesn’t have much sand in it. It only has different forms and sizes of all white rocks. The sea is very clean with crystal clear water.  For people who wants to go whale shark watching, this is the spot.  Its nearby town Oslob.

There are few places to stay by the beach. There is one wooden white house for rent that can occupy up to 10 persons in a very cheap price. It cost P 700.00 pesos daily.

Another place to visit in Boljoon Cebu is the watchtower.

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Kuwait guest

MahaboulaKuwait guest

If you are from a GCC country, America, Africa or anywhere in Europe you can have an ok time in Kuwait.  If you are from Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal then you will have a hard time getting here and living here.

I am an American and I have been here in Kuwait one year. I want to give my honest opinion of this country.  First of all, I feel safe in Kuwait. I am a black man and have never had a problem.. I experience more racism in my own country than here.  It seems to be a bonus to be black here.. which is a big surprise because most places I have been in the world are not that way. My filipino, Indian and Bangladesh friends seem to have the opposite feeling about Kuwait.  They don’t have anything good to say about it except that the money is good.. and most times not even that. Its because they are treated bad by locals. I have seen it and its really a shame, because there are some very good moderate Muslims here and I am sure many Kuwaitis are very good people.

With all the positive talk out of the way.. I will be completely frank. There are MANY rude and impatient people here.

Kuwait is a place that I don’t think I would ever visit without having a high paying job here. That being said, its better than some other middle east countries that I have been to. I have enjoyed it more than Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, but I liked Bahrain and Qatar better. It is really not inviting to tourists.

If you are reading this and you are thinking, “then go home to your own country..” don’t worry I will. I am just being completely honest of what I have seen.

But I want to be fair. I think if you are Kuwaiti or know someone with “Wasta” (power) then you could have a pretty good time in Kuwait. I know some that said that they got in good with the locals and had a great time.

The laws make it hard to feel comfortable. Kuwait has a sponsorship system. That means that foreigners must be sponsored by Kuwaiti person to live here. The Kuwaiti citizen takes responsibility for the foreigner.. the kuwaiti then has some control over their passport and whether that person will stay in the country and how long. So this system is abused by many companies and citizens. Domestic Helpers have it very bad because the person that they do house work for is usually a citizen. They are not professionals and have very little accountability. This leaves room for all kinds of physical, sexual, psychological abuse that is common among Domestic Helpers.

It is against the law to distribute alcohol. It is still done and people do drink but very discretely. If you know someone you can get into private parties. There are no clubs in Kuwait but there are private invite only discrete parties. If you know someone that can get you in on that scene.

Its not a tourist type place but if you really want you can have fun here and really experience a unique culture. If you are Filipino, Indian, Bangladesh I would never come here without a good job or someone you know and trust that can care for you. If you are American or from the west, you can come but there is really not much to do here for fun that is not illegal.

What people do here mostly is go to coffee shops, and hang out at the mall. But You could site see at places like Kuwait Towers, you could go golfing on a green in the middle of the desert, you could find private parties on Yachts, you could go camel riding, go to the Aqua Park and some other things.

The last think I will say is that the roads here are deadly. I have seen two people die on the road right before my eyes. I have seen cars on fire and buses flipped. There does not seem to be much of a drivers test and not much regulation of the roads and infrastructure. Also, there are many from third world countries that probably never drove before the came to Kuwait.

Be prepared to be cut when in line.. don’t take it personal.. its their country so they have the right of way.. right?
For some reason a lot of filipinas get raped here.. I really don’t understand that but if you do a quick google search its pretty bad.

So what is good about kuwait? There are great muslims here.. some of the best people I have met have been muslims of every race and every shade. It is really an honor to have met such great people of faith. Also, there is opportunity for progression in careers and/or work.

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