Plantation Bay

Plantation bay is an exclusive beach resort located at Maribago, Lapu-lapu City.  It offers a 5 star amenities, luxury and activities for guest enjoyment and entertainment.  Plantation bay beach resort has several villa accommodations surrounding the pools and slides.  It also has a man made ocean like beach inside the resort and a lagoon.Guest can also do jet ski ride and kayaking.  It has a pool bar that serves the drinks while you chill in the water.  The staff is very welcoming, attentive and friendly.  The resort also has performances that include cultural dances and other forms of entertainment. Plantation bay conducts city or neighboring island tour packages.  They have a hotel pick up and transfer for it’s guest convenience.

Plantation bay has a strict security. It is very safe and provides a peaceful and privacy atmosphere.  It is a good value of your money.


Room rate starts at P 8,300.00 and above

nepali girls

nepali girl

nepali girl

I was stopped in Kuwait by two Nepali girls that offered me their “services”.  Only one of them could speak very broken English.  She was asking if I wanted both of them for an insane price.  I laughed and told her that for that price I could fly to Dubai and get a real prostitute.  During my travels to Kuwait I was not a connoisseur of prostitutes, but always curious about their life and travels.

I had no idea what race they were until I asked.  They both stood no taller than 4’11.  One looked like she might be mixed with Indian and the other looked like she might be part Chinese or Thai.. but not quite.  The one talking to me was about 35 and looked like she should retire from prostitution.  He silent partner looked no older than 21 and had a little baby fat.  Both Nepali girls were cute and very polite.

Most of the prostitutes bold enough to solicit sex on the streets of Kuwait are Chinese, but they really did not look Chinese.

nepali girl

nepali girl

nepli girls

nepli girls

In my travels meeting Nepali girls (Nepalese people in general) I have found them very nice and humble people.  They look a little like a mixture of Chinese and Indian to me and its a very nice mix.  I have yet to see a Nepalese person in the middle east that is not in a bad situation.  They seems to be out of place there and I actually felt bad for them though I am sure there are many very successful Nepali women that don’t have to put up wandering the streets of a foreign country.

nepali girls

nepali girls from

I had seen other Nepali girls in Kuwait, but as far as I know most were not prostitutes.

I learned that many of them go to the Middle East and India for a better life. Unfortunately, the level of poverty in Nepal makes them fall into desperate situations where they are sometimes exploited by human traffickers in which they are forced into labor with no pay or sold into a modern day form of slavery.  But most of the Nepali women I saw were middle aged women in Saris on their way to or from work in Kuwait.

nepali bikini girls

nepali bikini girls

Traditionally, Nepali women are strongly encouraged to stick to their own race because their parents do not allow them to even marry different castes within their own race.  It can happen if they go out of their way to find love.  Some marry Indian men and some may marry Chinese men but it is not tolerated.  Nepal borders are next to China and india so some of them can look similar to Chinese and Indian people.  Its rare for them to marry a man from a foreign country/far away country. There is no recognition for marrying another race unless the man is rich and gives respects to their culture.
Nepali girls are conservative in personality and dress style.  A conclusion is that some of them going overseas as prostitutes very discreetly without their family members knowing it. Obviously, it would be humiliating for anyone to find out.  Nepali people love and highly respect their country and their culture.

Camiguin and CDO


Camiguin and CDO

Beautiful waterfalls! Zip Lines! white beaches AND…  an ostrich farm? Welcome to Camiguin, a hidden, under rated paradise.  We visited this paradise on a three day trip by way of Cagayan de oro City.

camiguin mambajao

camiguin mambajao

As soon as we arrived at Camiguin I didn’t miss the chance to swim in the pool and explore the beautiful sea that surrounds the island.  The next day I made arrangements to see all the tourist spots of Camiguin.

One the first stop the boatmen took us to White island.  White island is a sandbar located about 1 ½ kilometers off the northern shore of Mambajao, Camiguin.

beach in camiguin

beach in camiguin

Next destination was the Katibawasan falls.  Tucked away among tall trees is a breathtaking view of a waterfall unlike any other you have seen.

camiguin Katibawasan falls

camiguin Katibawasan falls

camiguin ostrich farm

image of camiguin ostrich farm

Part of the tour included the Ostrich Farm which is located in Camiguin’s Provincial Animal Breeding and Ostrich Production Center a few kilometers from Benoni port.  Entrance into the Ostrich farm in Camiguin is only Php 5.00/person.  You can get to there via rented motorcycle for P500/day or take a tour like we did in a multicab.  Its educational and great for kids.


The last place we went was the zipline ride located at J&A fishPen restaurant.

camiguin zipline

camiguin zipline


camiguin j&a zipline fishpen

camiguin j&a zipline fishpen

J&A Fishpen Camiguin restaurant serves fresh seafood that you pick from their ponds.  J&A also have hotel accomodations:

AIRCON ROOMS from 1000 to 1.300 php ( good for 2 people)
AIRCON DORMITORY from 1.500 (5 people max) to 3.600 php (18 people max)
DORMITORY CELING FAN from 1.000 ( 10 people max ) to 1.200 php (12 people max)

After 2 days of exploring Camiguin, it was time to go back to Cagayan de Oro City. While walking around, I found out that they have lots of souvenirs to buy at their night market. The next day, I went to the newly built Cagayan Ayala mall.

