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On our site, we wrote about How to travel Thailand – If you are a Filipino citizen and want to go to Thailand, there are a few things you need to know.

Thailand is one of the few places that Filipinos can travel that does not require a visa upon arrival.  As a Filipino citizen, you are required to get one within 30 days (more on visa requirements by country).

how to travel thailand

Thailand Airport

3 things you need to travel to thailand (for filipino citizens coming from the Philippines):

  1. A passport.  Must be valid for six months after your departure date with at least two pages that can be
  2. Confirmation via travel itinerary. Your ticket will be enough as long as they show a departure date and return date within the limits of your allowed Visa time.
  3. Accommodations and funds. Show your hotel, inn, guesthouse or an address of a friend in thailand and ‘show money’.. they may ask for money might be requested by the immigration officer.  Its a bit intrusive, but they want to see that you have enough to cover your expenses while you are away. I had a minimum amount of P 10,000.00. The immigration can be strict if you don’t prepare these two and might stop you from leaving the country.
how to travel thailand

Travel Tax queue

Other things you need:

Travel Tax – You will need P 1,620.00 – retain the receipt just in case you need to present it upon checking in. Do not carry any liquids exceeding 100 ml (sanitizer, alcohol, gels, perfumes) in your hand carry bags because they confiscate it. how to travel thailand Bring only the allowed baggage that is stated in your ticket because they never let a half kilo pass through. You will end up carrying it around the very inconvenient airport. Well, Why not? They do not have enough seats around the airport so it is very uncomfortable to carry a bag  around if you have a connecting flight. Do not wear high heels. Wear a comfortable footwear or else your feet will hurt too much from standing. The Immigration queue is very disarrange. It takes 30 minutes or more of waiting.

When is St Patrick day 2014

When is St Patrick day?

St Patrick’s day is celebrated around the world on March 17.  If you are traveling and want to check out the Irish festivities, here are a few suggestions:

Its an annual celebration of the life and work of the famous apostle St. Patrick.

It is believed that the celebration has started when St. Patrick died. Irish expatriates and immigrants shared the tradition all over the globe.

when is st patrick day

In the United States actually has MORE Irish people than Ireland itself (see reference below).  So St Patrick’s day is pretty big deal in America, even going so far as to turn rivers GREEN!  On 17 March everyone is expected to where green or they get pinched.  There are parades, parties and green beer.

 United States 40,000,000+[2]
 Great Britain 14,000,000[3]
 Australia 7,000,000[4]
 Canada 4,544,870[5]
 Argentina 1,000,000[6]
 Mexico 600,000[citation needed]


Everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s day!

May the Irish hills caress you;

may her lakes and rivers bless you;

may the luck of the Irish enfold you;

may the blessings of Saint Patrick, behold you.

beach road pattaya

Beach road Pattaya








view from starbucks beach road

Kenya Travel Warnings (2014)

Kenya Travel Warnings (2014)

We have not been to Kenya (or any part of Africa).  We do plan on going but have not had the opportunity.

Seeing the recent travel warnings from Australia, Canada, UK, US, and France, definitely makes us think twice about going there.  The travel warnings come as a result of bomb blasts in Mombasa and Nairobi from Shabaab, an al Qaeda linked Somali group.  Shabaab has killed 67 people so far.  Since al Qaeda loves to target westerners, its especially dangerous for us.

courtesy of brightafricansafaris

courtesy of brightafricansafaris

16 May – Nairobi, Kenya Market attack

More than 100 people have been killed in shootings, grenade attacks and small bombings in Kenya in the past 18 months, the U.S. Embassy said. Kenyan authorities, with the help of the FBI, recently discovered a huge car bomb that could have caused a lot of damage. – ABCNEWS

President Uhuru Kenyatta scolded western countries for damaging tourism.

courtesy of frenzyofnoise

courtesy of frenzyofnoise

I am very happy about countries warning travelers.  Its unfortunate for countries that rely heavily on tourism for income, but this should offer incentive to put more resources toward shutting down terrorism.

Read more:

restaurants in pattaya

Restaurants in Pattaya

Looking for restaurants in Pattaya?  

Here are a couple (few) restaurants in pattaya for you to consider.  For some variety of food in Pattaya you can try BBQ.  YeS, there is BBQ in Pattaya.

tequila reef ribs

tequila reef ribs

Our favorite ribs in Pattaya used to be Tequila Reef located on the infamous “bar girl” gauntlet of Soi 7.  Tequila Reef is a mexican restaurant.  It was recommended to us by co-workers.  When DimeTravel visited in 2012, it was great.

For some reason the last time we went (May 2014) to Tequila Reef the ribs were NOT GOOD. The sauce did not taste good and the meat was not tenderized.

Our new discovery is Pattaya BBQ Ribs Steak located on Soi 13 / 3rd road

pattaya bbq ribs

pattaya bbq ribs

location pattaya bbq ribs

location pattaya bbq ribs

bbq ribs

pattaya bbq ribs

Pattaya BBQ Ribs.  When we are in Pattaya, this is our favorite dish!  Super delicious.  This thai dude can COOK better than your mother!

The chicken bbq and potato wedges were cooked differently but taste really good. Thumbs up for the cook!

The Pattaya Bbq ribs are freshly cooked, tender, and taste so good. It is also very affordable. The serving starts from 49 baht – 149 baht (about 2 – 4 USD.


pattaya bbq ribs restaurant

pattaya bbq ribs restaurant

Oishi Restaurant is located at Central Festival Mall on the top floor. It is near SFX Theater. They serve  Japanese-Thai fusion. They have good and affordable food.  Oishi is way cheaper than many other Japanese restaurants in Central. Good Customer service for thai standards.

