Plantation Bay

Plantation bay is an exclusive beach resort located at Maribago, Lapu-lapu City.  It offers a 5 star amenities, luxury and activities for guest enjoyment and entertainment.  Plantation bay beach resort has several villa accommodations surrounding the pools and slides.  It also has a man made ocean like beach inside the resort and a lagoon.Guest can also do jet ski ride and kayaking.  It has a pool bar that serves the drinks while you chill in the water.  The staff is very welcoming, attentive and friendly.  The resort also has performances that include cultural dances and other forms of entertainment. Plantation bay conducts city or neighboring island tour packages.  They have a hotel pick up and transfer for it’s guest convenience.

Plantation bay has a strict security. It is very safe and provides a peaceful and privacy atmosphere.  It is a good value of your money.


Room rate starts at P 8,300.00 and above

Camiguin and CDO


Camiguin and CDO

Beautiful waterfalls! Zip Lines! white beaches AND…  an ostrich farm? Welcome to Camiguin, a hidden, under rated paradise.  We visited this paradise on a three day trip by way of Cagayan de oro City.

camiguin mambajao

camiguin mambajao

As soon as we arrived at Camiguin I didn’t miss the chance to swim in the pool and explore the beautiful sea that surrounds the island.  The next day I made arrangements to see all the tourist spots of Camiguin.

One the first stop the boatmen took us to White island.  White island is a sandbar located about 1 ½ kilometers off the northern shore of Mambajao, Camiguin.

beach in camiguin

beach in camiguin

Next destination was the Katibawasan falls.  Tucked away among tall trees is a breathtaking view of a waterfall unlike any other you have seen.

camiguin Katibawasan falls

camiguin Katibawasan falls

camiguin ostrich farm

image of camiguin ostrich farm

Part of the tour included the Ostrich Farm which is located in Camiguin’s Provincial Animal Breeding and Ostrich Production Center a few kilometers from Benoni port.  Entrance into the Ostrich farm in Camiguin is only Php 5.00/person.  You can get to there via rented motorcycle for P500/day or take a tour like we did in a multicab.  Its educational and great for kids.


The last place we went was the zipline ride located at J&A fishPen restaurant.

camiguin zipline

camiguin zipline


camiguin j&a zipline fishpen

camiguin j&a zipline fishpen

J&A Fishpen Camiguin restaurant serves fresh seafood that you pick from their ponds.  J&A also have hotel accomodations:

AIRCON ROOMS from 1000 to 1.300 php ( good for 2 people)
AIRCON DORMITORY from 1.500 (5 people max) to 3.600 php (18 people max)
DORMITORY CELING FAN from 1.000 ( 10 people max ) to 1.200 php (12 people max)

After 2 days of exploring Camiguin, it was time to go back to Cagayan de Oro City. While walking around, I found out that they have lots of souvenirs to buy at their night market. The next day, I went to the newly built Cagayan Ayala mall.

Although the nightclub is simple, its very peaceful surrounded by very polite people.  Its a great change from the rowdy, crowded night life of the big city.  Cagayan de Oro City also has strip clubs.  The one I went to was not so spacious and did not have many customers, but the girls were fully nude and dancing very good. Cagayan de Oro City is not big but its packed.  Even though its crowded the people are very kind and hospitable. I had a great time on my 3 days trip to both Camiguin and Cagayan de oro City.

How to get to Cagayan de Oro City:

From Mactan International Airport in Cebu,‎ you can get to Cagayan de Oro City in 50 minutes and 1 ½ hours from Manila.

From the Cagayan de Oro International airport, go to Cagayan de Oro City. This will take about 30 minutes by taxi and a little longer by bus.

From Cagayan de Oro City to Camiguin

From Cagayan de Oro City you can go to three ports of entry in Camiguin: Benoni, Guinsilban and Balbagon. Balingoan and Benoni port are the best choices if you want a short ride to Mambajao, the main town of Camiguin. A fast boat will leave 8:30 in the morning and Arrived Benoni 11:30 am, travel time is around 3 hours but if climate changes (rainy season) travel may take longer.

Mindanao has had a lot of bad press lately.  But it should not be confused with the peaceful tourist spot of Northern Mindanao which includes Cagayan de oro and Camiguin.



Living in the Philippines : Types of Transportation

Types of transportation in the Philippines

What can you expect when living in the Philippines or traveling around the country? For transportation, I would say it can vary from a convenient travel to the most uncomfortable ride you would experience in life. But either way you can count it as an adventurous part of your travel. Happy trip travelers!


