ladyboys While Traveling to South East Asia

its hard to detect lady boys

its hard to detect lady boys

Ladyboys While Traveling to South East Asia

Congratulations WORLD!! Congrats for LBGT !!  Great Job USA!!  ladyboys While Traveling to South East Asia one of the most amazing phenomenons you will see is that transformation of men into women.  I say it’s amazing because sometimes transsexual (especially) ladyboys are actually very attractive and its extremely hard to tell just by looking.

In the case of Thailand, lesbian, gay, bi, trans is accepted that many there don’t think anything of it.  In fact, the top “ladyboy” is considered more beautiful and feminine than a straight woman!  The Philippines also have many ladyboys although its not as accepted as in Thailand.  But both countries are a very interesting place.

 The danger is when ladyboys try to deceive straight guys.

Tips on how to spot it:

1.   Adam’s Apple – it is one of the top signs of being a guy. So when you are meeting the a woman always check if there’s an Adam’s apple.

2.   Broad Shoulders – Look for broad shoulders and narrow hips.  This is a turn on to some guys.  Its a feature that is normally lacking in women.

3.   Tone of voice –  Some women have deep voices, this is true.  So really its the combination of deep voice with every thing else.  As sweet, loving filipina ladyboy will have a small submissive voice.  Voice alone is not enough.

4.   Muscular Arms – women don’t normally have very large upper body builds even if they are very strong.

5.   How they walk – a sexy ladyboy can walk sexier than your sexiest woman.  However, not all are born with this skill.  So watch the sway of the hips.  If they are overdoing it like a model with a ‘’catwalk on the streets’’ it might be a ladyboy.

6.   Extra – Nastiness – While its not ALL ladyboys, but SOME really ladyboys let their testosterone get out of hand and forget about the subtle estrogen that makes woman so mysterious on their sexual needs.


Travel Warning Manila

Travel Warning Manila

This is a travel warning to anyone going into Manila International Airport:  Beware of thieves and extortionist when you arrive in the Philippines.

Although Manila has many things to do and see there is a lot of corruption there.  In my opinion, Manila is a poor representation of Filipinos because many people that I met in Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, Cagiun were cool.

I have noticed that most overcrowded cities are full of mean, unhappy, people in a rush to go nowhere.  Many people in Manila are not actually from Manila but came from other towns.  So if you ask directions you will notice that only few people are familiar of streets & avenues around the city.

Metro Manila has developed a lot over the years.  Make sure you have a map or better yet a gps to help you get around the city.

An experience I had in Manila Airport:

A taxi driver service tried to rip me off the minute I got into Manila.  I came in on Ninoy Aquino International Airport and needed to go to Cebu.  An older gentlemen told me that I need to go to Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4.  Since I am familiar with the lies, deceit, corruption and hustling that goes on in Manila, I did not immediately trust this well dressed gentleman.  Since I had NO idea where to go, I followed him and thanked him as he offered to put my luggage toward a waiting taxi.  He spoke a quick phrase of Tagalog.. too fast for me to catch the few words I knew.

He ushered me in the cab on its way to Manila Domestic from Ninoy Aquino and then had the crazy audacity to ask for a tip.  I don’t know what the custom is in the Philippines, but in the US its rude.  Tips are earned by good service, gratuity is expect for waitresses.

“100 pesos.. no, thats to small in my country.  500 pesos.. yeah.. thats about right”.

Since I could not be bothered to take 2 minutes to know the conversion of dollar to peso BEFORE I got to Manila, I was hustled for a 10 dollar tip.  The mother fuckin’ taxi drive laughed and the clean cut Filipino man shut my door to send me on my way.

At that moment I realized I am a dumb American about to be led to god knows where.  The taxi driver smiled with a little small talk, “where you from?”  “where you going?”  “on business?”  At this point I was pissed off.  My answers were short, cold as I began to work up the nerve to punch this guy in the face or fight my way out of any awaiting ambush.  I kept thinking of his laugh at my HUGE tip.

