restaurants in pattaya

Restaurants in Pattaya

Looking for restaurants in Pattaya?  

Here are a couple (few) restaurants in pattaya for you to consider.  For some variety of food in Pattaya you can try BBQ.  YeS, there is BBQ in Pattaya.

tequila reef ribs

tequila reef ribs

Our favorite ribs in Pattaya used to be Tequila Reef located on the infamous “bar girl” gauntlet of Soi 7.  Tequila Reef is a mexican restaurant.  It was recommended to us by co-workers.  When DimeTravel visited in 2012, it was great.

For some reason the last time we went (May 2014) to Tequila Reef the ribs were NOT GOOD. The sauce did not taste good and the meat was not tenderized.

Our new discovery is Pattaya BBQ Ribs Steak located on Soi 13 / 3rd road

pattaya bbq ribs

pattaya bbq ribs

location pattaya bbq ribs

location pattaya bbq ribs

bbq ribs

pattaya bbq ribs

Pattaya BBQ Ribs.  When we are in Pattaya, this is our favorite dish!  Super delicious.  This thai dude can COOK better than your mother!

The chicken bbq and potato wedges were cooked differently but taste really good. Thumbs up for the cook!

The Pattaya Bbq ribs are freshly cooked, tender, and taste so good. It is also very affordable. The serving starts from 49 baht – 149 baht (about 2 – 4 USD.


pattaya bbq ribs restaurant

pattaya bbq ribs restaurant

Oishi Restaurant is located at Central Festival Mall on the top floor. It is near SFX Theater. They serve  Japanese-Thai fusion. They have good and affordable food.  Oishi is way cheaper than many other Japanese restaurants in Central. Good Customer service for thai standards.

Average serving price for 2 people: 250- 400 baht

restaurants in pattaya restaurants in pattaya



restaurants in pattaya (2)

Sukishi Restaurant is a Korean Bbq Restaurant in Central Festival. It is always packed with thai people and foreigners any time of the day. They have some seats outside the restaurant for people who have reserved a table. They have a very delicious bbq sauce. They use charcoal in grilling. Prices of food were not expensive and the staff were welcoming.

Average price for 2 pax 500 baht

restaurants-in-pattaya (5)restaurants-in-pattaya (4)

Zen restaurant is an ala carte Japanese restaurant in Central Festival. They have delicious sushi and good quality meals. It has a nice ambience and also have good presentation of their food. It is quite pricey but its worth it.

Average price for 2 people: 500baht

restaurants in pattaya (2)other places to visit in pattaya!

restobars in pattaya


bangkok hotels 4 star

Bangkok hotels 4 star – Presidential Solitaire. We stayed in the Presidential Solitaire’s Executive suite.  Its a great room with a hot tub sized bathtub, a full kitchen, dining room and living room.

Address: 75/23 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Phone:+66 2 255 7200
Everything you need in one room.
Great for executive that needs to stay in the area for a long time.
Room to work & live comfortably

what to do in pattaya

pattaya before sunset

image of pattaya beach during sunset

What to do in pattaya

35 degrees and 80% humidity in Pattaya, Thailand.  You may not be able to stay cool physically but you can still be cool within the chill spots of Pattaya.




The cocktail cars are all over Pattaya Beach Road.  If you don’t want to be in a bar to drink you can find one of these cocktail cars and quench your thirst during walks.

Cocktail cars feature lots of mixed drinks, great music and sometimes even food.  Since they are mobile you may sometimes see the same car at different areas through the day capitalizing on pedestrian foot traffic.


cineplex major pattaya

pattaya major cineplex

Pattaya Avenues is another great spot for hanging out.  Its features bowling, movie theaters, restaurants, a pool hall and more –>

Check out some art

Art shops are located beside Mike Shopping Mall Soi 13.


art shops


Theater is a MUST thing to do in Pattaya.