1. Taxi  or metered cars travels within the city only unless they are hired by passengers for tours and longer travel at a high price.  Taxi charged P 40.00 and P 3.50 for the following meters. Watch out for non-metered taxi’s.

2. Jeepney is the main public transportation of the locals.  The minimum fare is P 8.00 per 5 km and additional P 1.00 charge for another km.

3. Buses travels from city to neighboring cities. Some are aircon buses but most do not have ac.  Buses that go on the highways have a little bit higher than jeepney. P10- P 25.00 fares.

4. Van – provides transportation on some areas within the city for example, Cebu has sm- lapulapu, ayala -lapu lapu city   Basic fare is P 30.00

Manila has fx transport (a mini aircon van) that transport from cities to schools and malls.

Fares are less than P 20.00.

There are also vans that take passengers to provinces. It charge depending on the distance but there’s a fixed rate for each town.

Transportation within Provinces (Rural areas of the Philippines)

1. Pedicabs charge the same as the jeepney or higher. Pedicabs normally transport from one town to the next town. That cost P10.00 – P 20.00.  

2. Buses- travel from provinces to cities and vice versa.

3. Motorbike ( habal-habal) are normally use as transport on mountainous areas and places without proper roads. They charge P 10.00 or higher depends on the distance.

Philippine dishes exotic food

While traveling in a new country, trying the food is one of greatest way of knowing the culture and its people. Some of the philippine dishes may not be acceptable in appetite but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Ever wondered how it taste?

1. Balut – is an 18 day old egg right before it is about to hatch.  Its cooked and sold in a basket. Inside the eggshell you will see whites and body parts of a chick.  Yum, Yum!!


2. Chicken Intestines – barbecued chicken intestines are a famous appetizers and normally eaten as snacks and dinner.  Its sometimes eaten along with pork barbecue and other dishes.  It is grilled in charcoal available on the streets.

3. Pig’s blood dish (dinuguan) – it is sauted in spices(onions and garlic,ginger).  Its cooked for a long time with lots of green chili to make it hot /spicy and to get rid of the smell.

4. Deep Fried Pigs Tongue – are battered with some seasoning before frying.

 Lingua, another dish is a long process of cooking the pig’s tongue then boiled in a little bit of vinegar. The outer layer is scraped, sliced and cook with spices and tomato sauce.


5. Chicharon Bulaklak or Pig Intestines – are cleaned several times before cooking, dip into flour and cook deep fried.

6. Balbacua ( cow’s skin) – is cook and boiled for a long time until tender with peanuts and seasoning


7. Frogs – with white meat are taken from rice fields. Natives clean it and fry it in a pan, grill, or sometimes stew.


8. Shipworm or ‘Tamilok – is a delicacy from Aklan and Palawan. It is cleaned and eaten raw in vinegar, onions and chili or ‘Kinilaw.

9. Wood worm – delicious grubs found in wood. Very tasty grilled.  It taste like a crab meat.

10. Lansiaois made from testicles of a male cow. It is a famous dish from Cebu City. Testicles are stewed with many spices. Cebuanos believe that eating it can make them more sexually active.

11. Calderetang Kabayo – a dish known in Talisay City, Cebu province. It is from horse meat. It is cook stewed and taste similar as beef.


Cebu Hotel

The Queen City of the South has so many things to experience that you will definitely have to find a place to stay. Cebu City has many great hotels to chose from.  All of these hotels are walking distance from Mango Square pubs  currently General Maxilum Avenue.

Here a few places we recommend for Cebu Hotels:

1. Casa Blanca –  is located behind Mango Square within walking distance of hottest Cebu nightlife.

Casa Blanca hotel offers free wi-fi inside the room.
Room Rate: P 1,200.00

Customer Service : Average


2. Hotel Le Carmen – is located back of Casa Blanca Hotel. Both have similar room types, but theres no wifi and no restaurant.

ROom rates :  P 1, 200.00 and above

Customer Service: Average


3. Ns Royal Pensione – is located next to Casa Blanca.

The hotel has a complimentary breakfast. Wifi is available in the lobby only. Whats good about this hotel is their deluxe double bed room. It is very spacious and quiet.

Room Rate: P 1,000.00 and above

Customer Service: Fine

4. Cebu Vacation Hotel – it has a small pool at the back, they have a garden and 3 cottages to sit on or to eat.  Hotel serves a complimentary toast and coffee.  They also cook food orders at additional prices.  Wifi is available at the lobby area and doesn’t work from the room.