By the grace of god, the taxi driver took me to the right place.  “That will be 500 pesos,” he said with a straight face.  500 pesos for a 5 minute ride.

“Are you trying to hustle me?”  I asked him.

“No, sir.  Thats the price.”

“I will give you 150.  You know,”  I said.  “I am here to spend money and enjoy your country.  I am a guest.  If you treat tourists like this.. no one will come here.”

He gave a nervous smile.  I paid him and I got out.

“Welcome to the Philippines,” I thought.


Travel Warning Manila

Chief Saballa my old boss, a Filipino-American, gave me a warning about roaming around Manila alone.  “Foreigners in Manila.. even me, have to be careful.  You should not go alone.  And definitely don’t walk around alone and drunk.”

Another bit of advice about Manila, I have gotten from several people is to watch out for the street kids.


“I saw a kid cut out a guys back pocket and take a wallet,” — and old co-worker

“Allows put your money in your sock just incase they take your wallet” — old boss

“Put your wallet in the front.. NEVER in the back pocket” — girlfriend

“poor kids?  No.. they will rob you.. you have to watch out”  — friend

“You give those kids money. YOu know what they do with it.. They give it to a handler” — girlfriend

Tip:  ‘’Always walk fast, ignore the kids and any strangers.

s and any strangers.

Camotes Island

Camotes Island is a very affordable vacation spot frequented by people from all over the Philippines.  Filipinos love it because it has so much to offer.  There are caves, a lake, beautiful beaches with white sands, hotels, and not as many drivers and tourist guides trying to lure you into pricey deals.  All of this is available at a fraction of the price you would pay in famous islands like Palawan, Bohol or Boracay.

Santiago Bay is one of the more popular places in Camotes that has the hotel accommodations.


Hotels Located in Santiago Bay, San Francisco Camotes, Cebu City:

1. Santiago Bay Beach Resort – rates start from P1,000.00 – P 5,000.00

camotes santiago bay

2. Bellavista Hotel -P 1,300.00 overnight stay

camotes Bella Vitsa Hotel

Camotes island consists of three main towns:

1. Poro

2. Tudela

3. San Francisco

*Pilar is the fourth town of Camotes but its separated from the island. People need to ride on a boat to reach this neighboring town because there’s no bridge built to connect them.

There are 3 small Restaurants Located in Santiago Bay, Camotes:

1. Pito’s Sutokil


2. Nena’s Grill and Drinks

Camotes Nena's Grill & Drinks

3. Rees’ Sizzling and Seafood Restaurant

camotes rees'

These restaurants have a few rooms to stay although there’s NO AIR CONDITIONING and private bathroom.

Disadvantage of Camotes

The biggest disadvantage of the island’s hotels is that there’s no wifi and they only have 1 cell tower, its Globe Telecom.

My Camotes Journal

*Jeepney to Port*

On Thursday morning January 24, 2013, I woke up early for my trip to camotes. I rode a jeepney from the mall at the back street of A.S Fortuna. Mandaue. Luckily, the driver sent me directly to the port but they usually drop off the passengers in the terminal. The jeepney routes have now changed. It used to be across Jollibee in A.s. fortuna branch.

Jumalia Shipping trips were cancelled on Jan. 23, 2013 so I had to take a pump boat on the way to Sonog Port.

Outrigger Style Boat (terrifying)

Travelling in the passenger pump outrigger style boat is quite shaky and sometimes scary especially if its raining with big waves in the sea. In the middle of my travel in the wavy sea, I was getting bored yawning looking at the water when I saw a dolphin beside the bamboo ama of the boat! I was very excited and happy seeing more group of dolphins!

Upon arriving, the small boat had a hard time departing because of the big waves. The locals had to help the boatmen pull the rope and successfully tie it on the rocks.