Featuring Banana Leaf. Banana leaf bar has really good hookah flavors and nice relaxing chairs. They also serve indian food. The bar is owned and managed by indians. They are very cool and the dj does very nice remix of hiphop and indian music. Most of all they have a great customer service. It’s been the best customer service in Pattaya so far.


Hajime Robot Restaurant


Shabu -shabu

Dancing Robot



exotic thai food

We have traveled to many places and ate some weird foods.   Trying different cuisine is one of our favorite things to do.  Thailand is a country with some of the most exotic foods you can eat. Well, how about the exotic thai food?

Would you try some of these treats. ?

  1. Fried Cockroach
  2. Fried frog
  3. Fried  Grasshoppers
  4. Fried bugs

I don’t know, not sure.  Maybe these spicy, crunch snacks taste good..?????

Pattaya For Couples

Our first trip to Thailand was a disaster.  First of all, booked us on the wrong flight (minor oversight.. no big deal).. I also had very little money.  We also did not know where to go until we got there.  We still had a good time but next time we will do things waaaaay better by planning ahead.

Our trip to Pattaya was much more planned and surprisingly there is lots to do for couples in the sin city of Thailand.

We had a great time in Pattaya.  So how is Pattaya for couples?  It’s not bad.  Here are some of the recommended:

Pattaya Elephant Village

In South Pattaya, once per day in the Pattaya Elephant Village, there are shows and a 3 hours ride through the surrounding village.  Opened since the 1970s, Elephant Village is a rest home for elephant who can no longer do labor.  Since they cannot return the wild, Pattaya Elephant Village serves as their home.

“One Hour Elephant Trekking : The visitors will ride on the back of an elephant through local farmland and bush for about 45-50 minutes (2 persons will share the basket strapped to the back of one elephant).  After making a brief stop at the Silk House, visitors will return to the Elephant Village by Land Rover. At the village, visitors will be served with complimentary fruits in season. This service takes place four times daily with the first trek at 09.00 hrs. (A minimum of 4 persons is required) The other treks take place at 10.30, 12.30, 16.00 hrs. Bookings should be made in advance. The price is 1,200 Baht per person and 1,000 Baht for children under 100 cm in height. Each booking: minimum 2 persons. “

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 19:00
Location: Phonpraphanimit Road, off Sukhumvit Road at Km. 145 (between North and Central Pattaya)
Tel: +66(0)38 428 648

Hotels Near by include: East Grand Palace & Eastiny Resort Spa

Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World is one of Pattaya’s newest tourist attractions.  It is a large and modern ocean aquarium in Asia, boasting a 100-meter-long, 6.4-centimeter-thick acrylic pedestrian tunnel through an underwater environment filled with dozens of marine species Located just 200 meters south of Tesco Lotus in South Pattaya, the new theme park is housed in a structure similar to a large circus tent. “This enables the place to have natural light that nurtures the algae The aquarium houses more than 4,000 marine animals, comprising more than 200 different species from the region as well as some rare creatures from overseas,” according to David Hong, general manager and an investor in the project. Hong stressed visitors must-see the rare shovelnose ray, a hybrid between a shark and a stingray.

Price :

700/- Thb Adult, 600/- Thb Child


Nong Nooch Trophical Garden

Nong Nooch Trophical Garden

Nong Nooch Trophical Garden

Nong Nooch Garden has 500 acres of botanical garden.  It also features numerous shows that display the wonderful thai culture.  Dances, music, dress and customs on a stage for all the world to see.  They have a great elephant show with painting, dancing, bike riding elephants.  Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is a tourist attraction at kilometer 163 on Sukhumvit Road in Chonburi Province, Thailand. Its also a major scientific center dedicated to cycads, with its own Cycad Gene Bank.
Phone: 038-429321
Address: Pattaya, Παττάγια, Pattaya, 20150, Thailand

Pattaya Hotels & Restobars

Pattaya is like the the Las Vegas of Thailand... but replace fancy flashy casinos with a few hundred bars, GoGo bars,  and dance clubs.   And then imagine 100s of prostitutes lining the streets… oh, and beaches, too.

There are tourists from all over the world packing the sidewalks, catching “baht buses” or just hanging out.  According the Bangkok Post, Thailand’s travel and tourism industry will contribute 6.7% of the GDP (2007).  People are attracted to the Nightlife of Pattaya, the girls of Pattaya, low prices,  culture of Thailand and the kindness of many of the Thai people.

pattaya beach

Pattaya beach

Soi 6-8 are packed with restobars and “bar girls” constantly trying to get guys into their bars.  If you are with family or a significant other or simply want to be left in peace, its best not to stay in those areas.

1. Flipper House Hotel Soi 7 — Buffet breakfast, Thai and American breakfast

Wifi signal may be weak inside the hotel

Pattaya Beach line

Pattaya Beach line

room but works better in the lobby and restaurant area

150 baht 24 hrs

unlimited Internet

390 baht 1 week unlimited Internet

The hotel requires a 500 baht deposit from the guest upon checking in.



2. Bella Vista Soi 7 (Eastiny group of companies) — There are MANY Eastiny’s all over Thailand.  The Soi 7 Easiny (Bella Vista) has good rooms for a reasonable budget.  The furniture is quite old.  ONE HUGE unfortunate thing about Bella Vista Eastiny Soi 7, is that all sound goes to every room adjacent.  If you want privacy, we DO NOT recommend Bella Vista at all.

300 baht 1 week unlimited Internet


pattaya food

pattaya food Nautical Inn

My partner and I are food lovers.  As compatible as we are in life, we are from different worlds when it comes to food.  We are both adventurous with food, but our taste buds are very different.  Her tastes are more refined.  She can taste the individual ingredients used and how they were cooked at what temperature and whether or not the cook was in a good mood.  My taste buds are more caveman like.. my tastes buds say, “GROG, LIKE FUD, FUD GUD!!”  Her taste buds say, “what a fine meal.  Shall we have wine?”

So Foodloft made us have a fight to the death.  I like foodloft. I want to say that I LOVE foodloft but i am afraid my partner will laugh at my foolishness.  She hates Foodloft.

Note:  Customer service is something that varies from country to country.  I must say that as kind as the Thai people are, customer service is really not the best in Thailand.

Here are the List of Restaurants and ratings:

Pattaya Tequila Reef

Pattaya Tequila Reef

1. Tequila Reef Cantina

Mexican Restaurant in Soi 7 PATTAYA Beach Road has very tasty ribs and grilled chicken.

Their Margarita is perfect!!! Fit for the ladies who doesn’t like a strong taste of alcohol.

Beer Garden / Biergarten in Sukhumwit Soi 7

Beer Garden

2. Beer Garden Pattaya – ‘We’ll Bowl you in’

– Steamed snapper fish , they serve good food and drinks, and a fun atmosphere that makes it hard to leave.  The music and videos from 50’s – 90’s will make you laugh and reminisce.

“Great Customer Service’’ , welcoming and smiling staffs great food and drinks they serve delicious thai food and roasted chicken

 3. Cafe New Orleans – tasty ribs  “good , friendly staffs’”

4. FoodLoft –  daddy’s favorite with varieties of Thai, Korean , European cuisine (i love food loft!!!) it sucks.

nautical inn

nautical inn

5. Nautical Inn – great delicious food and drinks average customer service

6. Oh Lala – serves good food and delicious breakfast, a coffee with fresh taste and aroma average customer service, free wifi

7. Aroy dee – the restaurant is located across soi 8, the staff are nice and friendly, very fast service of clean and good taste of Thai food and European food, Open 24 hrs

8.  Yiam – the restaurant is located across soi 7 , they serve good English breakfast Free WiFi, open 24 hrs

9. Domicil – is an Austrian restaurant with a great ambiance, nice interior designing full of unique  decorations and delicious food. Clean Toilet!!

‘Don’t drink the mineral water with their ice cubes because it can cause diarrhea for a sensitive stomach’’

red kimchi pattaya

red kimchi

10. Red Kimchi – located at Royal Garden Place that has a  Barbecue Buffet Sushi and Korean food


Things to do in pattaya:

1. Clubbing

2. Beach

3. Atv Ride

4. Shopping – clothes and shoes are cheap there

5. Easy Kart Race

6. Elephant ride at the elephant village

There’s lots more than just the sex and the walking street of Pattaya.


Types of Transportation:

Getting around Pattaya can be cheap or expensive if you book your travel and tours from the hotel. Approach a guy sitting in the beer bar in Soi 7 to get a cheap tour or ask around that area.

 1. Private car – 1200 baht -for 2 tourist spots:

     – Nong Nooch Garden

     – khao kheow zoo or any options of 3 tourist spots that are close to each other 1500 baht – a whole day tour,options in any of the Pattaya tourist spots

2. Baht Bus – 10 Baht

3. Taxi cab – they charge 200 Baht fixed rate

 4. Hotel Cars – 1200 baht – Pattaya transport to Subarnabhumi International Airport


Contact number of a Travel Agency

Reliable Travel Services

Hotel Reservation & Package Tour

Tel. (038) 719 -027-28   Fax. (038) 719-035

Check for more travel contacts  that ive kept

I think learning the thai basic words/ greetings is a Must for a better understanding in communication.

pattaya nightlife

Pattaya nightlife

Pattaya is a man’s paradise.  Pattaya nightlife and the streets are literally lined with beautiful women.   And all at discount prices, two for one deals and every hooker must go prices.

But Pattaya is NOT all about sex, and prostitutes.  There are LOTS of disco clubs, restaurants and bars and beaches.

Pattaya Disco Clubs

1. Club Mixx – Club Mixx is actually two clubs for the price of one drink!  One club is electronic music and the other is Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae. The electronic side features a lot of music that is popular in Europe in early 2000’s.  Its a mixture of all kinds of techno with trance, hardtrance, industrial and jungle.  It has live DJ and an impressive laser show.  The HipHop side has a lot of top 10 club music.  Its not pure hiphop and R&B, but includes pop music you might hear on the radio with a dance club remix.  Both sides serve alcohol and cigarettes.  You can drift from club to club with a beer and a smoke grind on a russian girl on the techno side then go the otherside and dance to hiphop on a thai girl.

2. The pier – techno music only.  This club has one of the best layouts on Walking Street.

 3. Club Flexx – a pure hiphop club that is not very popular.  If you like hip hop you will feel very much at home.. in an empty club.  Hip Hop is not very popular among the mostly european tourists or the thai locals.  So if you are in a packed club you may hear hip hop but more than likely it will be pop or techno flavored hip hop.


 4. Insomnia – mostly techno, some disco and hiphop music

Music Bar:

 1. Lovely Corner – located in Soi 7 with a band that plays mostly Jazz Music,some country         songs, and pop rock with girls to entertain guy customers

 2. Blue Sky III– is located in Walking street. They have a famous, very talented Thai Band that plays Great Rock Music. Friendly staff and great customer service.


 3. Banana Leaf – is located on the end of the walking street . A great place to have hooka in a combination of different fruit flavors, milk, ice or a mint.  They have cool friendly indian waiters that serve the drinks and keeps the good job of refilling the charcoal for the hooka.

 “Only disadvantage is that the bar doesn’t have it’s own toilet so people must use the public toilet on the back which cost 5 Baht’’


 4. Lucky Star is located in Soi 8 with a band that plays some music

5. We are the world ? where is this most of the music bars are strictly caters to a European or russian vibe. So its a No entry for other races even if there’s no sign written there. There are also streets where only muslim people are chillin’ and accross that are restobars are for Indians.


1. Flying Ghost

2. Barracuda

3. Angel’s Witch

ladyboys While Traveling to South East Asia

its hard to detect lady boys

its hard to detect lady boys

Ladyboys While Traveling to South East Asia

Congratulations WORLD!! Congrats for LBGT !!  Great Job USA!!  ladyboys While Traveling to South East Asia one of the most amazing phenomenons you will see is that transformation of men into women.  I say it’s amazing because sometimes transsexual (especially) ladyboys are actually very attractive and its extremely hard to tell just by looking.

In the case of Thailand, lesbian, gay, bi, trans is accepted that many there don’t think anything of it.  In fact, the top “ladyboy” is considered more beautiful and feminine than a straight woman!  The Philippines also have many ladyboys although its not as accepted as in Thailand.  But both countries are a very interesting place.

 The danger is when ladyboys try to deceive straight guys.

Tips on how to spot it:

1.   Adam’s Apple – it is one of the top signs of being a guy. So when you are meeting the a woman always check if there’s an Adam’s apple.

2.   Broad Shoulders – Look for broad shoulders and narrow hips.  This is a turn on to some guys.  Its a feature that is normally lacking in women.

3.   Tone of voice –  Some women have deep voices, this is true.  So really its the combination of deep voice with every thing else.  As sweet, loving filipina ladyboy will have a small submissive voice.  Voice alone is not enough.

4.   Muscular Arms – women don’t normally have very large upper body builds even if they are very strong.

5.   How they walk – a sexy ladyboy can walk sexier than your sexiest woman.  However, not all are born with this skill.  So watch the sway of the hips.  If they are overdoing it like a model with a ‘’catwalk on the streets’’ it might be a ladyboy.

6.   Extra – Nastiness – While its not ALL ladyboys, but SOME really ladyboys let their testosterone get out of hand and forget about the subtle estrogen that makes woman so mysterious on their sexual needs.


Ayutthaya trip

Ayutthaya trip

Ayutthaya trip

Ayutthaya is a city surrounded by Buddhist temples. It was my very first time to enter inside a temple… “enlightenment” —that’s the word, that’s what I felt. Though its not the religion I was brought up on, it was my first time to experience that kind of feeling. I felt peaceful still calm and away from a noisy, chaotic world.

Many of the people there have a good heart and are very welcoming. They have preserve their rich culture in Ayutthaya so many tourists that come to there can get a feel for the real Thailand. The people there are very hospitable. Though only a few know how to speak English, it’s not hard to go around because they are helpful and will even stop and give you the directions if you are lost.

How to get to Ayuthaya city from Bangkok by railways:

  1. Ask the tuktuk driver to take you to Hualumpong train station. When you reach there, you will see the counters 1-10 for getting the ticket to different destinations. Ask the guard if which counter is for ayutthaya.
  2. The train fare is 15 baht for locals. 65 baht for foreigners.
  3. Train stops to Ayutthaya. Walk on the left side to the small alley to reach the boat that will cross the river. The ride will costs 4 baht.
  4. When u get down from the boat, there’s a shop next to it that has a big map in their store that shows all the temples and places of the whole town.  They offer services such as motorbike rental which cost 200 baht and tuktuk ride to the temples for 150 baht per hour.
  5. From that same shop they offer free maps when u rent a bike.  But for a comfortable ride its better to ride a tuktuk. An hour or 2 would be enough to go around the town to check the temples and a ride in the elephant. Some of the temples are free and some have 50 baht entrance fee.

No entrance fee temples:

  1. Wat phu khao thong
  2. Wat  Lokayasutha
  3. Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit
  4. Wat Thammikarat
  5. Wat Suwan Dararam
  6. Phet Fortress,
  7. Phra Chedi Suriyothai
  8. Wat Borom Phuttharam

If you plan on being in Thailand take an Ayutthaya trip.  Its worth your time.  Beyond “sex tourism”, wild nights in Bangkok and the “Walking Street” of Pattaya, Ayutthaya is a glimpse into the old peaceful, enlightened Thailand, Siam.



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