How to date Bulgarian girls

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written by our friend Cosmin

How to date Bulgarian women, for dummies.

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re putting a great deal of importance on human interaction, when going abroad and visiting. This is why we’ve offered you some advice on how to hook up with beautiful girls all around. Now, it’s time to take a look at one of the most beautiful, but also the poorest countries in Europe: Bulgaria.

One doesn’t really need a specific reason to visit Bulgaria: if you’re into city breaks, just pick up your backpack, grab a flight to Sofia and spend an interesting couple of days in the country’s vibrant capital, the spectacular mountains or the confortable beaches.

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Once you’re there, you obviously don’t want to spend your time alone, do you? Well… lucky you, because you’ve apparently landed in the right place.

Similar to Czech girls, Bulgarians come in two categories: either smoking hot or very, very ugly. Tough luck pal; you’ll have to work a bit to find a nice one.

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Local girls are classy, elegantly dressed (a bit too in love with sparkling materials, but, then again, what girl isn’t) and kinda’ fancy. They also have a strong taste for adventure – some of the Bulgarians that I met were into activities like skiing, mountain biking or wind surfing, so, if you think you can stand a high level of adrenaline, then you know where to take them.

If you’re not Bear Grylls, don’t hesitate to ask for a normal date – movie, dinner, a walk in the park. Sofia has a lot of opportunities with regard to that: some of the biggest urban parks in Europe are in the capital of Bulgaria.

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The clubs and bars spread around Sofia are also a good place to go for a night out and meet your first Bulgarian girl. This Balkan country is probably the only place I’ve never seen packs of 5-6 girls in clubs. They are usually in smaller groups, of 1 or 2 (maybe 3), making them easier to approach. Dance, talk, touch – pretty classic tactics that will get you going all night long.

Maybe one thing you should be aware of is that they expect a man to support (to be ready “pay”) every common activity. Be sure that you have enough money with you at all times – you never know when she might want cotton candy or a pet raccoon. It’s also a good sign to tell her about your life in your home country: what car you drive, what do you do – if you’re more open to them, then they will be the same.bulgarian-girls

A 3-4 hour car ride from the capital, there is the magnificent Bulgarian seaside. If you haven’t gotten lucky yet, then here you surely will. Places like Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, Albena or Burgas are packed with tourists, but also with beautiful girls looking to have a bit of fun during their vacation. The numerous nightclubs or bars are ideal places to meet the most beautiful (and lightly dressed) girls you’ve ever seen.

A couple of tips: as I’ve mentioned before in our pieces on Romania and Hungary, don’t believe whatever you hear – some people just want your money and not your heart (or…); although you’ll probably have to pay for everything, prices in Bulgaria are among the cheapest in Europe so lucky you; get sun cream – the country can become a bit tropical during summertime and you don’t want to pick up girls looking like a tomato. I think you’re good to go – over and out!

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