It was continually shaking so I ran fast from the plank to get down from the boat. It was already passed 5 O’clock when I arrived. I hired a driver to send me to a resort to stay for the night.

camotes dock

Sonog port


A Tour Of Camotes

He offered me a tour for a cheap price since we would pass the tourist spots on the way to the hotel. There were three top tourist places I wanted to see in Camotes: A cave, an untouched,very white sand beach and a big lake.

There are many other places to see in Camotes. Places to visit :

1. Timubo Cave – P 15.00 entrance

Camotes Tamubo Cave

2. Bakhaw beach – P 10.00 entrance

Camotes Bakhaw

3. Lake Danao – P 15.00 entrance

Camotes Lake Danao

4. Bukilat Cave

5. Holy Crystal Cave

6. Tulang Diot


7. Taliwang Bas

8. Mangodlong Rock Resort

As the tour finished, we headed to the resort for my overnight stay in Santiago Bay beach.

As I had a long tiring day, I went to bed early.

The Santiago Bay beach has a very wide beach with white sand.

I started swimming quickly even if the water is only up to knee. After an hour, it was time for breakfast, and a cup of coffee. I took pictures while waiting for the food.

After eating, it was time to pack and check out from the hotel room to catch the afternoon boat trip from Jumalia Shipping, a cargo ship. I felt safer because I didn’t feel it shaking so much from inside while resting in my seat. What I learned is to never travel by sea if there’s a nearby typhoon around Visayas area because its really dangerous.


1. Jeepney fare Mandaue -Danao. – P 30.00

2.PumpBoat fare Danao -Sonog – P 180.00

3. Terminal fee – P 5.00

4. Tour + fare to Santiago bay – P 400.00

5. Fare from Santiago bay to port – P 50.00

6.Jumalia shipping boat fare – P 200.00

7. Terminal fee -P 5.00

8. Jeepney fare Danao -Mandaue. – P 30.00

Camotes Boat

Camotes Danao Boat Schedule

Things to do in Cebu City

Things to do in Cebu City

What to do in Cebu City?

cebu cityCebu is is the second capital of the Philippines which is also called as the Queen City of the south. The city is surrounded with the nearby beautiful islands for diving & snorkeling off the shore of white sand beaches.

You can go to whatever beach you want.  It just depends on your budget and how far want to travel.  The budget will determine the accommodations and it ranges from very cheap prices of resort to luxurious resort location on paradise islands.

A little Cebu History

cebu city Rajah HumabonMore than 300 years ago, Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan came to introduce Christianity to  Rajah Humabon (, the leader of Cebu City . Magellan made a cross as a symbol of their friendship that now became one of the tourist spot in Cebu.  Today, this is a popular tourist spot in Cebu City known as Magellan’s Cross Cebu city Magellan's Cross.


Magellan’s Cross is not the only place to visit in Cebu.

Other places to visit  are the following:

Lapu-Lapu Shrine – Statue of the warrior Datu Lapu-Lapu, a native leader who defeated Spanish soldiers.cebulapulapu

Parian Monument – cement, steel, collage depicting the Cebu heritage built right on the original Plaza Parian in Cebu City.Parian Monument

Yap Ancestral House – One of the oldest existing structural residential houses in the Philippines located in the Parian District of Cebu City.

cebu city

Skywalk and edge Coaster of Crown Regency Hotel Fuente Osmena – Roller coaster attraction built on the tallest building in Cebu.

cebu city crown regeny coaster

Sto. Nino Cathedral – Oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines.

