Halloween Club Hopping Philippines 2016

Yuri and the #GeorgiaRed crew go out on Halloween in the Philippines 2016. They take you on a tour of a few bars, clubs and pool halls. Its a night of costume contestants, dancing, music and drinking.

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pattaya nightlife

Pattaya nightlife

Pattaya is a man’s paradise.  Pattaya nightlife and the streets are literally lined with beautiful women.   And all at discount prices, two for one deals and every hooker must go prices.

But Pattaya is NOT all about sex, and prostitutes.  There are LOTS of disco clubs, restaurants and bars and beaches.

Pattaya Disco Clubs

1. Club Mixx – Club Mixx is actually two clubs for the price of one drink!  One club is electronic music and the other is Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae. The electronic side features a lot of music that is popular in Europe in early 2000’s.  Its a mixture of all kinds of techno with trance, hardtrance, industrial and jungle.  It has live DJ and an impressive laser show.  The HipHop side has a lot of top 10 club music.  Its not pure hiphop and R&B, but includes pop music you might hear on the radio with a dance club remix.  Both sides serve alcohol and cigarettes.  You can drift from club to club with a beer and a smoke grind on a russian girl on the techno side then go the otherside and dance to hiphop on a thai girl.

2. The pier – techno music only.  This club has one of the best layouts on Walking Street.

 3. Club Flexx – a pure hiphop club that is not very popular.  If you like hip hop you will feel very much at home.. in an empty club.  Hip Hop is not very popular among the mostly european tourists or the thai locals.  So if you are in a packed club you may hear hip hop but more than likely it will be pop or techno flavored hip hop.


 4. Insomnia – mostly techno, some disco and hiphop music

Music Bar:

 1. Lovely Corner – located in Soi 7 with a band that plays mostly Jazz Music,some country         songs, and pop rock with girls to entertain guy customers

 2. Blue Sky III– is located in Walking street. They have a famous, very talented Thai Band that plays Great Rock Music. Friendly staff and great customer service.


 3. Banana Leaf – is located on the end of the walking street . A great place to have hooka in a combination of different fruit flavors, milk, ice or a mint.  They have cool friendly indian waiters that serve the drinks and keeps the good job of refilling the charcoal for the hooka.

 “Only disadvantage is that the bar doesn’t have it’s own toilet so people must use the public toilet on the back which cost 5 Baht’’


 4. Lucky Star is located in Soi 8 with a band that plays some music

5. We are the world ? where is this most of the music bars are strictly caters to a European or russian vibe. So its a No entry for other races even if there’s no sign written there. There are also streets where only muslim people are chillin’ and accross that are restobars are for Indians.


1. Flying Ghost

2. Barracuda

3. Angel’s Witch

Angeles Girls

Angeles Girls

map of pampanga

map of pampanga

Angeles City is probably one of the wildest places you can go in the Philippines.  It is known as the Entertainment Capital of Central Luzon.  Women are everywhere, clubs cater to hedonistic needs when money is supplied.

This place is legendary for its prostitution.

With the sheer number of prostitutes and strippers, you would think its the only business in town.  Unfortunately, poverty pushes underage girls into this line of work.

Other than the open acceptance of underage girls with old foreign men, its a pretty fun place if you like clubs, prostitutes and alcohol.

Where to find the girls in Angeles?

angeles girls tback

angeles girls of alaskas club tback

Angeles girls are found at SM mall, or working girls in hotels and bars.

Angeles has a Walking Street similar to Pattaya, Thailand with many petite filipina Angeles girls dressed seductive clothes enticing the customers in each bars.


How are people in Angeles toward foreigners

angeles girls foreinger

angeles girls foreinger

Since the place is touristic, people know how to welcome the foreigners and also to other filipino visitors with hospitality. Another reason is that tourists give tip for the service.  In Angeles, its common to see a man in his 50’s or even 70’s with a girl that looks like she MIGHT be 18.  You see this a LOT in the mall and at Fields Avenue in Angeles.  It should be noted that many of these foreigners are assisting the entire family of the same young ladies they are dating.  We should not automatically assume all these foreigners are  dating underage girls.  In most cases, the young lady is a consenting adult, and the older foreign man is with the woman of his dreams.

 Who should go to Angeles, why go to Angeles

Foreigners as well as Filipinos who love strip clubs and partying should go to Angeles city because its full of fun for guys.  There is great music dance music, cheap beer, high quality Angeles  girls with love at discount prices.

