Ayutthaya trip

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Ayutthaya trip

Ayutthaya trip

Ayutthaya is a city surrounded by Buddhist temples. It was my very first time to enter inside a temple… “enlightenment” —that’s the word, that’s what I felt. Though its not the religion I was brought up on, it was my first time to experience that kind of feeling. I felt peaceful still calm and away from a noisy, chaotic world.

Many of the people there have a good heart and are very welcoming. They have preserve their rich culture in Ayutthaya so many tourists that come to there can get a feel for the real Thailand. The people there are very hospitable. Though only a few know how to speak English, it’s not hard to go around because they are helpful and will even stop and give you the directions if you are lost.

How to get to Ayuthaya city from Bangkok by railways:

  1. Ask the tuktuk driver to take you to Hualumpong train station. When you reach there, you will see the counters 1-10 for getting the ticket to different destinations. Ask the guard if which counter is for ayutthaya.
  2. The train fare is 15 baht for locals. 65 baht for foreigners.
  3. Train stops to Ayutthaya. Walk on the left side to the small alley to reach the boat that will cross the river. The ride will costs 4 baht.
  4. When u get down from the boat, there’s a shop next to it that has a big map in their store that shows all the temples and places of the whole town.  They offer services such as motorbike rental which cost 200 baht and tuktuk ride to the temples for 150 baht per hour.
  5. From that same shop they offer free maps when u rent a bike.  But for a comfortable ride its better to ride a tuktuk. An hour or 2 would be enough to go around the town to check the temples and a ride in the elephant. Some of the temples are free and some have 50 baht entrance fee.

No entrance fee temples:

  1. Wat phu khao thong
  2. Wat  Lokayasutha
  3. Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit
  4. Wat Thammikarat
  5. Wat Suwan Dararam
  6. Phet Fortress,
  7. Phra Chedi Suriyothai
  8. Wat Borom Phuttharam

If you plan on being in Thailand take an Ayutthaya trip.  Its worth your time.  Beyond “sex tourism”, wild nights in Bangkok and the “Walking Street” of Pattaya, Ayutthaya is a glimpse into the old peaceful, enlightened Thailand, Siam.



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