Sto. Nino Cathedral cebu citty things to do

Fort San Pedro – Military fort built by Spanish and indigenous Cebuano labourers under the command of Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in the 18th Century.

ft san pedro cebu city

Museo Sugbo – Cebu Provincial Museum located in Cebu City.

museo sugbo cebu city                                              from totally

Casa Rosario – house built in the mid-19th century in the historic Parian district of Cebu City.

cebu city Casa Rosario                                              tripvisor – casa rosario

Taoist Temple – 1972, the Cebu Taoist Temple

taoist temple cebu city

Tops – popular observation deck that offers romantic views of the city.

cebu city tops                                              Cebu City, Tops

Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Cebu City

Sinulog Festival in Cebu City

The most Interesting to see in Cebu City is the Sinulog Festival that happens only once a year every third Sunday of January, where cebuanos and participants from different provinces joins for the contest of dances with colorful glittered costumes. This dance contest celebration started for the worship of people for Senior Sto Nino the son of God.

source: filipino star news

Places to eat

If you are curious to try Filipino food, here is the list of restaurants with delicious variety of food:

Golden Courie  – located at  lahug and in ayala mall

Abuhan Restaurant– located at IT park and ramos St.

Mr. A – located on top of the mountain . overview of cebu city while eating

AA’s Barbecue – located beside the plaza independencia and Mabolo

Joe’s Chicken – for tasty chicken barbecue with cheap price

Jerry’s Grill – ayala and sm mall

Mang Inasal – Colon, E-mall, Sm mall, Grand mall Lapu-Lapu, La Nueva Lapu-Lapu, Gaisano Mactan &                                                                                                                                                                     Gaisano Tabunok

Lantaw Restaurant – located at Cordova Cebu City, seaview restaurant

Sutukil Restaurant– located in Opon and Mactan Area

American food and other type of cuisines are available around the city.

This is just a small list of things to do while visiting the Queen City of the South.  Each of these things offer rich culture for very little money and in many cases free.  If you are not Filipino you may catch a lot of stares from the locals however you will find most people their are ok and even accustom to different faces.
Types of Transportation:
1. Jeepneys – P 8.00
2. KMK buses – route is Sm – Talisay City /vice versa- fare is P 20.00
3. Cabs -meter starts at P 40.00, average fare around the city is less than P 100.00

Bohol Tour

A Perfect Dying AfternoonI have been travelling to Bohol for my job since 2008 but I only got the time to go on a tour this year to the Island. Bohol is a very memorable experience that everyone must try. Its really a great feeling to be on top of Chocolate Hills. I never knew what people were talking about until I saw for myself the beauty and majesty of those popular hills in Bohol.

Bohol Chocolate Hills I always thought all the talk was an exaggeration. People called them “Chocolate Hills” because they look like chocolate in the summer..  I thought it was a myth.  But I saw it for myself.  Its true.  While standing on top of one of those hills, I feel like I am in a factory full of giant chocolates around me. It turns into a brown color as the grasses die and starts to grow again on during the rainy seasons.

There are now 3 popular tour packages which are very affordable. Countryside tour is what I’ve chosen.. Part of the Countryside tour was seeing the Tarsier Sanctuary.

Bohol Tarsier SanctuaryTarsiers are cute little monkeys with big eyes and very tiny with a long tail. They are nocturnal animals which needs to rest during daytime.  During the tour, it is not allowed to be noisy because they are asleep on the trees. Tourist guides accompany the tourists from the entrance up to the exit of that the forest area. I hope that they can be more strict so that the abusive tourists won’t interrupt the tarsiers just to capture good pictures of them.

Another place to visit of on the Countryside tour is the Loboc River Cruise, it is beautiful when you ride on the boat at night time full of bright lights passing. The food in their buffet has limited less options though. There is another river cruise in the town of Loay too, just ask and the driver to go there instead of Loboc river.The trip is a whole day so you can drop by in between to have lunch there.

Bohol Loay River Cruise Loay is cheaper and offers more food to choose from seafoods to Filipino cuisine.  It stops by a tribe that gives a show for tourist. You can also wear costumes like what they wear for picture purposes.

Other Bohol tour packages offered are the Panglao Tour and the Island Tour. One spots of the Island tour is the Balicasag Island for diving.

Tourism is booming in Bohol so people made it their main livelihood. They now have a lot of transportation availability for the land and island tours which makes the competition very high. So now, they made the prices even cheaper to get the guests and customers.

