Philippines tourism top 10 tourist destinations

Philippines tourism Top 10 Tourist Destinations

1. Banaue Rice Terraces is a masterpiece. It was previously listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

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2. Boracay Island is like a smaller Miami Beach of the Philippines. It has a very fine  powder like white  sand.

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3. Bohol

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is where the smallest monkey Tarsiers live. It also has a small version of Boracay called Alona Beach. Chocolate Hills of Bohol is one of the Must see tourist attraction in the Philippines. It is very unique and very beautiful.



4. Palawan is where the underground river is located,Tubbataha Reef Marine Parkand El Nido white sand beaches.

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5. Cebu is rich in diving spots, beaches, islands (Malapascua , Bantayan) and  historical places.

ayala mall

ayala mall

6. Manila has many tourist attractions, US embassy , MOA – the biggest mall in Asia and opportunities for investments.

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The Fortress of Intramuros

7. Davao is famous for its durian fruit.  It smells weird but it taste good. Davao has many tourist spots and is a very clean city with a strict ordinance. 

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8. Vigan also known as ‘ The Old City’ with 150 stone houses built during the Spanish era.

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9. Camarines Sur (Camsur) province is located in Bicol Region. It has lots of beautiful beaches and islands.

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10. Baguio City is one top destination of local tourists. Philippines has a very hot climate and only Baguio City has a cold temperature that filipinos want to experience.

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country code philippines

Country code Philippines

If you are traveling around the Philippines you may eventually need to call out or have someone call in.  Whatever the case, you may want to take a look at the country codes of the Philippines and maybe zip codes.

The country code of the Philippines is 63.  Here are other additional information of zip codes and phone area code in some cities .

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Alona Beach

Alona beach is located at Panglao Island, Bohol. It is like a mini white sand Boracay beach. Alona beach is way less crowded than the other tourist destinations in the Philippines. There are many restaurants, bars and hotels right next by the seashore.  Many filipinos and foreigners love Alona beach because it is more peaceful.  It is also not polluted. Tourists should come visit and experience the fun tours offered by Bohol Island because it has so many popular sights to enjoy. Alona beach is also near from Cebu City and very accessible by fastcraft for 2 hours ride from Cebu.  

Alona Beach

Once you get to the island of Bohol, Alona is half an hour drive by a van, car or a pedicab from Tagbilaran Port. It cost about P 500.00 roundtrip during if bought a day or 2 before the trip and P 800.00 for one way trip on the day of purchase. A cab or a van from tagbilaran- Alona beach will cost P 500.00 while a pedicab and motorbikes fare would be P 200.00- P 300.00.

There are plenty of hotels  and guest houses by alona beach Some are pretty expensive but some are very affordable around P 1200- P 1750.00. From Manila you can catch a plane to Tagbilaran City.


Few lists of Hotels by Alona Beach:

1. La playa Beach Resort

2. Lost Horizon Hotel

3. Alona Kew Hotel

4. Alona Tropical Beach resort

5. Oasis Resort

6. Cherry’s Home Too


Restobars/bars/Restaurants of Alona Beach:

1. Helmuts Place is owned by a swiss guy. mostly serves drinks but also has a special menu on selected food swiss cuisine.

2. Sierra Madre

3. Oops bar

4. Trendy Bar

5. Aims bar

6. Guseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast Italian Restaurant

As of this moment (3 months after a 7+ earth quake 2013), Bohol is still under reconstruction and the bridge connecting Panglao and Tagbilaran has been broken. The infrastructures and historical places are in the process of reconstruction. Hopefully early next year everything will be fix so the tourists can come visit again into Alona beach, historical churches, Loboc river and famous Chocolate Hills.

bohol news

As of 9 Dec 2013, the news in Bohol is grim.  Earthquake aftershocks are continuously occurring in the provinces of Bohol & Cebu as well as neighboring countries.  Bohol officials have also received information that looters from samar/leyte are starting to go to the island. The residences are warned to close their doors and guard their properties as there have been reports of people stealing, killing and raping women.  Electricity in the city of Cebu and Talisay are cut an hour a day to be distributed to the island of Bohol as construction continues.

Locals have not recovered yet from the natural disaster.  Government offices and businesses have not fully recovery operations yet.  Infrastructure is slowly being rebuilt. Some people have also moved out after the typhoon. All government related affairs are frozen until everything is fixed including the tourism of Bohol.   This includes the restoration of all the historical churches and other tourist spots that has been destroyed.  Aftershocks has been going on for almost 2 months now.  – abs- cbn news

Recent Bohol News: President Ninoy Aquino had released 1 billion pesos budget for the restoration and assistance for the people and its livelihood. Other countries have also donated millions of dollars to help rebuild the place. Hopefully everything will be back to how it was for the year 2014. People fear that the island will be divided from the mark the earthquake had left and for the continous aftershocks . Lets all pray that Bohol island can recover from everything that its going through now.  Philstar

Learn filipino basic words and phrases

Tagalog Cebuano Basic Words and Phrases

One of the best things you can do when traveling to another country is to learn to speak a few words of the native tongue.  I have done this in many countries and it works 90% of the time in making friends quickly.

Just the act of trying to speak a the local language will earn you MAJOR “cool points”!!  It shows respect, interest and love to the culture, especially in the Philippines.

