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Cebu clubs , restobars

TOP 5 Restobars in Cebu City with good customer service & ambience :

1. One of our favorite restobars was the Spinn Bar. It is located at Mango Square Mall on the second floor. They serve shisha, alcohol, and food.  The Singaporean mei mei(noodles) taste good.  Staff and the owners are friendly and very welcoming.  The Spinn Bar is a newly opened bar. It has many pool tables for the customers.  Each weekend, Spinn features live music as well as a great Karaoke system.  

2. Another hidden gem on the Cebu nightlife scene is Cubanas restobar. It is located in a small alley beside Yellow Cab Restaurant. They serve food, alcohol, and sheesha.  They have live music in a great outside atmosphere.

cebu nightlife Cubana Acoustic

3. Irish Marshalls Pub – is located beside National Bookstore, Mango Avenue. It is very famous pub among locals and foreigners. They play acoustic music and has several promotions in different events and holidays. They also serve buffets during special occasions.

cebu clubs restobars

Pictures from St. Patricks Day –

4. Jazz n blues  is located at mabolo, cebu city. The restobar serves some food and drinks. The bands play only jazz and blues music. Its ideal for people who don’t want a loud  music.

cebu clubs restobars

5. Mio Café and Restaurant is located at the back of Petron Gasoline Station, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City. Mio offers function rooms for catering services at the second floor and a restobar at the third floor and rooftop. They serve food and drinks. I recommend chillin’ at the rooftop because it shows the spectacular view of the city. However, they need to work better for a good quality service.

cebu clubs restobars

Kawasan falls

We got off the bus for Kawasan falls and immediately get offered a tour guide.  Its super easy to find so you don’t need a guide at all.  What they are offering is a raft ride through the falls where you can take pictures, get soaked and have a great time!

The locals are nice and helpful.  The entire area is gorgeous .

Kawasan falls

Kawasan Falls

stream at Kawasan falls

stream at Kawasan falls

Souvenir shop along the way to Kawasan falls

Souvenir shop along the way to Kawasan falls

 There are also few rooms to stay for the night.  Kawasan waterfalls flow 24/7 and never stop flowing even in summertime.  The municipality of Badian uses the falls as their main source of electricity and makes an income from it by entrance fees that cost P10.00 per person.

Road to kawasan falls

Road to kawasan falls

The locals also offer bamboo raft ride for the tourists. The waterfalls  relaxes and massages  the body but you can only pass through it a few minutes each time. The water is cold and  deep on the center so its not safe for anybody but strong swimmers due the strong current.


Our hearts go out to the people that have died in Kawasan falls, because they were not aware of the dangers:

Rex Caramonte drown’s October 10, 2010

Many have almost drowned:

Lakbay diva almost drowns in kawasan

You should not jump off the side of the mountain into the water:

back to back deaths





Although these incidents have occurred, don’t be deterred from visiting.  But when you do please  respect the power of this natural beauty.  The power of a waterfall is enough to power the entire area for 100s of years.  Don’t dive in the water from the cliff side, don’t jump off the raft and into the undercurrent of the falls.


at kawasan falls August 27,2013

water from Hydro electric power


  1. BE SAFE:  Always wear a life jacket on swimming at the center of Kawasan falls.

  2. Food Prep: Bring some food for the outing.

  3. Dryness Prep: Bring your own towels and a change of clothes. The inn won’t provide towels unless you stay in their rooms.

  4. Toilet Prep: Bring your own toilet paper.

How to get to kawasan Falls from Cebu:

Ride a jeepney or a cab on the way to Cebu South Bus Terminal. Go to the entrance and walk on the way to  terminal 9 or 10 to ride in (Ceres bus) Cebu-Bato-Barili aircon or regular bus that will pass through the town of Badian. Aircon buses has free wifi on board and 2 tv..  The play movies on the way that helps the 3 hour ride go by faster.


Aircon Bus Fare: P 130.00

Regular Bus: P 120.00- P 126.00

Willy’s and the Kawasan Falls Room rates:

Double bed w/ ceiling fan P 1,300.00

Double bed with a/c     P 2,500.00

Willys and the Kawasan Falls

Willys and the Kawasan Falls

inquire @ Willy’s and the Kawasan Falls  for other room types

Bamboo Rafting: P 300.00 – a separate fee for 1 or 2 people pulling the rope

Cottages: P 300.00

Food are available at Willy’s small restaurant. Prices of the food and drinks are not expensive. I advise taking your own food as they only have one cook and there’s no proper kitchen sanitation .

