Lapu-lapu nightlife

trip to lapu lapuOne friday afternoon, after buying early Christmas gifts for my family, I got a dinner invitation from my sister that lives in Lapu-lapu, Cebu.

I live in the middle of the town so I had to travel by van from SM Mall on the way to her house.  I asked her to cook my most favorite dish, ”porksinigang”.  We had a good sinigang dinner and I started feeling restless.  I’ve been curious about the  Lapu- lapu nightlife.  Then our close friend sent a text  about going out to party for the night.

After such a big meal, I told her that was not sure about going out.  But she insisted and another friend would not take “no” for an answer.   After midnight, I got out of bed started to take a shower and quickly got dressed. While on the way to the newly built, popular club in town.

We first stopped by a hangout place with light music , a pool table on the ground floor, a small karaoke room and a restobar on the second floor.  It was called ”BFK.



Next , we went to the ‘Club Lotus’ .  It looks nice from outside and has a small parking lot for motorbikes on the front.  The entrance fee is P100.00 with a one drink minimum.  They have a wide variety of drinks.  The club was not too crowded. There were a few black young people who’s in the club  (students that are studying here , I don’t know which exactly the countries they are from but I know they’re not from US from how they dress up).

Most of the crowd came with group of friends and lovers . Girls were not aggressive in hooking up. They play different types of music from hip-hop to reggae to disco and techno. The club has a variety of drinks you can choose from and a menu selection for food. After getting tipsy, we decided to go home. As we walk outside and look around, I saw another club that is next to Sinangag station (a Filipino restaurant). I asked my sis what goes on in that club. Its called Face Club.

lapu lapu face bar

a very bad picture of face bar in lapu lapu

She said its an acoustic restobar with typical Filipino style, nice ambiance and not a very loud music. They play some regular music from the DJ after the bands finish their set of songs.  I really had a great time that night and I was able to discover a new hang out places though they were not classy, they were nice. Something new and different than what happens on the midtown. As will many clubs in Cebu, I saw hookers outside, but not as aggressive as other places I have been.  I also saw them hanging out around the bathrooms of the Lotus club to freshen up and retouch makeup.

Lapu-lapu nightlife doesn’t have too many clubs but it still worth checking if you live or stay in that area.