TOUR Packages:
1. Countryside Tour
Van  (10-14 persons) –  P 2,000- P 2,500.00
Car (2-4 persons)       –  P 1,500- P 2,000.00
Hanging Bridge . Chocolate hills . Billar man-made forest . Tarsier Conservation . Butterfly Garden . Baclayon Church . Prony the Snake . Blood Compact . Loboc River Cruise . Loay River Cruise
2. Panglao Tour
Van  (10-14 persons) –  P 1,800.00
Car (2-4 persons)       –  P 1,500.00
Hinagdanan cave . Mag- aso Falls . Bayoyoy the smallest man . Bohol Bee Farm. Panglao White Sand Beach
3. Island Tours
Balicasag Island . Virgin Island . Dolphin Watching

Tour Contact Person: Feliciano Agta

Mobile Number : +639177198291


Loboc River Cruise Ride and Buffet : P 650.00

Loay River Cruise and Buffet           : P 350.00

Philippines boracay island

travel to boracay

sillouette boracay

Philippines boracay island is the top tourist destination in the with kilometers of white sand beaches.  It is very clean with crystal clear water. Its very hot there though the island is shaded by the the trees.

Boracay has many souvenir shops, boutiques and one big mall next to the shore called D’mall located on Station 1. It has everything, from seafood restaurants, traditional Filipino food, ice cream and desserts.  There are many shops to buy fliptops and beach attire.

philippines boracay island

It’s a paradise full of music and parties. Boracay is known not only for its island’s beauty but also for its nightlife. Being on that beach feels like you’re in the city but with all the comfort of island life. There are many lights, restobars, bands playing music on every corner, and a wide selection of food. Most people I’ve seen are young individuals who are into party and a relaxation at the same time away from home. Many hotels are found also right on the beachfront that range from P 3,000.00 and above.

While walking by the shore. There are many people that offers island and land tours. They sometimes bother the tourists so much and blocking the way to get your attention so if you’ve already had the tours or not interested in it you will just have to ignore it completely and act like you haven’t heard or seen anyone along the way so they won’t pursue on offering and talking. We took a land tour to Dreamland. It was full of fun and we rode on ATV bikes. Each trip has a tourist guide for assistance. The ATV stops on 3 spots with the last spot is on the  top of a mountain, it has a big telescope for viewing the whole island of Boracay. We also went for a cart ride and it’s really not that enjoyable for the beginners when you keep hitting the tires beside the road.

philippines boracay island


Anyone can easily reach the island without so much hassle. You can travel either by plane or by ship. There are direct international flights from neighboring countries via Kalibu Aklan Airport and domestic flights as well in Caticlan Airport. Upon arriving, you will need to ride on the pedicab to reach the port. The pedicab is the main transportation of the island which cost about P 100. Then enter inside to get your ticket for the boat. It cost P 100.00, its kinda shaky because it is small but its not dangerous. When you reach the island, you need to ride on the pedicab again and tell the driver if which station you wish to go: Station 1, 2 or 3. But station one is where everything is.


Dreamland Park

1. ATV RIDE — P 800.00

2. KART RIDE – P 700.00

photo by:


Lapu-lapu nightlife

trip to lapu lapuOne friday afternoon, after buying early Christmas gifts for my family, I got a dinner invitation from my sister that lives in Lapu-lapu, Cebu.

I live in the middle of the town so I had to travel by van from SM Mall on the way to her house.  I asked her to cook my most favorite dish, ”porksinigang”.  We had a good sinigang dinner and I started feeling restless.  I’ve been curious about the  Lapu- lapu nightlife.  Then our close friend sent a text  about going out to party for the night.

After such a big meal, I told her that was not sure about going out.  But she insisted and another friend would not take “no” for an answer.   After midnight, I got out of bed started to take a shower and quickly got dressed. While on the way to the newly built, popular club in town.

We first stopped by a hangout place with light music , a pool table on the ground floor, a small karaoke room and a restobar on the second floor.  It was called ”BFK.



