Cebu Hotel

The Queen City of the South has so many things to experience that you will definitely have to find a place to stay. Cebu City has many great hotels to chose from.  All of these hotels are walking distance from Mango Square pubs  currently General Maxilum Avenue.

Here a few places we recommend for Cebu Hotels:

1. Casa Blanca –  is located behind Mango Square within walking distance of hottest Cebu nightlife.

Casa Blanca hotel offers free wi-fi inside the room.
Room Rate: P 1,200.00

Customer Service : Average


2. Hotel Le Carmen – is located back of Casa Blanca Hotel. Both have similar room types, but theres no wifi and no restaurant.

ROom rates :  P 1, 200.00 and above

Customer Service: Average


3. Ns Royal Pensione – is located next to Casa Blanca.

The hotel has a complimentary breakfast. Wifi is available in the lobby only. Whats good about this hotel is their deluxe double bed room. It is very spacious and quiet.

Room Rate: P 1,000.00 and above

Customer Service: Fine

4. Cebu Vacation Hotel – it has a small pool at the back, they have a garden and 3 cottages to sit on or to eat.  Hotel serves a complimentary toast and coffee.  They also cook food orders at additional prices.  Wifi is available at the lobby area and doesn’t work from the room.

Room rates: double room P 1,600.00 and additional P 150.00 per person for an ala carte breakfast

Customer Service: Good


5. Premiere Citi Suites – This Hotel has convenient and secure key cards and large rooms.  It has a complimentary breakfast.  But very unpresentable dining.

Room Rates: P 1,500.00 – P 3,000.00

Customer Service: Average

6. Apple tree suites – Room has no wifi,  its also noisy with thin walls.


7. Fuente Pensionne House – Has a very nice nature type restaurant at the 4th floor.

It has wifi on all the rooms. Restaurant serves good food but it takes a long time to serve (about 30 mins to an hour).

Room Rates: P 800.00 above

Customer Service: Good


8. Sampaguita Suites – its walking distance from Robinson’s Mall.  One very bad thing if you want privacy is that the walls are not very thick.

These cheap rooms are ideal during Sinulog Festival because it is on same street where the Sinulog contestants passes through.  No wifi in the rooms.

Room Rates : P 700.00 and above

Customer Service : Average


9. Century Plaza Hotel

10. Elegant Circle Inn

11. M Citi Suites

12. Cebu Midtown Hotel – is a hotel attached to Robinson’s Mall on the 4th floor and above. Room rates are higher compared to other hotels near Mango Square.

13. Cuarto Hotel – is a newly built hotel by Osmena Blvd. It is across J and Co. clothing store.

Cuatro Hotel rates starts at P 1,500.00  for a double room without breakfast and P 1,800.00 w/ an ala carte complimentary breakfast but you can get the discount only when paying in person. Staff are accommodating. Booking from agoda for a double room cost P 2,400.00  and above. They also have a cafe restaurant.

Customer Service : Good

14. Casa Rosario – bed and breakfast only has a few rooms to stay with a restaurant that serves good food.they have  very tasty ribs


15. Palladium Suites – has a peaceful environment , it doesn’t have a restaurant and no wifi.

Room rates: P 1,200.00 and above

Customer Service : Average , few staff

16. Holiday Hotel

17. St. Mark Hotel – is located at redemptorist. It is a walking distance from Mango Avenue.

The hotel serves buffet breakfast upon purchasing the room. It has a pleasant view and very nice interior design. Great value for the money.

Room rate for a double room is P 2,300 per night

Customer Service: Fine

18. Hotel Asia

19. Mango Park Hotel – located at General Maxilum Ave. walking distance from MangoSquare

Beware of the street kids, walk fast and ignore them because some of them snatches wallets… Booking from agoda for a double room cost P 2,400.00  and above. They also have a cafe restaurant.

Most of the time,  they mark down the prices on low season and  because of the high competition. Also check and for hotel promotions and discounts.

Travel Warning Mindanao

                                                    Travel Warning Mindanao

Mindanao map

Mindanao map, courtesy of


There are many beautiful places for sightseeing, mountain climbing, diving and other activities tourists would love to do. As travelers, we must be responsible enough to always check travel warnings and news of places we wish to go to avoid incidents and unsafe tours.

As of 2013 some towns in Mindanao are under attack by MNLF (Moro National Liberation front) that are affecting town’s businesses, infrastructures and the people’s daily life and livelihood.

DO NOT go to cities mentioned below or surrounding areas at this time (September 2013) and onwards until everything clears up and fixed as it is very dangerous due to terrorists attacks, kidnapping, killings and bombing.

1. Cotabato City . bomb blast last March 2013 followed by another bombing last August 2013 that killed 8 people

courtesy of

courtesy of

2. CDO- a bomb blast in a bar happened last July 2013 that killed 8 people

courtesy of

3. Zamboanga City  – Cebu pacific had cancelled their flights going to Zamboanga due to terrorists attacks, killings and hostage taking and as of September the airport has closed  temporarily due to incidents and the city’s instability.


courtesy of

courtesy of

4. Davao City – 2 malls had been bombed on the month of September

Travelling to the Philippines

Travelling to the Philippines Provinces

If you are going to the Philippines and want to experience where and how most of the people live you might want to consider going to a province area.  Unlike the city, you will have less and less accommodations as you travel deeper into the province.  The roads are narrow, the water is often from wells and the electricity (if there is any) is not as reliable as the city.  But the people are usually more kind to strangers passing through and its also much cheaper than any Philippine city.