Willy's & the Kawasan falls food menu

Willy’s & the Kawasan falls food menu


Traveling to Philippines : Cebu shops

Traveling to Philippines : Cebu shops

If you are traveling to Philippines and planning on living there for some time, renting an apartment is really the best thing to do. If you are on a tight budget or just want to save money, go to places with very low prices in Cebu. The Cebu shops listed below are the places that I used to go to buy cheap goods. The products range from low to good quality but all generally have low prices.


1. Groceries  

Colonnade Mall -This mall offers Wholesale prices on their goods.  The store offers great prices are small store owners to sell goods at retail prices.

Price sample: Brown sugar ½ kl P 16.30, other stores charge up to P 20.00

travel shop cebu Colonnade Mall

La Nueva Branches Supermarket – La Nueva branches are located at M. C. Briones St., Cebu City and G.Y. Dela Serna St, Lapu-Lapu City ‎

Prince Warehouse Club is located at M.C Briones St.

Emall  has a big convenient supermarket. It sometimes mark down the prices of their goods or sell it by several pieces with discounts


travel shop cebu La Nueva Branches Supermarket

2. Furnitures & Appliance

SunGold  – SunGold has lots of sales on their furnitures.  They have many types of designs and colors. Prices from cheap to expensive.

 Price range – P 6,000.00 and above

Unitop – are located at Colon St.  and Lapu-Lapu City – it has a few selection of unique design furnitures and a few good quality appliances.

Silawan Furnitures – located at Leon Kilat St. The store have two types of furnitures, cheap and expensive. The cheaper classes of furniture has a decent quality. They also have high quality sets sofa that are made from oak and other expensive material.  It looks classy and durable.They also have leatherette sofa set that cost P 6,000.00 . All their sofa set comes with a center table.

Delivery Charge : P 500.00

J Marketing sells all house appliances in cash or installments at lower prices compared to other stores

travel shop cebu

Cheapest  for a refrigerator : P 8,800.00 5cc


Metro Appliance Centrum Plaza Inc. sells home appliance by cash or installments.

The store has cheap and expensive branded appliances. Prices differs according to the brand name and the model of the appliance

Price sample :  Oven w/ 4 burner stove P 16,000.00 and above




3. Toys & Clothing

. Emall 2nd floor sells very cheap clothing, colognes

. Grandmall – located @ Basak, Lapu-Lapu Area

Price Sample: A shirt cost less than P 100.00 to P 200.00 (fine quality)

– Metro Gaisano has cheaper prices of branded shoes and clothing. They always have sale on their products, have good quality and are also cheaper compared to SM and ayala.

Price Sample:  Bench Shirt P 1,000.00 goes on sale up to 40 % sometimes 50%

Price becomes P 600.00




Other cheap wholesale and retail clothing and toys are along Borromeo and Magallanes St .  (back road of Metro Gaisano)

Big malls like SM and Ayala have big sales usually starting in June (opening of classes) and December, they markdown the prices to sell off the old products.


4. Housewares

Unitop – located at D. Jakosalem Street  offers the cheapest prices in housewares, lowest price kitchen utensils in fine quality. Just be careful on breakable things because it is very crowded there.

Price Sample : Mugs- P 15.00- P 70.00 prices differs on sizes and designs

Novo is located at next building from Unitop.  They have very cheap prices of curtains bedsheets and pillows. Novo also has nice unique, cheap kitchen utensils.

Prices: egg pan in flower and bear face shape P 35.00

             egg beater P 20.00

             spaghetti ladle P 10.00

5. Electronics

K Star – has very cheap electronics and cellphone parts, phone cases, and tablets. They also have head phones and every kind of charger you can think of.  Electronics in Philippines malls are RIDICULOUSLY over priced.  So its best to go to some of the small stores around K Star.

k star cebu travel shop

Unitop  also has some stores selling electronics on the first floor like Cherry mobile brands that are way cheaper compared to other phones and original phones they also sell fake samsung and other phones.

Joyo Marketing has mostly computer parts and accessories for sale. They also sell a few laptop and cds.