Although the nightclub is simple, its very peaceful surrounded by very polite people.  Its a great change from the rowdy, crowded night life of the big city.  Cagayan de Oro City also has strip clubs.  The one I went to was not so spacious and did not have many customers, but the girls were fully nude and dancing very good. Cagayan de Oro City is not big but its packed.  Even though its crowded the people are very kind and hospitable. I had a great time on my 3 days trip to both Camiguin and Cagayan de oro City.

How to get to Cagayan de Oro City:

From Mactan International Airport in Cebu,‎ you can get to Cagayan de Oro City in 50 minutes and 1 ½ hours from Manila.

From the Cagayan de Oro International airport, go to Cagayan de Oro City. This will take about 30 minutes by taxi and a little longer by bus.

From Cagayan de Oro City to Camiguin

From Cagayan de Oro City you can go to three ports of entry in Camiguin: Benoni, Guinsilban and Balbagon. Balingoan and Benoni port are the best choices if you want a short ride to Mambajao, the main town of Camiguin. A fast boat will leave 8:30 in the morning and Arrived Benoni 11:30 am, travel time is around 3 hours but if climate changes (rainy season) travel may take longer.

Mindanao has had a lot of bad press lately.  But it should not be confused with the peaceful tourist spot of Northern Mindanao which includes Cagayan de oro and Camiguin.



Living in the Philippines : Types of Transportation

Types of transportation in the Philippines

What can you expect when living in the Philippines or traveling around the country? For transportation, I would say it can vary from a convenient travel to the most uncomfortable ride you would experience in life. But either way you can count it as an adventurous part of your travel. Happy trip travelers!


1. Taxi  or metered cars travels within the city only unless they are hired by passengers for tours and longer travel at a high price.  Taxi charged P 40.00 and P 3.50 for the following meters. Watch out for non-metered taxi’s.

2. Jeepney is the main public transportation of the locals.  The minimum fare is P 8.00 per 5 km and additional P 1.00 charge for another km.

3. Buses travels from city to neighboring cities. Some are aircon buses but most do not have ac.  Buses that go on the highways have a little bit higher than jeepney. P10- P 25.00 fares.

4. Van – provides transportation on some areas within the city for example, Cebu has sm- lapulapu, ayala -lapu lapu city   Basic fare is P 30.00

Manila has fx transport (a mini aircon van) that transport from cities to schools and malls.

Fares are less than P 20.00.

There are also vans that take passengers to provinces. It charge depending on the distance but there’s a fixed rate for each town.

Transportation within Provinces (Rural areas of the Philippines)

1. Pedicabs charge the same as the jeepney or higher. Pedicabs normally transport from one town to the next town. That cost P10.00 – P 20.00.  

2. Buses- travel from provinces to cities and vice versa.

3. Motorbike ( habal-habal) are normally use as transport on mountainous areas and places without proper roads. They charge P 10.00 or higher depends on the distance.

Philippine dishes exotic food

While traveling in a new country, trying the food is one of greatest way of knowing the culture and its people. Some of the philippine dishes may not be acceptable in appetite but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Ever wondered how it taste?

1. Balut – is an 18 day old egg right before it is about to hatch.  Its cooked and sold in a basket. Inside the eggshell you will see whites and body parts of a chick.  Yum, Yum!!


2. Chicken Intestines – barbecued chicken intestines are a famous appetizers and normally eaten as snacks and dinner.  Its sometimes eaten along with pork barbecue and other dishes.  It is grilled in charcoal available on the streets.

3. Pig’s blood dish (dinuguan) – it is sauted in spices(onions and garlic,ginger).  Its cooked for a long time with lots of green chili to make it hot /spicy and to get rid of the smell.

4. Deep Fried Pigs Tongue – are battered with some seasoning before frying.

 Lingua, another dish is a long process of cooking the pig’s tongue then boiled in a little bit of vinegar. The outer layer is scraped, sliced and cook with spices and tomato sauce.


5. Chicharon Bulaklak or Pig Intestines – are cleaned several times before cooking, dip into flour and cook deep fried.

6. Balbacua ( cow’s skin) – is cook and boiled for a long time until tender with peanuts and seasoning


7. Frogs – with white meat are taken from rice fields. Natives clean it and fry it in a pan, grill, or sometimes stew.


8. Shipworm or ‘Tamilok – is a delicacy from Aklan and Palawan. It is cleaned and eaten raw in vinegar, onions and chili or ‘Kinilaw.

9. Wood worm – delicious grubs found in wood. Very tasty grilled.  It taste like a crab meat.

10. Lansiaois made from testicles of a male cow. It is a famous dish from Cebu City. Testicles are stewed with many spices. Cebuanos believe that eating it can make them more sexually active.

11. Calderetang Kabayo – a dish known in Talisay City, Cebu province. It is from horse meat. It is cook stewed and taste similar as beef.