Cebu Nightlife

Cebu Nightlife over Manila Nightlife

Cebu nightlife offers a very fun variety of activities for whatever you are into.  From night clubs, to gentlemen’s clubs to bars and malls that stay open until 11pm, Cebu nightlife is great.

You can really have a great time in both Manila and Cebu.  Since Manila is way bigger and more populated you can find much more to do there at night.  But there are a few reasons you might prefer Cebu nightlife over Manila nightlife.



Cebu Nightlife has less people.  Cebu nightlife is not as crowded and congested as Manila nightlife.  Manila is one of the most populated metropolitan cities in the world.  It is actually one of the 12 most populous metropolitan areas in the world (2010).  Its extremely tight for most of the night.

Writer of this blog had also shared his/her experience with the kindness of people in Cebu when they got lost, asked for help and was sent back to the place where they were staying. In manila, not sure if that kind of act of kindness still happens.

Cebu Nightlife is Safer than Manila.  There are more crimes reported in Manila than Cebu.  There are over twice as many people in Manila as Cebu (about 4+ million people in Cebu but over 11 million in Manila as of 2011).  So it makes sense that the crime rate is higher.

Cebu Provincial Police Office (CPPO) According to the comparative crime statistics report of the CPPO, the number of crimes fell to 3,999 from the 5,036 cases last year, or a drop by 31.20 percent (CPPO news).

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) data showed that reported crimes went up from 18,671 from January to June 2011 to 29,231 in 2012 (ABS-CBN).

Comments on the web about Cebu vs. Mania:

Cebu City vs. Makati (Makati has the image of being relatively safe but in reality there are frequent news reports about violent crimes in the city.)
Cebu City vs. Malate (Personally, I avoid Malate unless I need to head to the Embassy.)

Cebu City vs. Pasay (Pasay is an extremely diverse area so it may be hard to compare. You have Mall of Asia, which is safe, but you also have Baclaran, which is shady at best.)
Cebu City vs. Taguig (This is the Fort Bonifacio area. I would say that the Fort and Ortigas, which is in Pasig City, are most likely the two safest areas in Metro Manila.)


I have lived in Cebu only 3 months now, but my impressions so far are its reasonably safe and the people generally are friendly. Yes you need
to be aware of security issues and use some common sense but if you do that its reasonably safe. I have been to Manila and didn’t have any
problems there either, I think maybe Cebu City a little safer than Manila but outside of the city in the provinces I’m sure is safer.

I’m not sure which security issue posts you are referring to but if its the ones advocating that foreigners should be allowed to own and carry
handguns I can see why you would feel concerned for safety in Cebu. Do I think there is someone waiting round every corner here with
an illegal hand gun waiting to rob the next Kano that comes along? well no, its unlikely many can afford a gun and the ammunition for it.
Do I think every Kano here is in danger if they are not carrying a hand gun? Well no I think to attempt a shoot out is more likely to result in
you getting shot.

My thoughts are if you avoid carrying large sums of money around needlessly, and if in the unlikely even you are robbed at gun point you
just hand over something (dummy wallet with some cash in it is a good idea), I think its unlikely you will get shot. A gunfight at the OK Corral
situation as a flight of fancy as advocated by some on this forum is not the sensible solution (just the quick route to jail for a Kano) so don’t worry about it and have a nice day   Chaz