Room rates: double room P 1,600.00 and additional P 150.00 per person for an ala carte breakfast

Customer Service: Good


5. Premiere Citi Suites – This Hotel has convenient and secure key cards and large rooms.  It has a complimentary breakfast.  But very unpresentable dining.

Room Rates: P 1,500.00 – P 3,000.00

Customer Service: Average

6. Apple tree suites – Room has no wifi,  its also noisy with thin walls.


7. Fuente Pensionne House – Has a very nice nature type restaurant at the 4th floor.

It has wifi on all the rooms. Restaurant serves good food but it takes a long time to serve (about 30 mins to an hour).

Room Rates: P 800.00 above

Customer Service: Good


8. Sampaguita Suites – its walking distance from Robinson’s Mall.  One very bad thing if you want privacy is that the walls are not very thick.

These cheap rooms are ideal during Sinulog Festival because it is on same street where the Sinulog contestants passes through.  No wifi in the rooms.

Room Rates : P 700.00 and above

Customer Service : Average


9. Century Plaza Hotel

10. Elegant Circle Inn

11. M Citi Suites

12. Cebu Midtown Hotel – is a hotel attached to Robinson’s Mall on the 4th floor and above. Room rates are higher compared to other hotels near Mango Square.

13. Cuarto Hotel – is a newly built hotel by Osmena Blvd. It is across J and Co. clothing store.

Cuatro Hotel rates starts at P 1,500.00  for a double room without breakfast and P 1,800.00 w/ an ala carte complimentary breakfast but you can get the discount only when paying in person. Staff are accommodating. Booking from agoda for a double room cost P 2,400.00  and above. They also have a cafe restaurant.

Customer Service : Good

14. Casa Rosario – bed and breakfast only has a few rooms to stay with a restaurant that serves good food.they have  very tasty ribs


15. Palladium Suites – has a peaceful environment , it doesn’t have a restaurant and no wifi.

Room rates: P 1,200.00 and above

Customer Service : Average , few staff

16. Holiday Hotel

17. St. Mark Hotel – is located at redemptorist. It is a walking distance from Mango Avenue.

The hotel serves buffet breakfast upon purchasing the room. It has a pleasant view and very nice interior design. Great value for the money.

Room rate for a double room is P 2,300 per night

Customer Service: Fine

18. Hotel Asia

19. Mango Park Hotel – located at General Maxilum Ave. walking distance from MangoSquare

Beware of the street kids, walk fast and ignore them because some of them snatches wallets… Booking from agoda for a double room cost P 2,400.00  and above. They also have a cafe restaurant.

Most of the time,  they mark down the prices on low season and  because of the high competition. Also check and for hotel promotions and discounts.

Travelling to the Philippines

Travelling to the Philippines Provinces

If you are going to the Philippines and want to experience where and how most of the people live you might want to consider going to a province area.  Unlike the city, you will have less and less accommodations as you travel deeper into the province.  The roads are narrow, the water is often from wells and the electricity (if there is any) is not as reliable as the city.  But the people are usually more kind to strangers passing through and its also much cheaper than any Philippine city.

Here are a few things to prepare for philippines travel to province:

1. Tent (if you will stay outside)

2. Water, snacks and packed meals

3. Flashlights/ emergency lights

4. GPS phone and a map

5. blanket

6. Mosquito nets / lotion / suntan lotion

7. Matches/lighter

8. Small bills – province have less people and less trading so only a few could keep big amount of paper money. Vendors have less sales so they mostly don’t have change for big bills.

9. towels and extra t-shirts

10. Lists the things you need to bring before packing.

11. Double- check if you’ve bring everything you need before leaving.

12.  Bring spare pants

  Why go to the province?

Explorers, families and couples should go because it is so fun to go trekking in mountains, camp and cook food by fire.  If your going into the bush, you will get to sleep in tents with no lights you will see the stars in a whole new way. The province represents a break from daily life and the crowded “rat race” you might have gotten tired of.  Its not all about camping, you may find rooms for rent, apartments, homes or even small hotels.

What can they do there?

Before leaving, check the area you are heading to so you know what to expect at the destination.  Unlike the city the further you venture into the province, the less guidance you available for knowing where to find resources and sites.  Less people speak English, there are less road markers/signs and less area mapped out.

 What time of year?