Next , we went to the ‘Club Lotus’ .  It looks nice from outside and has a small parking lot for motorbikes on the front.  The entrance fee is P100.00 with a one drink minimum.  They have a wide variety of drinks.  The club was not too crowded. There were a few black young people who’s in the club  (students that are studying here , I don’t know which exactly the countries they are from but I know they’re not from US from how they dress up).

Most of the crowd came with group of friends and lovers . Girls were not aggressive in hooking up. They play different types of music from hip-hop to reggae to disco and techno. The club has a variety of drinks you can choose from and a menu selection for food. After getting tipsy, we decided to go home. As we walk outside and look around, I saw another club that is next to Sinangag station (a Filipino restaurant). I asked my sis what goes on in that club. Its called Face Club.

lapu lapu face bar

a very bad picture of face bar in lapu lapu

She said its an acoustic restobar with typical Filipino style, nice ambiance and not a very loud music. They play some regular music from the DJ after the bands finish their set of songs.  I really had a great time that night and I was able to discover a new hang out places though they were not classy, they were nice. Something new and different than what happens on the midtown. As will many clubs in Cebu, I saw hookers outside, but not as aggressive as other places I have been.  I also saw them hanging out around the bathrooms of the Lotus club to freshen up and retouch makeup.

Lapu-lapu nightlife doesn’t have too many clubs but it still worth checking if you live or stay in that area.

Mantayupan Falls


A picture of Mantayupan Falls

Bored of the city, I had the thought of exploring the place of where I was born, Cebu.

One morning, I decided to go for a tour to the furthest areas away from the city to get a new experience of the province. I thought that it would be romantic and adventurous because I will be spending the day with the love of my life while traveling. My close friend had told me about the  Mantayupan falls. We’d passed through it and I thought of stopping by to check it out because Kawasan falls was under under nature preservation program that time and they were only allowing Kawasan falls Marathon runners.  It was not that far from the city. The falls is located in Barangay Campanga, Municipality of Barili less than 100 kilometers away from the Cebu City.

How to get to Mantayupan Falls:

From Cebu City South Bus Terminal, seek for the bus that has a sign Cebu Via BATO Barili to take you to Mantayupan falls. The fare cost P 70.00 make sure you tell the driver to drop you off in Shamrock Barili.

The people have really made use of Mantayupan falls by making a livelihood out of it. They’ve planted crops on the rice fields next to the falls and made a fish pond where guests are welcome to go fishing and cook the fishes they catch. They sell it for less than P200 per kilo. They also made a mini- hydro electric power system for the town which they have benefited from for more than a decade.

From the main road, we hired a motorbike driver to send us to the falls. The fare had cost P25.00 per person.  When we arrived to Mantayupan falls, I didn’t expect that it would be a very memorable experience for us. We paid for the entrance fee which was P15.00 each to get inside. I was surprised when we got to the falls because it was very beautiful, very high and looks so natural. The locals had took care of it well and didn’t build any cottages around it. The water was freezing cold even if it was noon time.

BE CAREFUL!  If you walk on the rocks of the falls, you need to be careful of the slippery, moss covered rocks. Its so dangerous and you can slip any time if you don’t walk slowly and watch your step. Do not even think of jumping from the top of the falls to the water grounds because it is too high and it all consists of rocks around it. It is really not allowed. Now, for the safety of the people swimming on the falls, wearing a life jacket has become mandatory. The Cooperative who’s managing the entire place are providing the life jacket with P10.00 rental. They have some chairs and umbrellas for rent for as low as P 150.00. For convenience, if you’re taking a car, they have a parking area too . Parking fee costs P 20.00.

Malapascua Island

Located on the North of Cebu Philippines is the beautiful Malapascua island that is full of beautiful palm trees.  This palm tree filled paradise can be a great adventure with friends or a relaxing experience with family or lovers.

