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kamayan (eating with hands) filipino culture One of the great things about being married to a Filipina is experiencing culture through the delicious Filipino food. You may have heard of lumpia and adobo but have you heard of Kamayan?!?

Kamayan is not just food it is an experience. 1st we have to get all the ingredients for Kamayan. You can’t get this stuff from Walmart or Safeway. You have to go to a local Asian market that specializes in produce and spices in South East Asia.

They have things like Bok Choy and bitter melon that we need for making Kamayan. The next step is to cook it. This is the hard part but luckily Yuri is an expert. Seriously, she is like a chef. She says Kamayan is pretty hard to make. It takes a long time because there is so much preparation. Lots of cutting, boiling, frying, grilling… well at least the way she does it. Some people are too afraid to even try anything different even though the married someone from another culture. That is weird to me because they are missing out on an opportunity to see through someone else’s eyes. Taste textures from another part of this human experience. It is an opportunity to build a bridge and be apart of something bigger, but some people would rather build a wall and sacrifice freedom for what is familiar. Kamayan is an opportunity to embrace the filipino culture with your bare hands.


Music by Kevin Macleod


living abroad black: YuriBruce Interview Dr Mike TV

How is it living abroad black? We talk to a black Expat who lived 10 years in the Philippines! How was life there? Why was he there so long?

Check out Dr. Mike TV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwYN9VUyKd3d0t9U9Lx-CHA

#yuribruce had a nice talk with #drMikeTV. A black American that actually grew up in the Philippines. We talk about life and love abroad.

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/yuribruce yuribruce.com / yuribruce (fb)

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Foreigner Working in Philippines

Check out RobTV and Michelle here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC_t

Rob is a Foreigner Working in the Philippines. It is rare but some manage to do it. We got to talk to rob about his journey from NYC to the Philippines. Rob and Michelle are a black and asian couple living in Manila.

We asked him what it is like living in the Philippines as a foreigner, how does the family treat him, how did he get a job there, does he plan to come back to the US, why didn’t he live in the US with his wife.


Asturias and Tuburan Cebu travel

Asturias and Tuburan Cebu travel

travel to Asturias and Tuburan cebu. today is my father’s bday and he really wants me to be there on his special day. so as a good daughter I have to be there no matter how tired I am. I  was also able.to meet some of my relatives there. overall it was a fulfilling day. happy bday pa!

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