Check the weather forecast if it is during May-December. Best time of provinces travel is summer.  (March – June).  Avoid the rainy season (July – Sept).

Areas of the province to go hiking, trekking,climbing

1. Davao is one town in Mindanao but it’s not dangerous for tourists.

2. Cebu provinces

3.Luzon areas like Batangas, Laguna, Cavite and Quezon

Travel to the province can be a humbling experience.  It will make you appreciate convenience and the small luxuries you have.  But beyond that it can also be fun to live a simpler more peaceful life away from the noise and pollution of the city

cebu clubs restobars

Cebu clubs , restobars

TOP 5 Restobars in Cebu City with good customer service & ambience :

1. One of our favorite restobars was the Spinn Bar. It is located at Mango Square Mall on the second floor. They serve shisha, alcohol, and food.  The Singaporean mei mei(noodles) taste good.  Staff and the owners are friendly and very welcoming.  The Spinn Bar is a newly opened bar. It has many pool tables for the customers.  Each weekend, Spinn features live music as well as a great Karaoke system.  

2. Another hidden gem on the Cebu nightlife scene is Cubanas restobar. It is located in a small alley beside Yellow Cab Restaurant. They serve food, alcohol, and sheesha.  They have live music in a great outside atmosphere.

cebu nightlife Cubana Acoustic

3. Irish Marshalls Pub – is located beside National Bookstore, Mango Avenue. It is very famous pub among locals and foreigners. They play acoustic music and has several promotions in different events and holidays. They also serve buffets during special occasions.

cebu clubs restobars

Pictures from St. Patricks Day –

4. Jazz n blues  is located at mabolo, cebu city. The restobar serves some food and drinks. The bands play only jazz and blues music. Its ideal for people who don’t want a loud  music.

cebu clubs restobars

5. Mio Café and Restaurant is located at the back of Petron Gasoline Station, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City. Mio offers function rooms for catering services at the second floor and a restobar at the third floor and rooftop. They serve food and drinks. I recommend chillin’ at the rooftop because it shows the spectacular view of the city. However, they need to work better for a good quality service.

cebu clubs restobars

Traveling to Philippines : Cebu shops

Traveling to Philippines : Cebu shops

If you are traveling to Philippines and planning on living there for some time, renting an apartment is really the best thing to do. If you are on a tight budget or just want to save money, go to places with very low prices in Cebu. The Cebu shops listed below are the places that I used to go to buy cheap goods. The products range from low to good quality but all generally have low prices.


1. Groceries  

Colonnade Mall -This mall offers Wholesale prices on their goods.  The store offers great prices are small store owners to sell goods at retail prices.

Price sample: Brown sugar ½ kl P 16.30, other stores charge up to P 20.00

travel shop cebu Colonnade Mall

La Nueva Branches Supermarket – La Nueva branches are located at M. C. Briones St., Cebu City and G.Y. Dela Serna St, Lapu-Lapu City ‎

Prince Warehouse Club is located at M.C Briones St.

Emall  has a big convenient supermarket. It sometimes mark down the prices of their goods or sell it by several pieces with discounts


travel shop cebu La Nueva Branches Supermarket

2. Furnitures & Appliance

SunGold  – SunGold has lots of sales on their furnitures.  They have many types of designs and colors. Prices from cheap to expensive.

 Price range – P 6,000.00 and above

Unitop – are located at Colon St.  and Lapu-Lapu City – it has a few selection of unique design furnitures and a few good quality appliances.

Silawan Furnitures – located at Leon Kilat St. The store have two types of furnitures, cheap and expensive. The cheaper classes of furniture has a decent quality. They also have high quality sets sofa that are made from oak and other expensive material.  It looks classy and durable.They also have leatherette sofa set that cost P 6,000.00 . All their sofa set comes with a center table.

Delivery Charge : P 500.00

J Marketing sells all house appliances in cash or installments at lower prices compared to other stores

travel shop cebu

Cheapest  for a refrigerator : P 8,800.00 5cc


Metro Appliance Centrum Plaza Inc. sells home appliance by cash or installments.

The store has cheap and expensive branded appliances. Prices differs according to the brand name and the model of the appliance

Price sample :  Oven w/ 4 burner stove P 16,000.00 and above




3. Toys & Clothing

. Emall 2nd floor sells very cheap clothing, colognes

. Grandmall – located @ Basak, Lapu-Lapu Area

Price Sample: A shirt cost less than P 100.00 to P 200.00 (fine quality)

– Metro Gaisano has cheaper prices of branded shoes and clothing. They always have sale on their products, have good quality and are also cheaper compared to SM and ayala.

