Best Romantic Getaways in U.S.

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Best Romantic Getaways in U.S.

There are thousands of places all over the US that couples can go for a romantic vacation.  But it really depends on what the couple is into.  It depends on what the couple considers “the best romance getaway in U.S.”.  What are you getting away from?  Are you getting away from the city?  Are you getting away from country life?  What ever the case, there are so many States to choose from with lots of romantic locations to enjoy.

Some couples enjoy the outdoors, being away from crowds and in touch with nature while others want to be in the middle the lights and sounds of city life.  So we will cover each of these types.

 Here is a list of Best Romantic Getaways in U.S.

Niagara Falls – One of the most beautiful falls in the world lies between Buffalo, New York and Ontario, Canada.  Before the majestic beauty of the falls are restaurants and shops that loving couples can enjoying.  Getaway and escape on a boat rides that drifts right in the mists of the falls where lovers can embrace… Niagra Falls will become VIAGRA Falls!

At Niagara Falls, take a tour of the American or Canadian side of the spectacular falls.

  • 4 to 5 hour Niagara Falls tour

  • Ride on the Maid of the Mist boat

  • Visit famous Niagara Falls attractions including Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls

  • View the Falls atop the American Observation Tower

  • Explore the adventurous Cave of the Winds

Cost: $89USD

You can also take a helicopter ride over the falls: Cost: 150USD

There are also Jet boat tours for those wanting to getaway from the monotony:

  • Open jet boat ride on the Niagara River

  • Niagara Whirlpool

  • Scenic views of the beautiful Niagara surrounds

  • Entertaining guide with comprehensive narration

Cost: 65USD

More info a romantic getaway in the US Niagara falls

Napa Best Romantic Getaways in US

Napa Valley – Unless you are a wine lover you may not have heard of one of the most romantic outdoor vacations in Northern California, Napa Valley.  It is considered “Wine Country”.  They take you on a wine tasting tour that will leave you tipsy.  What can two lovers do with so much wine?


What is a romantic getaway without getting crazy drunk on the world’s best wine?!  Napa Valley has more than just wine.

Napa Valley also has MUSTARD!  Thats right, MUSTARD!  I know you are thinking, “DimeTravel, who the fuck cares about mustard?!”

YOU SILLY, SILLY foolz.. I am talking about the NAPA VALLEY MUSTARD FESTIVAL.  There has not been one in a few years but as famous Governator said it will “be back”.  Beyond the Mustard and Wine, you have fine dining at places like le “French Laundry”.

There are lots of tours of the Napa Valley country side.  Its very classy and not all of them are cheap for the average American:

Wine Train: 115 – 200USD per person

Napa Valley Balloon Rides: 169 – 200USD per person

For a much more affordable tour you could try the bike tours:


Fisherman Wharf - Best Romantic Getaways in US

Fishermans Wharf – Peir 39 is probably the most visited part of California’s bay area.  San Francisco offers a very beautiful coast coastline.  Its a great scenic place for a romantic getaway and I doubt you will get better pictures anywhere else in California short of a National Forest.  Fisherman’s Wharf is the highlight of the city second to only the Golden Gate bridge (a must see if you are in the bay area).  There are amazing, strange and unique shops along the pier, there are street performers and artist that make a living on their talent alone.  What I loved most about Fisherman’s Wharf was the food!  If you and your loved one are into sea food, you will fall in love with some of the freshest and most abundant catches on the West Coast of the US.

Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoia – If you like the outdoors then one of the best places to visit is Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park.  You can take a romantic vacation and be blown away by a natural wonder and all have very cheap:  between 26 and 30 USD for the average tour.  

Learn more here:

Lake Tahoe Reno - Best Romantic Getaways in US

Lake Tahoe & Reno – When people think of places to go in Nevada, the first thing they consider are the bright lights of Las Vegas.  And if you have not been to Las Vegas then its definitely a must see and can be ver, very romantic indeed.  But what you may not know is that the North part of Nevada is a place with a different kind of romance.  You have nature, skiing, and kayaking.  You can still get the casinos up north.  If you are into gambling, bright lights and city than Reno has everything you cherish.  If your idea of escape is nature and being away from crowded streets then try Lake Tahoe.  Between California and Nevada you have about 6 ski resorts in Lake Tahoe.  You have spectacular shows, hiking, casinos, and MUCH MORE

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