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As of 9 Dec 2013, the news in Bohol is grim.  Earthquake aftershocks are continuously occurring in the provinces of Bohol & Cebu as well as neighboring countries.  Bohol officials have also received information that looters from samar/leyte are starting to go to the island. The residences are warned to close their doors and guard their properties as there have been reports of people stealing, killing and raping women.  Electricity in the city of Cebu and Talisay are cut an hour a day to be distributed to the island of Bohol as construction continues.

Locals have not recovered yet from the natural disaster.  Government offices and businesses have not fully recovery operations yet.  Infrastructure is slowly being rebuilt. Some people have also moved out after the typhoon. All government related affairs are frozen until everything is fixed including the tourism of Bohol.   This includes the restoration of all the historical churches and other tourist spots that has been destroyed.  Aftershocks has been going on for almost 2 months now.  – abs- cbn news

Recent Bohol News: President Ninoy Aquino had released 1 billion pesos budget for the restoration and assistance for the people and its livelihood. Other countries have also donated millions of dollars to help rebuild the place. Hopefully everything will be back to how it was for the year 2014. People fear that the island will be divided from the mark the earthquake had left and for the continous aftershocks . Lets all pray that Bohol island can recover from everything that its going through now.  Philstar

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