Walking Street has 2 Dance clubs:

1. High Society Disco Club – the club plays all hip-hop and American R&B music.  By far, the best club if you want to go dance.  Its perfect for couples that like dance music.  The DJ’s are as good as ANY in the US or Europe.  You won’t find too much techno or dubstep unless its mixed with hip-hop.  They also have a group of male and female dancers in front of the DJ’s setup.

high society angeles girls

high society angeles walking street

For the ignorant people that cannot hold their liquor there is a team of security watching the floor.  But while I was there all I saw were people of all races coming together, chilling, dancing and enjoying great hip-hop music.

There are many sexy Angeles girls that are there just to dance and have fun.  And for the ladies, there are hot guys strutting around.  If you stay for awhile, you can get a hookup for no money aside from the mandatory drink that you must buy upon entering.

rampage in angeles

ramage in angeles

cali swag angeles

cali swag angeles

2. Sky Trax Korean Club – Sky Trax plays mostly Korean disco music.  There are many Koreans hanging out as well as others that are fans of k-pop.  They should call it Club Psy because they will play a Psy song for hours.  When the club gets really crazy, there is an MC speaking in Korean and English to encourage the crowd to participate.

angeles girls sky trak

angeles girls sky trak

angeles girls sky trak

angeles girls sky trak

Directions to Angeles City

You can fly directly into Angeles into Clark International Airport.  A little known fact is that Clark International Airport also has cheap flights to Bangkok, Thailand (maybe $200USD or less depending on times you book).


To get to Angeles city, one should travel by bus from Manila for around 2 hours .

 From Cebu, one has to fly to Manila first then a bus to Angeles City or you can get a direct flight from different places such as Kalibo-Clark flight operated by Airphil express. Cebu Pacific offers flight to Clark Airport too.


Angeles, where is Angeles, how much do prostitutes cost

map of pampanga

map of pampanga

Angeles city is located in Luzon a few hours drive from Manila. It has poor infrastructures except Clark International Airport (which used to be Clark Airbase).  They only have one mall which is SM mall and do not have meter cabs for public transport.  One of the main sources of employment in Angeles is entertainment.  So the main demand / job availability for girls is waitress, dancing and prostitution.

Barfine prices of the girls range between P1,000 and P2,500.00.


Kinds of Transportation:

1. Private Cars – P 300.00

2. Hotel Cars/ Van – P 350.00

2. Jeepneys –  P 8.00 fare

3. Pedicabs – P 70.00 per ride



The pure fun and entertainment of Angeles cannot be captured in words.  You must go to see for yourself.  The clubs, the drinking, the girls of Angeles.. All of that is GREAT… but there is one HUGE problem there…

Maybe I am a prude but I thought there were too many underage girls hooking up with men in broad daylight. This disturbed me.. a lot.  Since poverty drives many families to push their daughter into it and society there seems to turn a blind eye to it:

   –Far East Sex Tourism Exposed  

     –In the Clubs of the Filipino Sex Trade 

The local government has put out Exectutive Order No. 23, to put together Task Force to Implement Oplan Magdalena last year to impact human trafficking.  For the sake of the kids of Angeles and the future of the Philippines, I hope they can minimize what seems to be an epidemic in the Philippine underground.


Creating a Task Force to Implement Oplan Magdalena

WHEREAS, the City Government of Angeles is implementing numerous policies and programs to ensure that the Anti-Human Trafficking law is followed;

WHEREAS, part of the anti-human trafficking law is campaign against prostitution most especially child prostitution;

WHEREAS, Oplan Magdalena is the comprehensive operation of government against prostitution;

WHEREAS, the City Government of Angeles Is supporting the campaign against prostitution in general and Oplan Magdalena in particular;

WHEREAS, there is a need to create a Task Force that will implement Oplan Magdalena in Angeles City;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Edgardo D. Pamintuan, City Mayor of Angeles, by the powers vested in me by law. —  I hope Ed Pamintuan put this on the top of his agenda – http://www.angelescity.gov.ph/


Lapu-lapu nightlife

trip to lapu lapuOne friday afternoon, after buying early Christmas gifts for my family, I got a dinner invitation from my sister that lives in Lapu-lapu, Cebu.

I live in the middle of the town so I had to travel by van from SM Mall on the way to her house.  I asked her to cook my most favorite dish, ”porksinigang”.  We had a good sinigang dinner and I started feeling restless.  I’ve been curious about the  Lapu- lapu nightlife.  Then our close friend sent a text  about going out to party for the night.

After such a big meal, I told her that was not sure about going out.  But she insisted and another friend would not take “no” for an answer.   After midnight, I got out of bed started to take a shower and quickly got dressed. While on the way to the newly built, popular club in town.

We first stopped by a hangout place with light music , a pool table on the ground floor, a small karaoke room and a restobar on the second floor.  It was called ”BFK.