Average serving price for 2 people: 250- 400 baht

restaurants in pattaya restaurants in pattaya



restaurants in pattaya (2)

Sukishi Restaurant is a Korean Bbq Restaurant in Central Festival. It is always packed with thai people and foreigners any time of the day. They have some seats outside the restaurant for people who have reserved a table. They have a very delicious bbq sauce. They use charcoal in grilling. Prices of food were not expensive and the staff were welcoming.

Average price for 2 pax 500 baht

restaurants-in-pattaya (5)restaurants-in-pattaya (4)

Zen restaurant is an ala carte Japanese restaurant in Central Festival. They have delicious sushi and good quality meals. It has a nice ambience and also have good presentation of their food. It is quite pricey but its worth it.

Average price for 2 people: 500baht

restaurants in pattaya (2)other places to visit in pattaya!

restobars in pattaya


go go bar pattaya

Go go bar Pattaya

One of the wildest places to go in asia is Pattaya, Thailand.  The streets are literally lined with prostitutes, the food is cheap (by western standards), you can drink and party all night every night.  There is a laid back attitude that focuses on allowing tourists to have great fun and be more than a little naughty ;p

go-go-bar-pattaya (2)Because the amount of cheap sex that can be purchased, Pattaya is like a bachelors paradise.  But its also great for couples.  We would NOT recommend it for kids of any age. Pattaya is pretty open about sexual promiscuity; its almost expected.

Thailand itself is very open about sexual orientation so its not shocking at all for a man or woman to be interested in transgender or same sex.

With the open and sexually free attitude its very important to use protection.  You should bring your own condoms since it is hard to find a variety of sizes in Thailand.


Go Go bars in Pattaya are the highlight of many men and women visiting and willing to expand sexual horizons.  When you visit a Go Go bar you will get way more than you pay for.  They charge for only one drink and you can see an entire set of shows while sipping one super cheap draft beer (between 59 and 100 baht or about 2-3 dollars).

Some of the shows are very, very good.  Many Go Go bars are way more than just ladies dancing.  They range from dominatrix dance sessions complete with whips, hot wax and leathers to full contact lesbian acts.

WARNING:  The shows are not for the conservative or shy.

DimeTravel recommended go go bars of Pattaya:

Angel’s Witch Go Go

Angel’s Witch is one of the most popular Go Gos because of the erotic shows they put on.  The show is so good that it makes it not your typical go go bar.  Its worth checking out if you are into go go bars.go-go-bar-pattaya

Angel’s Witch show starts at 10 o’clock in the evening.  The go go dancers really know how to make an entrance.  They  slide down a firefighter pole to reach the stage before they start dancing!

The waitresses sell ping pong balls at 20 baht each which the customers can either throw, hand to any of the girls they like, or insert in their panties.

Angel’s Witch also had some cultural sexy thai dance.

One of the performances actually includes a member of the audience.  The hot police women (Angel Witch girls) comes to surround the man with their sexy dance.

 *Draft beers with no discounts

Airport Club Pattaya

“In preparation for takeoff, please ensure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright and stowed positions, your seat belts are securely fastened and all your carry-on items are securely stowed.”


If you have a fantasy of a sexy stewardess doing more than just assisting you with your seatbelt, then Airport Club Go Go in Pattaya deserves your full attention.  

The ladies of Airport Club are all dressed sexy stewardess costumes.  They are so comited to the theme that even the waitresses and managers are in uniform.  Some of the music even sounds like airport music.  Airport club also has a shower show. They have different variety of girls.

Sugar baby agogo club

If you are homophobic then you may want to avoid this club… in fact, maybe you should not even be in thailand → here are some other places that are 76 countries that agree with you.


For the rest of us, check out some of the hottest bi-sexual, girl on girl action you will see on walking street.  Since its full contact for up to 15 to 20 minutes some of the girls do a half assed job of sexing each other up, but some are fully comited and you should go out of your way to tip them if you can.  This show takes place while girls are on stage shaking their money makers.

Iron club


Has the most hard core, sensuous, hot, S&M type shows you will catch on walking street.  Its about 50 Shades of Grey only with all girls.


Not to give too much way, but one of the shows is one dominatrix in the center of a tub pleasuring / punishing both chained up girls with whips, candle wax and paddles.  on the side and licking both pussies.

Honorable mention:

These are pretty average pattaya go gos with great ladies!

 Mandarin agogo bar has great girls with draft beer at 70 baht.



Peppermint agogo bar a large varety of sexy ladies with draft beer cost at 69 baht.

DimeTravel Tip:

If you want be “cheap charlie” ask for draft beer and pay 59 – 85 baht for the same amount of beer you get in a bottle.  Other drinks cost 100 baht and above.


baggage storage trick

Have you ever been in the airport for 9 hours and wanted to ditch your check baggage? The best, safest and recommended way is to leave your bag at a baggage storage.  A locker or a baggage storage service (i.e.
But what if you don’t have access to a baggage storage place.  What if you literally cannot take your checked baggage with you to where you are going?  What if you already have a ticket and already at the airport with little or no resources?  What can you do?

What totally thing you COULD do.. but you should totally NOT do, is to put you luggage in a bathroom stall and lock if from the outside with a coin.

You should NOT put your baggage in the handicapped stall and lock if from outside because people will think someone is using that stall.

The risk with doing this and leaving your stuff there too long is that someone might just try to go in there anyway.


bangkok hotels 4 star

Bangkok hotels 4 star – Presidential Solitaire. We stayed in the Presidential Solitaire’s Executive suite.  Its a great room with a hot tub sized bathtub, a full kitchen, dining room and living room.

Address: 75/23 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Phone:+66 2 255 7200
Everything you need in one room.
Great for executive that needs to stay in the area for a long time.
Room to work & live comfortably

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