6. Fresh Vegetables & Meat

Carbon Market – on the evening until early morning at 6 o’clock. This is the place where vegetable vendor buy wholesale to resell to people from other small market around the city.  Carbon Market also sells chicken, pork, beef & mutton located at Magallanes St. Across San Jose  Recoletos Main Campus all meat are fresh because they slaughter the animals here and sell it that morning.

fresh vegetables and meat travel shop


fresh vegetables and meat travel shop carbon market

7.  Fresh Fish

Tabuan Market sells  dried and fresh fish.  Fish vendors buy the fishes per container and sell it retail to people.  All fishes sold here are fresh because it is also the fish port of Cebu City. All fishermen sells their fishes here.

fresh fish travel shop


           Lapu-lapu City – Opon Market and Saac Market is along the road of Brgy. Bankal

Cebu Home post

Cebu Home

home cebu kitchen dinning room

home cebu kitchen dinning room
Windy Hills
Banawa, Cebu City

The townhouse is ideally located by Banawa, Cebu City.  This Cebu Home is conveniently located within 10 minutes walk to Paseo Arcenas Banawa where you will find RCBC Bank, Rustan’s Supermarket, Yum Yum tree, Surfin’ Ribs and other restaurants.

The townhouse is very accessible to everything you need. It is less than 10 minutes drive away from private and public hospitals, Ayala mall, Robinsons Mall and Mango Square. Its location  never has a heavy traffic,  its not polluted, and or crowded. It is near to everything but you get  the peace and privacy of one of the best areas of Cebu.

*Title is ready for transfer of ownership

Cebu Home Specifications:

  • 4 BR –  master’s bedroom,  rooftop bedroom, 10 sqm bedroom and 18 sqm bedroom
  • All rooms have built in cabinets.
  • 4 T&B – ground floor and 2nd floor, t&b masters bedroom & rooftop
  • 1 Carpark Garage
  • 2 balconies – masters bedroom & rooftop

Cebu Home Features:

  • Long span pre-painted galvanized roof sheets
  • Structural steel for roof framing system
  • Anolok framed sliding windows and doors
  • Solid steel-reinforced concrete walls
  • Standard painted ceiling
  • Painted and sturdy room partitions
  • Ceramic tiled flooring for toilet and bath
  • Standard resident plumbing and electrical system
  • Polished wooden stairs
  • Concrete kitchen counter with stainless kitchen sink


Price: P 4,000,000.00

Point of Contact: Christy  

Mobile Number:  +63932- 701-2599

Landline:  (032) 260-8511


American in Kuwait: From the Outside Looking In

Kuwait Avenues

Kuwait Outside looking in

American in Kuwait

One year ago, I wrote about living in Kuwait.  After two years, and on my way out of Kuwait, I have a more well rounded perspective of the people, government and country as a whole.

Kuwait is many things to many people.  To a Kuwaiti, its home; to an American its a pretty good paycheck and less taxes.  As middle east countries go, its not a bad place to work, but Kuwait tourism is NOT great for non GCC foreigners (in my humble opinion).  Since there is not much to do you can save more than working in Dubai and its not even close to being as strict as Saudi Arabia.

You can get Kuwait girls, alcohol and even private parties.

Here is a quick summary:


1 – Decent jobs backed by the worlds biggest currency; the Kuwait Dinar (KD) – The money brings people from all over the world.  For Americans, the companies pay a little better and there is a tax benefit with foreign earned income exclusion.

2 – Not A Super Strict Middle East Country – Kuwait is a place where you will see Shia & Sunni, different nations, different races living close together with mostly petty grievances against each other rather than violent protests or miniature civil wars and acts of terrorism cropping up.  Even though its illegal to drink or distribute alcohol, people still do it discretely in their homes or in private get together.

3 – Close to Many Tourist Spots – Kuwait has cheap flights to Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Dubai, Bahrain and many other countries.  So you can spend vacations in these countries and have a great time.








sheeps parade


1 – Not Much to do – The main hang out spots are the malls and coffee shops.  There are no clubs to dance, no alcohol, not much extracurricular activities.