Here are a few things to prepare for philippines travel to province:

1. Tent (if you will stay outside)

2. Water, snacks and packed meals

3. Flashlights/ emergency lights

4. GPS phone and a map

5. blanket

6. Mosquito nets / lotion / suntan lotion

7. Matches/lighter

8. Small bills – province have less people and less trading so only a few could keep big amount of paper money. Vendors have less sales so they mostly don’t have change for big bills.

9. towels and extra t-shirts

10. Lists the things you need to bring before packing.

11. Double- check if you’ve bring everything you need before leaving.

12.  Bring spare pants

  Why go to the province?

Explorers, families and couples should go because it is so fun to go trekking in mountains, camp and cook food by fire.  If your going into the bush, you will get to sleep in tents with no lights you will see the stars in a whole new way. The province represents a break from daily life and the crowded “rat race” you might have gotten tired of.  Its not all about camping, you may find rooms for rent, apartments, homes or even small hotels.

What can they do there?

Before leaving, check the area you are heading to so you know what to expect at the destination.  Unlike the city the further you venture into the province, the less guidance you available for knowing where to find resources and sites.  Less people speak English, there are less road markers/signs and less area mapped out.

 What time of year?

Check the weather forecast if it is during May-December. Best time of provinces travel is summer.  (March – June).  Avoid the rainy season (July – Sept).

Areas of the province to go hiking, trekking,climbing

1. Davao is one town in Mindanao but it’s not dangerous for tourists.

2. Cebu provinces

3.Luzon areas like Batangas, Laguna, Cavite and Quezon

Travel to the province can be a humbling experience.  It will make you appreciate convenience and the small luxuries you have.  But beyond that it can also be fun to live a simpler more peaceful life away from the noise and pollution of the city

Pattaya For Couples

Our first trip to Thailand was a disaster.  First of all, booked us on the wrong flight (minor oversight.. no big deal).. I also had very little money.  We also did not know where to go until we got there.  We still had a good time but next time we will do things waaaaay better by planning ahead.

Our trip to Pattaya was much more planned and surprisingly there is lots to do for couples in the sin city of Thailand.

We had a great time in Pattaya.  So how is Pattaya for couples?  It’s not bad.  Here are some of the recommended:

Pattaya Elephant Village

In South Pattaya, once per day in the Pattaya Elephant Village, there are shows and a 3 hours ride through the surrounding village.  Opened since the 1970s, Elephant Village is a rest home for elephant who can no longer do labor.  Since they cannot return the wild, Pattaya Elephant Village serves as their home.

“One Hour Elephant Trekking : The visitors will ride on the back of an elephant through local farmland and bush for about 45-50 minutes (2 persons will share the basket strapped to the back of one elephant).  After making a brief stop at the Silk House, visitors will return to the Elephant Village by Land Rover. At the village, visitors will be served with complimentary fruits in season. This service takes place four times daily with the first trek at 09.00 hrs. (A minimum of 4 persons is required) The other treks take place at 10.30, 12.30, 16.00 hrs. Bookings should be made in advance. The price is 1,200 Baht per person and 1,000 Baht for children under 100 cm in height. Each booking: minimum 2 persons. “

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 19:00
Location: Phonpraphanimit Road, off Sukhumvit Road at Km. 145 (between North and Central Pattaya)
Tel: +66(0)38 428 648

Hotels Near by include: East Grand Palace & Eastiny Resort Spa

Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World is one of Pattaya’s newest tourist attractions.  It is a large and modern ocean aquarium in Asia, boasting a 100-meter-long, 6.4-centimeter-thick acrylic pedestrian tunnel through an underwater environment filled with dozens of marine species Located just 200 meters south of Tesco Lotus in South Pattaya, the new theme park is housed in a structure similar to a large circus tent. “This enables the place to have natural light that nurtures the algae The aquarium houses more than 4,000 marine animals, comprising more than 200 different species from the region as well as some rare creatures from overseas,” according to David Hong, general manager and an investor in the project. Hong stressed visitors must-see the rare shovelnose ray, a hybrid between a shark and a stingray.

Price :

700/- Thb Adult, 600/- Thb Child


Nong Nooch Trophical Garden

Nong Nooch Trophical Garden

Nong Nooch Trophical Garden

Nong Nooch Garden has 500 acres of botanical garden.  It also features numerous shows that display the wonderful thai culture.  Dances, music, dress and customs on a stage for all the world to see.  They have a great elephant show with painting, dancing, bike riding elephants.  Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is a tourist attraction at kilometer 163 on Sukhumvit Road in Chonburi Province, Thailand. Its also a major scientific center dedicated to cycads, with its own Cycad Gene Bank.
Phone: 038-429321
Address: Pattaya, Παττάγια, Pattaya, 20150, Thailand