Malapascua island’s natural beauty is preserved well by the natives. The seaweed remains mostly  untouched which makes  the water look greenish.The coral reef is the most interesting to see. It’s a perfect place to go diving and snorkeling.  The coral reef is vibrant and colorful. Underwater, you will see fishes,seahorses, sea urchin, squid and snakes with a rainbow color

on their bodies. I’ve discovered that squids are not only delicious on plates but also really fun to watch in their natural habitat.

Despite the green color, the water is very clear and its only one and half meter above the sea (low tide), you could easily see all the creatures even if you don’t snorkel.

Malapascua has 3 spots underwater:

  1. Garden Corals
  2. Japanese Shipwreck
  3. Cliff under the sea

How to get there:

From Cebu City, ride a cab and tell the driver to go to North Bus Terminal. When you get there, check the yellow big buses that has a sign marked ‘’MayaBagay’’. That will take you to the end of Cebu North. The time of travel will be 4-5 hours and the fare will be 100 peso.  When you arrive there, you will see the boats in line beside the port. Ask the boatmen if which one is going to Malapascua. They put 25 pesos on their signs there for boat fares but they actually charge more. The fare would be 100 pesos and the travel time will be an hour. Upon arriving there, you won’t have to worry on getting a hotel room because there are a lot of resorts right on the beach to choose from according to your choice of convenience and budget or you could do an online booking too to ensure of getting one before the date of travel.


  1. It’s ideal to travel on summertime. January-April. for safety on boat travel. Because rainy seasons in the Philippines means typhoons. So the sea will have strong winds and big waves.
  2. Its better to travel early morning to ride on the bus by 6 or 7am. Travelling early will not be too dusty since there are less vehicles. They don’t have air-conditioned  buses on going there.
  3. Do not entertain the dispatchers on the North Bus terminal as they may lead you to the private van which cost very expensive than the regular bus transportation, plus they will ask you money from carrying your bags 5-10 meters away from the bus.





Daan Bantayan


serenity of Bantayan Island

My boyfriend and I escaped for the day to a little known beaches of Bantayan Island.  Although it is not Boracay, but it does have beautiful powder like sand and nice accommodations.  We held walked down the beach at noon and made love by the light of our moonlit dinner.

It was not luxurious but it was definitely romantic for us.  We did not have to spend a lot of money, but we were able to have one of the most memorable times of our relationship at Bantayan Islands.

If you are looking for a simple, quiet time without the typical tourist crowd, try Bantayan.

This beach is near one of the towns of Daan Bantayan Island.  This town and is known for a Catholic Church there that has a big feast that allows Christians to eat pork during the Holy Week. *Some Christians believe that eating pork during this holy days is prohibited and  is a sin base on the Roman Catholic Religion.


From Cebu City, it is 3 hours by buss (2 hrs by private vehicle) plus one hour by boat

To reach the town of Daan Bantayan, you need to go to the North Bus Terminal and ride in either the regular non aircon bus or for a better convenient ride they have a bigger and more comfortable seats in an aircon buses. Buses have sign that says  Daan Bantayan. The ride will take 3 hours to reach the port of those cargo boats that take passengers to STA. Fe where the white sand beaches are located.

 Worried of a place to stay? No need to worry coz you wont encounter problems when it comes to accommodation.
Upon arriving at the Sta fe Daan Bantayan port, their are locals that will ask and offer resort deals and packages or you can choose any of those resorts by that same beach because its just walking distance.  If it is peak season , its better to make an advance booking before traveling to the place so you wont have a hard time seeking for one when you reach there. The room rates of the beach resorts are from 1500-5000 pesos. There are more places to stay like guest houses and inns less than a kilometer away from the beach suited for travelers that are on a tight budget..

Some of the resorts offers motorbike rental for as low as P 100.00 per hour.

Sta fe is a small town , so an hour to drive around would be enough to see the whole place. There’s nothing much to see on the town except the park and their church.


photo by:

Paolo Marco

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