Price Sample:  Bench Shirt P 1,000.00 goes on sale up to 40 % sometimes 50%

Price becomes P 600.00




Other cheap wholesale and retail clothing and toys are along Borromeo and Magallanes St .  (back road of Metro Gaisano)

Big malls like SM and Ayala have big sales usually starting in June (opening of classes) and December, they markdown the prices to sell off the old products.


4. Housewares

Unitop – located at D. Jakosalem Street  offers the cheapest prices in housewares, lowest price kitchen utensils in fine quality. Just be careful on breakable things because it is very crowded there.

Price Sample : Mugs- P 15.00- P 70.00 prices differs on sizes and designs

Novo is located at next building from Unitop.  They have very cheap prices of curtains bedsheets and pillows. Novo also has nice unique, cheap kitchen utensils.

Prices: egg pan in flower and bear face shape P 35.00

             egg beater P 20.00

             spaghetti ladle P 10.00

5. Electronics

K Star – has very cheap electronics and cellphone parts, phone cases, and tablets. They also have head phones and every kind of charger you can think of.  Electronics in Philippines malls are RIDICULOUSLY over priced.  So its best to go to some of the small stores around K Star.

k star cebu travel shop

Unitop  also has some stores selling electronics on the first floor like Cherry mobile brands that are way cheaper compared to other phones and original phones they also sell fake samsung and other phones.

Joyo Marketing has mostly computer parts and accessories for sale. They also sell a few laptop and cds.

6. Fresh Vegetables & Meat

Carbon Market – on the evening until early morning at 6 o’clock. This is the place where vegetable vendor buy wholesale to resell to people from other small market around the city.  Carbon Market also sells chicken, pork, beef & mutton located at Magallanes St. Across San Jose  Recoletos Main Campus all meat are fresh because they slaughter the animals here and sell it that morning.

fresh vegetables and meat travel shop


fresh vegetables and meat travel shop carbon market

7.  Fresh Fish

Tabuan Market sells  dried and fresh fish.  Fish vendors buy the fishes per container and sell it retail to people.  All fishes sold here are fresh because it is also the fish port of Cebu City. All fishermen sells their fishes here.

fresh fish travel shop


           Lapu-lapu City – Opon Market and Saac Market is along the road of Brgy. Bankal

Cebu Home post

Cebu Home

home cebu kitchen dinning room

home cebu kitchen dinning room
Windy Hills
Banawa, Cebu City

The townhouse is ideally located by Banawa, Cebu City.  This Cebu Home is conveniently located within 10 minutes walk to Paseo Arcenas Banawa where you will find RCBC Bank, Rustan’s Supermarket, Yum Yum tree, Surfin’ Ribs and other restaurants.

The townhouse is very accessible to everything you need. It is less than 10 minutes drive away from private and public hospitals, Ayala mall, Robinsons Mall and Mango Square. Its location  never has a heavy traffic,  its not polluted, and or crowded. It is near to everything but you get  the peace and privacy of one of the best areas of Cebu.

*Title is ready for transfer of ownership

Cebu Home Specifications:

  • 4 BR –  master’s bedroom,  rooftop bedroom, 10 sqm bedroom and 18 sqm bedroom
  • All rooms have built in cabinets.
  • 4 T&B – ground floor and 2nd floor, t&b masters bedroom & rooftop
  • 1 Carpark Garage
  • 2 balconies – masters bedroom & rooftop

Cebu Home Features:

  • Long span pre-painted galvanized roof sheets
  • Structural steel for roof framing system
  • Anolok framed sliding windows and doors
  • Solid steel-reinforced concrete walls
  • Standard painted ceiling
  • Painted and sturdy room partitions
  • Ceramic tiled flooring for toilet and bath
  • Standard resident plumbing and electrical system
  • Polished wooden stairs
  • Concrete kitchen counter with stainless kitchen sink


Price: P 4,000,000.00

Point of Contact: Christy  

Mobile Number:  +63932- 701-2599

Landline:  (032) 260-8511


Things to do in Pampanga

Things to do in Pampanga

Tired of Clubbing and bar hopping in Angeles?

