Is India Safe For Women?

india taj mahal rapeWe recently thought of traveling to India to see the birth place of Hinduism, Buddhism and many of the most profound explorations of human thoughts.  But then I see all the rapes of children & tourists in the news in the last year.

india fight against rape

india fight against rape (

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Irish aid worker raped in India

rape protest

rape protest

5 year old raped in India

anti rape protest india

We decided its really not safe at all to travel there (particularly for women).  I just wonder why there is so much happening now.  And for god’s sake Why children??  How could this happen?     I got curious and started looking at actual statistics:


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The numbers of indexmundi come from United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime.

…number of rapes reported to police per 100,000 inhabitants. According to the UN data, the country with the highest rate of reported rapes is Botswana (92.9), while the country with the lowest rate is Egypt (0.1).

India is not the top the “rape statistics”.  This may be due to lack of reporting that its not high on the list.  And perhaps the shock of the recent attacks (children raped to death and violent protests) is what is giving India so much international attention.

Since Indian women are putting a stop to these horrible crimes, the media is anxious to watch history take shape.

Is India Safe For Women?  No.  They seem to be selecting “soft targets” or people that cannot defend themselves.  Then they overpower them with many and then leave the woman for dead.  The cases are happening in the poor areas of India.  Its a shame because India has such an amazing culture.  But I will never take the women I love there and if i do go it will be to kick someone ass.

I hope humanity to get it together on this.  Sometimes I am not so sure.