Next , we went to the ‘Club Lotus’ .  It looks nice from outside and has a small parking lot for motorbikes on the front.  The entrance fee is P100.00 with a one drink minimum.  They have a wide variety of drinks.  The club was not too crowded. There were a few black young people who’s in the club  (students that are studying here , I don’t know which exactly the countries they are from but I know they’re not from US from how they dress up).

Most of the crowd came with group of friends and lovers . Girls were not aggressive in hooking up. They play different types of music from hip-hop to reggae to disco and techno. The club has a variety of drinks you can choose from and a menu selection for food. After getting tipsy, we decided to go home. As we walk outside and look around, I saw another club that is next to Sinangag station (a Filipino restaurant). I asked my sis what goes on in that club. Its called Face Club.

lapu lapu face bar

a very bad picture of face bar in lapu lapu

She said its an acoustic restobar with typical Filipino style, nice ambiance and not a very loud music. They play some regular music from the DJ after the bands finish their set of songs.  I really had a great time that night and I was able to discover a new hang out places though they were not classy, they were nice. Something new and different than what happens on the midtown. As will many clubs in Cebu, I saw hookers outside, but not as aggressive as other places I have been.  I also saw them hanging out around the bathrooms of the Lotus club to freshen up and retouch makeup.

Lapu-lapu nightlife doesn’t have too many clubs but it still worth checking if you live or stay in that area.

Party Cebu: Top 8 Cebu Clubs

Cebu Party

its better in the phils!!

One of the more popular places in Cebu is Mango Square.  It is a place where the locals and foreigners go to party and drink. In this area, you can find different kinds of entertainment such as comedy bars, karaoke bars, disco bars and strip clubs when you walk straight to Mango Avenue.

There are also plenty of places to eat and drink across Mango square.  You will find restaurants like Mang Inasal, Xiamen, Sunburst, Chowking and Jollibee are available.

Top 8 Clubs in Cebu


Cebu Club


 宿霧 J.Ave.  is a great place to go clubbing, drinking and partying as well as hooking up with the girls  (for free). J Ave is located at Mango Square.  Though there are many prostitutes in that club that will approach you.. sometimes if they like you they won’t charge you for the sex.  This disco club is one of the top spots of locals.  Foreigners are very welcome there. They serve different kinds of beverages and alcoholic drinks. The club serves food and appetizers. They have VIP seating  on the corners and upstairs that cost P2,500 can accommodate 6-10 persons. If you are on a budget, the club has provided seats for free or you can stand on the bar side to look around. If you are new in town and looking for company (for free). This is the right place for you. There are plenty of Cebuanas that will fit even the most finicky appetite.  You can approach them, buy them some drinks, dance and talk then.. move to a more private party lol.

Entrance fee: P 100.00

Club P.U.M.P

Club P.U.M.P

‘ Club Pump is the second in line for top “hook up” spots. The club is located at the back of Cebu Grand Convention Center near Ayala mall. They serve alcoholic drinks, beers and food for cheap. This is a “Korean Territory” which means that most of the people you see here are Koreans and mostly play Korean music.  You will hear “Gangnam Style” all night until your ears bleed. If you’re a foreigner and looking for girls,  you can try this club too since there are many girls that come to hunt.


Entrance fee: P 100.00

 Weekdays are ladies night






loft cebu club



Loft is a class A club in Cebu City.  This is located at IT park across the 3 star Waterfront Hotel where the call center businesses are. There are many restaurants near the club. The kind of music they play are techno, Dub step and instrumental. The security is strict to ensure the safety of the guests.


Entrance Fee: P 300.00

Weekdays are ladies night





cebu vudu


Vudu is a high class drinking place in Crossroads Banilad Cebu City with a peaceful ambience.

The bar has an elegant design surrounded with blue colored lights. The club plays jazz and slow types of music. There’s no entrance fee in this pub though the prices of drinks are more expensive compared to the other clubs.  Dress decently so you won’t look trashy when you get there.





courtesy of City Girl Diaries


Pipeline is a place to drink chill and to play pool. If you are a big sports fan this is the place for you! There’s no entrance fee and free charge for playing. They serve local brands of beers and few alcoholic drinks. In front of Pipeline is the Rainbow Karaoke bar. The place is a walking distance from Club Pump.







[caption id="attachment_23" align="alignleft" width="150"]mo2 resto bar MO2 Restobar



MO2 DiscoBar is another place to party.It is divided with a restaurant,an outdoor restobar with a band playing music and a discobar. They also have pool tables, and a ktv bar . MO2 is located at North Reclamation Area.







Rainbow KTV is for entertainment for singing with group of friends and family. This is a 24 hour bar with wide flat screen televisions and a good quality of sound system.



Red Hot Chili Bar is a bar to watch women dancing on the stage (they look bored though and not really entertaining  but you can play pool at the corner of the bar for free. You just need to purchase some drinks. Prices are not high.

photo by: