DimeTravel Trip to Bangkok – 2012

Going to Bangkok is an unforgettable experience.  Just visiting each of the temples around Bangkok felt like meditation itself.  Most of my experiences there were amazing.  So far, the Thai people were the most the most peaceful and kind that I have interacted with.  We were to Bangkok in 2012, and it was truly an unforgettable time.  The food was some of the best and most exotic we had ever had, we saw the temple of the Thai King and Queen, we saw the amazing ancient parts of SIAM.




5 Reasons to Go to Thailand

We LOOOOVE Thailand.  It is one of our favorite countries with some of our favorite cultures. We meet incredible people every time we visit and fall in love with it all each time.   There are 5 top reasons that you need to go to Thailand.

The people.  The people are super nice.  We did meet a few NOT so nice people.  But most of the people we met were awesome.

The Food.  The food is great.  One of the best places we ate at was street restaurant that served and very tasty menu.  If you go, you have to be adventurous with the foods.

The Party.  If you like to party, you will probably not want to leave Thailand.  There is a reason why one of the Hangover movies was made there.

The Temples.  We are not Buddhist, but we could feel the peaceful spirit of Buddism when we visited the temples.  The essence of Thailand is there in those temples.

The Women.  The women are so beautiful and diverse.  They are tall, short, voluptuous, sensuous, reserved, petite, nice, feisty.  They are probably the main reason there are so many foreigners visiting.


thai girls

Thai girls are amazing!  They look good, they smell good and they are probably the main reason that people even travel to thailand.  As discussed in a previous article about dating thai girls, many of my friends and coworkers traveled to Pattaya, Bangkok and Chang mai.  If you go to Thailand it is MANDATORY that you hook up with hot babes.

There is probably no better place to find a date in South East Asia than Thailand.  One of my co-workers traveled to Bangkok after a nasty divorce and found an amazing wife on the outskirts of the city.  They bought a house and had a healthy baby boy.  The only problem was that Thailand has so many other amazing “potential” wives that he could not stop finding “options”.  The last time I talked to him, he was still traveling there and hooking up with 2 or 3 women at once then going home to his Thai wife and kid when he was done.  According to him, it was ok because many Thai men have “options”.  I am not sure if that was true.  Needless to say he is not the most ethical guy I have ever met.  Many of the Thai women I have met have been the “jealous type”, so I don’t think his wife knew about his travels.   I am not condoning this type of behavior, I am just telling you what happened.

We met a beautiful French/Thai couple in Pattaya.  Physically very attractive by any standard.  They showed us the many clubs for possible hookups (and/or prostitutes) in Pattaya.  They were very nice to us and it was really a pleasure to have met them.

our friends from thailand

friends from thailand

Another group of guys I know are huge fans of Pattaya.  It is a little touristy and crowded for my tastes, but it’s really not bad for a vacation.  These guys would date several women in Pattaya.  Their routine was to find two or three per day!  And for a little money you could have more.  Is it dating if you have to pay?

If you are looking for something in the middle (not one night stands and only long term if things workout) then Thailand is still one of the best.  A friend of ours has dated a lawyer and a doctor in Bangkok!  There are many very successful women and men there to choose from.  The economy is one of the best in South East Asia.  Those with higher education tend to know English, French, Spanish or some other languages other than Thai.



Most of the thai people we met were amazingly nice people.  It’s very easy to find a date in Thailand no matter what you are looking for.  The biggest barrier seems to be language since most people don’t know any English.  This makes a long distance relationship almost impossible, so Thai ladies looking for a foreigner usually look for those that are already in Thailand.  Another thing is race.  Just like Filipino women, Thai people favor the nordic/European look.  Although many in South East Asia are obsessed with the European look, there are definitely exceptions, but not many.

Overall, I would say Thailand is a great place for anyone to find a mate.  The Thai people as a whole are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

What are the pros and cons in moving to thailand?

We have been in Thailand traveling to some of the tourist destinations and visiting friends in Bangkok.  Over the years we have gathered tips on how to travel Thailand and come up with some pro and cons of moving to Thailand.

It is such a great place that we are still considering moving there.  We have talk to some of our friends who are locals and some who are expats coming from all over the US, France, and UK.  Here is what we have gathered.

Pros Cons
Great weather High Humidity (year round)
Many Nice People Language Barrier
Open Attitude Military Coup (political unrest)
Beautiful women High level of STDs
Many things to see High level of poverty
Travel through Asia Bangkok Expensive

There are few other things that you might want to consider as well depending on the area.  For example, Pattaya is not very family friendly (depending on what part you venture into) and like Chang Mai it is very “touristy”.  A great place to visit but probably not the best place to live.  Also, in some cases the “High Humidity” might be a huge plus for some people.  The people of Thailand was what made us consider living there as well as the lower overall cost of living for average people.


moving to thailand

moving to thailand


VAT Refund during your travel to thailand

Some countries allow tourist to get some of the money they spent on taxes while visiting.  This adds some incentives for tourist to return.  This is known as a Value added tax (VAT) Refund.  If you travel to Thailand, you can get a VAT Refund.  But there are few things you need to do.

1. When Shopping

  • Show your passport when purchasing to get a VAT Refund for Tourist sticker or VAT receipt. (this was not listed of the flyer but I seen it on their website site.
  • Shop at stores that have VAT REFUND for tourists signs.
  • Minimum purchase  at the same store per person should be 2,000 baht.
  • Ask for P.P.10 Form and original tax invoices at the store on the day of purchase.
  • Take your goods out of Thailand within 60 days of purchase via international airport.

vat refund during your travel to thailand

2. Procedure at the Customs

  • Present your purchases (P.P 10 Form, original tax invoices and purchased goods) at the Customs office before taking your luggage  at the international airports of Thailand (Subarnabhumi, Don Mueang, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hat Yai, U-Tapao, Krabi and Samui).

3. Refunding

  • Submit P.P.10 Form and all original tax invoices to claim your refund at VAT Refund for Tourist Offices after the passport control.
    travel to thailand VAT Refund

    Location of VAT Refund Office in Subarnabhumi is at the right side after ‘ Z’ check -in

  • Show your purchased Luxury goods like jewelry, ornaments, designer collection stuff pens etc with a value of 10,000 baht or more per item to the officer for reinspection at the VAT Refund for Tourist Office.
  • If the amount exceeds 30,000 baht, the refund payment  will be made by the form of draft or credit card account.

If you are in  a hurry after all inspections have been made, you can drop the P.P.10 Form and original tax invoices into the box in front of the VAT Refund for Tourist office or mail them to the address below:

VAT Refund for Tourist Office

The Revenue Department of Thailand

90 Phaholyothin 7, Phayathai,

Bangkok 10400, Thailand

*Location of VAT Refund Office in Subarnabhumi is at the right side after ‘ Z’ check -in counter.

Source: http://www.rd.go.th/vrt/index.html

For inquiries, email address of VAT Refund for Tourist is:  vrefund@rd.go.th

Note: For sim cards and internet browsing, You can buy a sim cards at 7 Eleven Stores and Family Mart. They also have those machines where you can purchase for internet.

travel warning thailand

Travel Warning Thailand

May 20,2014 the Military took over to the country of Thailand due to its unsolved issue of future governance.  We were in the airport when this happened.  Luckily, no flights were canceled.  Well.. OUR flight was not canceled.

travel warning thailand

The U.S. Department of State recommends that U.S. citizens reconsider any non-essential travel to Thailand, particularly Bangkok, due to ongoing political and social unrest and restrictions on internal movements, including an indefinite nighttime curfew throughout Thailand. The Department of State has advised official U.S. government travelers to defer all non-essential travel to Thailand until further notice.  This Travel Alert supersedes the Travel Alert issued on May 23, 2014, and will expire on August 21, 2014. – US Consulate 

This has lead to curfews in certain places around Thailand which was lifted on 15 June 2014.



bangkok hotels 4 star

Bangkok hotels 4 star – Presidential Solitaire. We stayed in the Presidential Solitaire’s Executive suite.  Its a great room with a hot tub sized bathtub, a full kitchen, dining room and living room.