2 – VERY dangerous roads – According  to Chairperson of Traffic Safety Society in Kuwait, “Kuwait has broken the world record in the number of traffic deaths. He said 17 deaths are recorded in every 100,000 accidents” – See more at:

3 – Anti-foreigner laws – As of 2012, the laws in Kuwait started getting a little unfriendly to expats.  “The ministry will take decisions and measures aimed at reducing the number of expatriate workers by 100,000 every year for 10 years to reach one million” (kuwait). Expats deported for serious traffic violations (indiankuwait news).  Its also difficult to bring loved ones when working in Kuwait.

These laws are due to the ratio of foreigners to Kuwaiti.  Foreigners make up almost 70% of the population.  Most of the 70% are low skilled laborers from India and other countries.  Foreigners take most of the jobs Kuwaiti’s would not take.

How Do Kuwaiti’s feel about Americans:

It was about 5:30 am.  We were a car full of Americans not fully awake on our way to work.  We pull into a gas station in Amadhi, Kuwait.  A Bangladeshi gas attendant approaches the car.

“Fill it up. Premium,”  My co-worker hands him a corporate gas card and he starts to fill the tank.

A young man in a car across from us is yelling to get our attention.  He is Kuwaiti, “Hey! Hey, excuse me.”  His English is broken but very clear, “Where are you from?”

“I’m from America,”  he says.

“I love America.  You are great.  Everything about it,”  He smiles and gives a thumbs up.

Many of the young Kuwait adults think like Westerners, so its no wonder Americans get along very well with them.  I know at least two co-workers in Kuwait happily married to young kuwaitis with children both are moderate Muslim Americans with great love for the people of Kuwait.

You may get the occasional rude person getting in front of you inline in a restaurant or ATM, but most of the frustration, ignorance and blatant recklessness will be found on the dangerous road of Kuwait.  The roads and terrible government should not be a gauge for the rest of Kuwaiti people.

Filipinos, Indians, Bangladeshi, Sri Lanka, Nepali, Palestinians and others are not treated well in Kuwait.  While many are happy to have the opportunity that Kuwaits job provides, they are not happy about the overall treatment of some that see them as less than human.  The feeling from Kuwaitis is that “if you don’t like Kuwait, then leave.”  Make no mistake, if these people had an alternative, they would leave.

Overall, Kuwait is a place with so much potential to be an internationally loved hub of greatness shining bright in the middle east.  But I am not sure international is what they strive to be.  The country is still defining itself.


Great Comments from Kuwait Unplugged:

arabianfox6/4/12 3:44 pm

‘Having been’ the 3rd generation in Kuwait it is safe to say I have huge respect for the country, enjoyed it and hold it in good regard outside.

But its hard to ignore genuine cases of racism and kind of a general apathy towards manners on the road or in a queue.

I still visit (painful procedure) and its pleasant in short bursts like a week or 2 tops, but alas it may be only for another 5 years or so till my family retires and ‘settles’ elsewhere.

Kuwait Unplugged




Kuwait Girls

Looking for Kuwait Girls?

Kuwait civil law states: common-law relationships, homosexual relations, adultery and prostitution are illegal so if you bring your significant other to Kuwait as a couple make sure you are legally married before residing there.

If you want a Kuwait girl you will have to go underground to find her.  Whether you are looking for a girl in Kuwait or an actual Kuwaiti girl there are a few common places to go looking.  You may be told when coming into Kuwait, that you cannot have casual sex with a woman you are not married to, you cannot even LOOK at a Kuwaiti woman, you cannot live with a woman you are not married too.  After being here two years, I have seen people of all races and nationalities do ALL of that and more.

As in all cultures, its the people that determine what civil laws are kept and which laws are civilly disobeyed.

Kuwaiti Girls

Kuwaiti girls are treated like a forbidden fruit!!  And what is more mouth watering than fruit that you cannot have?

I was told in two separate briefings on my way to Kuwait that I should not even look at ANY Arab women ANYwhere in Kuwait.  “Sounds like Saudi,” I thought.. “nice. :(“..

Then I got to Kuwait went to the mall and noticed Kuwaiti women staring at me like I was a slab of medium well done halal steak.. I was like “WTF!! is going on..”  I got nervous and confused.  “If this place is like Saudi, why are so many young Kuwaiti girls staring and staring..”

Then I found out that many (non-Arab guys) have dated Kuwaiti girls, but very discretely.  Technically, NO Kuwaiti is supposed to “date”.  But there are many acts of civil disobedience going on.

