Alona Beach

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Alona beach is located at Panglao Island, Bohol. It is like a mini white sand Boracay beach. Alona beach is way less crowded than the other tourist destinations in the Philippines. There are many restaurants, bars and hotels right next by the seashore.  Many filipinos and foreigners love Alona beach because it is more peaceful.  It is also not polluted. Tourists should come visit and experience the fun tours offered by Bohol Island because it has so many popular sights to enjoy. Alona beach is also near from Cebu City and very accessible by fastcraft for 2 hours ride from Cebu.  

Alona Beach

Once you get to the island of Bohol, Alona is half an hour drive by a van, car or a pedicab from Tagbilaran Port. It cost about P 500.00 roundtrip during if bought a day or 2 before the trip and P 800.00 for one way trip on the day of purchase. A cab or a van from tagbilaran- Alona beach will cost P 500.00 while a pedicab and motorbikes fare would be P 200.00- P 300.00.

There are plenty of hotels  and guest houses by alona beach Some are pretty expensive but some are very affordable around P 1200- P 1750.00. From Manila you can catch a plane to Tagbilaran City.


Few lists of Hotels by Alona Beach:

1. La playa Beach Resort

2. Lost Horizon Hotel

3. Alona Kew Hotel

4. Alona Tropical Beach resort

5. Oasis Resort

6. Cherry’s Home Too


Restobars/bars/Restaurants of Alona Beach:

1. Helmuts Place is owned by a swiss guy. mostly serves drinks but also has a special menu on selected food swiss cuisine.

2. Sierra Madre

3. Oops bar

4. Trendy Bar

5. Aims bar

6. Guseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast Italian Restaurant

As of this moment (3 months after a 7+ earth quake 2013), Bohol is still under reconstruction and the bridge connecting Panglao and Tagbilaran has been broken. The infrastructures and historical places are in the process of reconstruction. Hopefully early next year everything will be fix so the tourists can come visit again into Alona beach, historical churches, Loboc river and famous Chocolate Hills.

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