Filipinos feel more comfortable and welcoming when a foreigner can speak a little Tagalog or bisaya (Cebuano language). The best way to build good relationships is to learn filipino words.

Here are the list of Tagalog Cebuano Basic words & phrases to help you out while in the Phils:



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10 Polite Tagalog Words/Phrases To Learn


1. Greetings

Magandang Umaga – Good morning’

Magandang Tanghali – Good noon

Magandang hapon – Good afternoon

Magandang Gabi – Good evening

2. Kumusta po kayo? – How are you?

3. Mabuti naman ako. – I am fine.

4. Salamat – Thank you

Maraming Salamat po – Thank you very much

5. Walang anuman   – You are welcome

6. Pwede pong magtanong? – May i ask a question?

7. Ano ang pangalan mo? – What is your name?

8. Saan ka nakatira? – Where do you live?

9. Maganda ka. – You are pretty.

Gwapo ka. – You are handsome.

10. Aalis na po ako. – I will go now.


5 basic words

1. Pagkain – Food

2. Tubig – Water

3. Uhaw – Thirsty

4. Gutom – Hungry

5. Sakay, sasakyan – ride, automobile



As you notice, most of the phrases and sentences have the word ‘po’ on it.

The word ‘po’ in Tagalog is use as a sign of your respect to the person and commonly use when talking to the older people.

10  Phrases/ sentences in Cebuano

Greetings in Cebuano

1.Maayung Buntag – Good morning

  Maayung udto – Good noon

  Maayung hapon – Good afternoon

  Maayung Gabie – Good Evening


2. Kumusta ka? – How are you?

3. Ok lang – I’m fine

4. Salamat – Thank you

  Salamat kaayu – Thank you very much

5. Walay sapayan – You’re welcome

6. Asa ka padung? – Where are you going?

7. Gwapa ka – You are pretty.

  Gwapo ka. – You are handsome.

8. Ka cute nimo. – You are so cute.

9. Asa ka nagpuyo? – Where do you live?

10. Unsay pangalan nimo? – What is your name?

5 basic Cebuano words

1. Pagkaon – Food

2. Tubig – Water

3. Uhaw – Thirsty

4. Gutom – Hungry

5. Sakay,sakyanan – ride, automobile

People in the city can understand and speak English so the communication is easier.  While some people in the provincial areas can barely speak English although they are very helpful and kind.

Bohol Tour

A Perfect Dying AfternoonI have been travelling to Bohol for my job since 2008 but I only got the time to go on a tour this year to the Island. Bohol is a very memorable experience that everyone must try. Its really a great feeling to be on top of Chocolate Hills. I never knew what people were talking about until I saw for myself the beauty and majesty of those popular hills in Bohol.

Bohol Chocolate Hills I always thought all the talk was an exaggeration. People called them “Chocolate Hills” because they look like chocolate in the summer..  I thought it was a myth.  But I saw it for myself.  Its true.  While standing on top of one of those hills, I feel like I am in a factory full of giant chocolates around me. It turns into a brown color as the grasses die and starts to grow again on during the rainy seasons.

There are now 3 popular tour packages which are very affordable. Countryside tour is what I’ve chosen.. Part of the Countryside tour was seeing the Tarsier Sanctuary.

Bohol Tarsier SanctuaryTarsiers are cute little monkeys with big eyes and very tiny with a long tail. They are nocturnal animals which needs to rest during daytime.  During the tour, it is not allowed to be noisy because they are asleep on the trees. Tourist guides accompany the tourists from the entrance up to the exit of that the forest area. I hope that they can be more strict so that the abusive tourists won’t interrupt the tarsiers just to capture good pictures of them.

Another place to visit of on the Countryside tour is the Loboc River Cruise, it is beautiful when you ride on the boat at night time full of bright lights passing. The food in their buffet has limited less options though. There is another river cruise in the town of Loay too, just ask and the driver to go there instead of Loboc river.The trip is a whole day so you can drop by in between to have lunch there.

Bohol Loay River Cruise Loay is cheaper and offers more food to choose from seafoods to Filipino cuisine.  It stops by a tribe that gives a show for tourist. You can also wear costumes like what they wear for picture purposes.

Other Bohol tour packages offered are the Panglao Tour and the Island Tour. One spots of the Island tour is the Balicasag Island for diving.

Tourism is booming in Bohol so people made it their main livelihood. They now have a lot of transportation availability for the land and island tours which makes the competition very high. So now, they made the prices even cheaper to get the guests and customers.

TOUR Packages:
1. Countryside Tour
Van  (10-14 persons) –  P 2,000- P 2,500.00
Car (2-4 persons)       –  P 1,500- P 2,000.00
Hanging Bridge . Chocolate hills . Billar man-made forest . Tarsier Conservation . Butterfly Garden . Baclayon Church . Prony the Snake . Blood Compact . Loboc River Cruise . Loay River Cruise
2. Panglao Tour
Van  (10-14 persons) –  P 1,800.00
Car (2-4 persons)       –  P 1,500.00
Hinagdanan cave . Mag- aso Falls . Bayoyoy the smallest man . Bohol Bee Farm. Panglao White Sand Beach
3. Island Tours
Balicasag Island . Virgin Island . Dolphin Watching

Tour Contact Person: Feliciano Agta

Mobile Number : +639177198291


Loboc River Cruise Ride and Buffet : P 650.00

Loay River Cruise and Buffet           : P 350.00