5 Reasons to Go to Thailand

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We LOOOOVE Thailand.  It is one of our favorite countries with some of our favorite cultures. We meet incredible people every time we visit and fall in love with it all each time.   There are 5 top reasons that you need to go to Thailand.

The people.  The people are super nice.  We did meet a few NOT so nice people.  But most of the people we met were awesome.

The Food.  The food is great.  One of the best places we ate at was street restaurant that served and very tasty menu.  If you go, you have to be adventurous with the foods.

The Party.  If you like to party, you will probably not want to leave Thailand.  There is a reason why one of the Hangover movies was made there.

The Temples.  We are not Buddhist, but we could feel the peaceful spirit of Buddism when we visited the temples.  The essence of Thailand is there in those temples.

The Women.  The women are so beautiful and diverse.  They are tall, short, voluptuous, sensuous, reserved, petite, nice, feisty.  They are probably the main reason there are so many foreigners visiting.


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