You should NOT just walk up to a Kuwaiti girl in a public area and ask her out, because its considered disrespectful to some of the more traditional Kuwaiti’s.  This may go for most traditional Arab women.. but I am not sure.

I have been told numerous stories about Americans and other nationalities being chased, beaten or threatened for interacting with Arab/Kuwaiti women.  Some of it is true, but now that I am here I see that its totally ok to be with a Kuwaiti woman but there are certain rules especially if you want to be serious.  Rule #1, for getting serious with a Kuwaiti woman – be muslim… (hey, i did not say it would be easy).   Rule #2, Discretion = respect of them and their family.

$$$Why would you WANT a Kuwaiti girl??  WHY indeed!!?  Walk around the malls and you will find model quality women.  They are not going to ask your broke ass for money, because more than likely, they have access to WAYYY more than you.  There is a possibility that you will be HER bitch… I am not making any promises, just reciting things I have “heard”.  The very naughty one that are very traditional will not allow anything but entrance into the “backdoor” since they want to maintain virginity… again.. don’t believe me, this is all shit I heard from random male whores that frequent Kuwait malls and coffee shops.


Discretion on a random hook up: slide her your number, send bluetooth messages (bluejacking)

desert girl has a great article about it.  You can find these girls on dating sites.

Filipina in Kuwait –

Filipina’s have probably the worst reputation in Kuwait.  The loose acts of a few have forced a generalized view of ALL.  And its really not FAIR, because literally the best wives I have seen have been Filipina.  I have met some great Filipinas here in Kuwait.  Each of them were religious (muslim or christian) and very conservative, super sweet, hard working with no time for a ‘boyfriend’ since they are tired of games.  Usually the more mature ones their late 2o’s and already very mature.

The bad reputation comes from the Filipinas I have met in Kuwait that have not been good at all.  These ‘bad girls’ had no less than three guys they were fucking or in some sort of relationship to get money.   They lie to each guy and create a romance scam.  Since they had so much practice, they are great in bed, expert liars and dedicated to getting money.  Americans in Kuwait are willing to pay them for “favors” but so are Arab men.  Many ‘bad Filipinas’ have at least one guy (bf, husband, fiance) back in the Philippines, and two guys that don’t know about each other in Kuwait or abroad.

Before you make contact, just realize that they only want your financial support.  They already have plenty of dick and are way to jaded to ever be with a single guy.  Don’t believe their lies about love just realize its all business, protect yourself and you will be fine. If you do plan on getting serious give the relationship time.  And give yourself time to observe her actions.  Trust but verify.

$$$ – They will ask for things like rent, money for food and family, visa, borrow.. so it varies.

These scam artists are EASY to find:

Chinese girls in Kuwait –

kuwait girl - chinese hooker

kuwait girl – chinese hooker

Unfortunately (fortunately?), most of the Chinese girls in Kuwait are prostitutes.  God only knows how many men they have fucked and how many diseases they have.  They will approach you on the street in the mall, on the toilet.. it does not matter.

You can find them walking near areas they give regular service.  Usually, around the malls, Mahaboula in the American areas.  They are pretty upfront which is surprising with all the “crack downs” in Kuwait.  Its almost like cops completely ignore them MOST of the time.   Its almost like the cops are paid to ignore these sex workers that violate the Kuwait civil laws in public..  There is a little anger about the Chinese prostitutes.  Often foreigners are blamed for giving sex workers so much business, but the truth is that there is no way they could even come to Kuwait without consent from a Kuwaiti official and they certainly could not walk the streets without the Kuwaiti Police allowing it.

$$$ – Anyway, they are usually not that attractive and cost around 20 – 30KD ($80 – $100).

Ethiopian girls –

“If you want an Ethiopian girl its best to go the factory (Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia) where they are made.”  One of my coworkers (connoisseur of fine Ethiopian ladies) once told me.  In Kuwait, has many Ethiopian women working and living all over the place.  Their exotic looks and voluptuous bodies really makes them stand out.  Men of all nationalities break their necks to turn and see them just walking down the street.

Most Ethiopian girls are quite conservative and looking for a good guy to care for them.   In a similar situation as Filipinas in that they are here due to impoverished conditions in their own country, they come to Kuwait and struggle.  So they often seek an Arab, European or American guy to care for them in exchange for sex.  There are some Ethiopian prostitutes, but I have no idea where people find them.