Address: 75/23 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Phone:+66 2 255 7200
Everything you need in one room.
Great for executive that needs to stay in the area for a long time.
Room to work & live comfortably

Cheap Bangkok

cheap bangkok

courtesy of aectravel.info

Cheap Bangkok

We were in Bangkok with only 12,000 Baht (400 USD) for 4 days.  We got off the plane in a panic wondering what we could do and where we could stay for 4 night.  I guess its obvious.. but its best to plan BEFORE you go to a country not in the airport after arrival.

But what if you find yourself in Bangkok with only 400USD and must live there 4 days?

You can totally do it and pretty comfortably.  You can actually do it MUCH cheaper.

In fact, backpackers do it on much less that 100USD/day all the time.  They live in a cheap Hostel or rent a cheap room from an inviting thai citizen, they catch the train or walk to get around and eat very cheap.  So yes, in Thailand travel from all over the world with limited resources are there in Bangkok “living the dream”.

We lived comfortable in Bangkok you can do a lot with 12,000 Baht in a four days.  Hotels, travel & food are all cheap.  If you want extras (sex, clubs, massage, luxury Airconditioned travel) it might break your 12,000 Baht budget.

where to stay
The best way to find places to stay is the Internet.  I recommend www.agoda.com and tripadvisor.  But some of the very small places we found actually were very difficult to find the Internet because they won’t be listed the first few pages of large search engines, they will not have they’re own webpage and sometimes not even have any reviews.

What we noticed is that in certain parts of the city it’s cheaper.  Silom & Patpong, Sathon and other places away from more popular tourist areas, for example,
have places at “thai prices” as low as 700 baht per night (with no breakfast little or NO Internet.. but that is with most places).

Soi Cowboy                                                 coutesy of stickmanbangkok.com

“Soi Cowboy” in the Sukhumvit road seemed to have many of the High Classes places and many, many westerners.

Examples of Cheap Hotels (700-1700 baht/night):
-Niagara Inn (900 Baht)
-Silom Village Inn (1050 Baht w/wifi access)
-Sawasdee Bangkok Inn
-Sathorn INN http://sathorninn.com/

Quick Cheap TiPs!!
– Find hotels near the skytrain (the cheapest way to travel around the Bangkok)
– Look for places that give free breakfast to save on the most important meal of the day
– Look for FREE Internet (just because they mention wifi it does not mean its free)
– Booking online is sometimes cheaper (Agoda.com)

– Have a thai friend that can get the “thai prices” everywhere you go
– You maybe able to find low prices around Chualalongkorn University

*Are you Muslim?
Welcome to Soi Phiphat 2 & Liap Khlong Chong Nonsi Road in Bangkok!  Here you will find Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabian Embassy’s Near Residence & Trinity Hotel.
With the wild reputation that Bangkok is sometimes accused of having we were surprised to see such a large variety of Muslim’s.

How to Travel in Bangkok (cheap)?
The best and cheapest way to travel is the train.  The Suvarnabhumi Airport City Line (SARL) will take you to the Skytrain and the Skytrain can take you to MRT.  If you take a taxi from the airport you will end up spending anywhere from 400 baht to 1000+.  This is not what Thai’s are charged.

Watchout for petty cabs (tuktuk) they are pretty cheap within the city, but if you are a westerner they might try to up the cost x4 (which is still not much).  If you are not not going far and they are charging 100 baht or more just lower the price or ask another.  They will negotiate but don’t get too stingy, they are trying to make a living.

Tuktuk fees for a short ride – 10 baht

tuktuk fare for temples around bangkok is 50 baht to 100 baht

REAL Thailand verus $$ Thailand

cheap bangkokAt the temple of the Black Buddha, we met a Thai gentleman.  He told us DO NOT got the Pattaya and DO NOT waste money Bangkok.  He high recommended Ayutthaya to really see the Thai people and Thai culture.  He said Pattaya is dirty and Bangkok is only good for shopping.

Since we were in the temple I didn’t tell him I was looking for filthy and dirty and sex.  Instead I listened to a very enlightening lesson about Buddhism, and Thai culture.  Its was the highlight of my trip.  Many thai people were very helpful with directions, with recommendations on things to do, places to eat and helping to speak the language.  When you hang out in the very touristY spots, you will find a lot of local abusive with the price gouging, exhausted and bored with the constant influx of foreigners and some rude people (service is not that good in thailand).  In Ayutthaya, Thailand its different but you must come to your own conclusions.