Pampanga is sorounded with beautiful mountains and rich agriculture. It has other things to offer except the ‘Walking Street of Angeles girls. The town welcomes couples and families  to visit the tourist attractions and check out their famous “Kapampangan delicacies’’ that are worth trying for an unforgettable spicy food experience.


things to eat pampanga

things to eat pampanga


Things to do in Pampanga :

elkabayo clark pampanga-resto

elkabayo clark pampanga-resto

1. El Kabayo Riding Stables

horseback riding, tours, training for horse back riding.

elkabayo clark pampanga
elkabayo clark pampanga

According to the El Kabayo Riding Stables website you can ride “in the picnic ground or forest trail, calesa rides, group or family camp-out, evening cook-out, horseback riding lessons, and much more.”



El Kabayan Horseback Riding Prices

  • P 250.00/Person Riding Tour
  • P 350.00/Horse/Thirty (30) Minutes
  • P 650.00/Horse/Sixty (60) Minutes

El Kabayan Carriage Rental (3-4 Persons) 

  • P 475.00/Carriage Tour
  • P 750.00/Carriage Rental/30 Minutes
  • P 1,300.00/Carriage Rental/1 Hour

Group Horseback Riding Rates (Minimum of 10)

  • P225.00/Person Riding Tour
  • P325.00/Horse/Thirty (30) Minutes
  • P625.00/Horse/Sixty (60) Minutes

Address: Gil Puyat Avenue corner Panday Pita, Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines

Phone:+63 45 499 0920  More Info

2. Puning Hot Spring – enjoy a dip at the spring

puning hotsping

puning hotsping


Package Price: Php 1,800/pax (minimum of 5 pax)
Day tour trip only
8:00 am – last trip 3:00 pm


– FOOD/LUNCH(buffet style)

black eyed puning

black eyed puning

Rice, Pork BBQ, Pork Adobo, Fried Chicken, Egg, Omelet,
Pancit Canton, Chopseuy, Vegetable Salad and Chicken Soup.

BASE CAMP (1st Station)
– Office receiving area
– Restaurant
– 4×4/ Local guide starting point

SAND SPA (2nd Station)
– Sand steam area
– Mud pack area
– Use of towels/shirt/short /gown
– Shower area
– Rest room/locker

HOT SPRING (3rd Station)
– 11 hot spring pool
– 2 warm pool
– Cottages/rest room
– Shower area
– Open sauna steam

Puning Hot Spring & Restaurant is the thermal springs along Sacobia River where temperatures range from 40 degrees to 70 degrees. The surrounding area looks like burning furnace as smoke endlessly billows from mountain crevices. It’s also scientifically tested by the Dept. of Science and Technology (DOST) as a results show zero cauliform and pH level at neutral 7.5 pH.

Address: Sitio Target, Brgy., Sapang Bato, 2009 Angeles City, Philippines

Phone: +63 919 339 2795

3. Mount Pinatubo Sky tours – There are a few tours that offers sky tours for Pinatubo

Pinatubo tour

Package A – Mt. Pinatubo Sky tour

round trip A/C van transfer from Manila
service of a tour coordinator
6-10 passengers: Php6,500/person
3-5 passengers: Php7,500/person
2 passengers: Php9,500/person
1 passenger: Php12,000

Omni Aviation Offers Pinatubo Sky Tour

5,000.00 per person in  a four-seater Cessnar aircraft   Tel: +6345/ 892 6664  or 599 5524

Inquire at the travel agencies for more infos.

4. Another thing to do in pampanga is the Hot Air Balloon festival in Clark that happens every february.

coutesy of

courtesy of

Where to eat?

1. Sm mall – they have plenty of restaurants at sm mall. Walk around to check the options. It has a big foodcourt where you can taste Pampanga delicacies and other filipino cuisines.

2. Fastfood – McDonalds , Jollibee and other fastfood restaurants are located inside Sm mall. Both of these fastfood restaurants also has branches by the Walking Street.

3. Korean/Japanese Restaurants – there are many Korean/ Japanese Restaurants lined up beside the main road on the way to Angeles from the airport.

 Warning: Do not eat at the restaurant of the fancy Grand Lewis Hotel. Food sucks. Really.


For people who like to gamble, here are the list of Casinos:

 1. Casino Filipino Angeles

2.Casino Filipino Mimosa

3. Fontana Casino

4. Hotel Stotsenberg’s Casablanca Casino

Kind of Transportation:

1. Private Cars – Hotel Cars  P 350.00

2. Jeepneys –  P 8.00 fare

3. Pedicabs- P 70.00- P 100.00 per ride

4. Buses –  fare differs depends on  the travel distance


1 4 5 6 7 8