Pros of Ethiopian girls:  They are very kind, you can trust them, usually only have one guy  don’t sleep around (much), very beautiful REDONKULOUS body!!

Cons of Ethiopian girls:  VERY clingy, needy, conservative in bed

You can find Ethiopian girls at Salamiya mall and online at social network.

$$$ – They will ask for things like rent, money for food and family, visa, borrow.. so it varies.

There are many girls of Kuwait that I simply don’t have enough information to talk about:  Western girls (American/Canadian/UK/Hungarian etc), Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Nepali, Sri Lankan.  There are lots of teachers here from all over the world teaching at the colleges or international schools.  These are very smart, humble, and down to earth women.  These teacher find it hard to find a decent guy.  There are lots of nice looking Indian nurses that might be open for a relationship.  There are lots of opportunities to hook up with girls in Kuwait just be discrete, ask around, be clear about what you want and what they want.


Kuwait Tourism

I have been in Kuwait for two years and it is one of the best middle eastern countries to work.  I have been to Oman, Bahrain, Saudi, Afghanistan and Qatar.  I must be honest, its not the best tourist spot under the current conditions.  But I did see some sheep in Kuwait 🙂

Lack of Manners, Respect & Consideration of others (mostly foreigners)

Some people in Kuwait are extremely rude with a lack of general concern for others around them.  I think it has to do with cultural differences and tension between foreigners of the many nations here and the locals.  Foreigners make up almost 70% of the population, so most of my experience with rude people with no manners are actually other foreigners, who are being paid extremely low wages, stressed out, and living from pay check to pay check to feed their family in another country.  The only consistent negative experience I have with actual Kuwaiti citizens is on the road.  The roads are filled with reckless, careless road hogs determined to kill themselves and/or others.

If are are coming to work, Kuwait is great.  If you are coming to visit and you don’t know a Kuwaiti with “wastah” (power/influence), then stay in your own country.

Kuwait was named as one of the world’s least friendly countries towards tourists in a global travel and tourism competitiveness survey by the World Economic Forum released this week.

Kuwait among Top 5 Unfriendliest Countries to Visit:

Attitude of population toward foreign visitors

(1 = very unwelcome; 7 = very welcome)


1. Bolivia  4.1

2. Venezuela  4.5

3. Russian Federation  5.0

4. Kuwait  5.2

5. Latvia  5.2

6. Iran  5.2

7. Pakistan  5.3

8. Slovak Republic  5.5

9. Bulgaria  5.5

10. Mongolia  5.5



1. Iceland  6.8

2. New Zealand  6.8

3. Morocco  6.7

4. Macedonia, FYR  6.7

5. Austria  6.7

6. Senegal  6.7

7. Portugal  6.6

8. Bosnia and Herzegovina  6.6

9. Ireland  6.6

10. Burkina Faso  6.6

Why So Unfriendly in Kuwait?

My personal observation is that it is NOT unfriendly and it is totally FINE to tour kuwait as long as you are not Filipino, Sri Lankan, Bangladesh, Nepali, Pakastani, Palestinian, Afghani, Iraqi… Most other nationalities are fine.. OH, Indian.. not Indians.  Its hard to get into Kuwait and due to the crack downs that started in 2012, its not so friendly to certain foreigners.  You cannot blame the Kuwaiti government for trying to balance out the foreigner to citizen ratio.  The real people is some Kuwaiti “companies” that sponsor in foreigners for cheap labor.

Kuwait Tourism

Kuwait Tourism

The Kuwait Ministry plans to remove 1million foreigners with 10 years.  Right now they are focused on those with expired visas, or otherwise operating within Kuwait illegally.  But they are also cracking down for minor offenses such as traffic citations.  So far, about 12,000 foreigners in total have been ejected from the country over the last two years over driving misdemeanours and KD24m worth of fines issued.

“Kuwait said it will cancel “tens of thousands” of driving licenses belonging to former students and working housewives as part of the Gulf state’s latest crackdown on expats.” — Arab Business

“About 1,300 foreigners were deported last month over traffic violations, while authorities have cracked down on incorrect visas.” — ArabtimesAny foreign national wishing to work in Kuwait MUST have a working visa under a Kuwaiti sponsor.