pattaya nightlife

Pattaya nightlife

Pattaya is a man’s paradise.  Pattaya nightlife and the streets are literally lined with beautiful women.   And all at discount prices, two for one deals and every hooker must go prices.

But Pattaya is NOT all about sex, and prostitutes.  There are LOTS of disco clubs, restaurants and bars and beaches.

Pattaya Disco Clubs

1. Club Mixx – Club Mixx is actually two clubs for the price of one drink!  One club is electronic music and the other is Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae. The electronic side features a lot of music that is popular in Europe in early 2000’s.  Its a mixture of all kinds of techno with trance, hardtrance, industrial and jungle.  It has live DJ and an impressive laser show.  The HipHop side has a lot of top 10 club music.  Its not pure hiphop and R&B, but includes pop music you might hear on the radio with a dance club remix.  Both sides serve alcohol and cigarettes.  You can drift from club to club with a beer and a smoke grind on a russian girl on the techno side then go the otherside and dance to hiphop on a thai girl.

2. The pier – techno music only.  This club has one of the best layouts on Walking Street.

 3. Club Flexx – a pure hiphop club that is not very popular.  If you like hip hop you will feel very much at home.. in an empty club.  Hip Hop is not very popular among the mostly european tourists or the thai locals.  So if you are in a packed club you may hear hip hop but more than likely it will be pop or techno flavored hip hop.


 4. Insomnia – mostly techno, some disco and hiphop music

Music Bar:

 1. Lovely Corner – located in Soi 7 with a band that plays mostly Jazz Music,some country         songs, and pop rock with girls to entertain guy customers

 2. Blue Sky III– is located in Walking street. They have a famous, very talented Thai Band that plays Great Rock Music. Friendly staff and great customer service.


 3. Banana Leaf – is located on the end of the walking street . A great place to have hooka in a combination of different fruit flavors, milk, ice or a mint.  They have cool friendly indian waiters that serve the drinks and keeps the good job of refilling the charcoal for the hooka.

 “Only disadvantage is that the bar doesn’t have it’s own toilet so people must use the public toilet on the back which cost 5 Baht’’


 4. Lucky Star is located in Soi 8 with a band that plays some music

5. We are the world ? where is this most of the music bars are strictly caters to a European or russian vibe. So its a No entry for other races even if there’s no sign written there. There are also streets where only muslim people are chillin’ and accross that are restobars are for Indians.


1. Flying Ghost

2. Barracuda

3. Angel’s Witch

Pattaya Prep: Learn Basic Thai Words

Our first trip to Thailand was a disaster.  First of all, booked us on the wrong flight (minor oversight.. no big deal).. I also had very little money.  We also did not no where to go until we got there.  We still had a good time but next time we will do things waaaaay better by planning ahead.  I will learn some of the language, list all the places and things I want to do, and save money to go.

This series (Pattaya Prep) is a breakdown of all the things I am doing to prepare for my trip to Thailand with 6 months.  Its a walk through with resources and guidance on preparing for the culture, language, location and shock of the wild life style of Pattaya, Thailand.


Similar to Japan, being polite is very important to Thai culture.  You will notice people bowing and helping you out everywhere you go.  Its really one of my favorite things about these remarkable people and their beautiful culture.  Even more impressive is how much more polite and open people are when you show interest in their culture and try to speak the language.

Basic Thai Words

sa wa dee khrap – hello (male)

sa wa dee kha – hello (female)

sa baai dee mai – How are you?

sa baai dee – I am fine

khap khun khup – thanks (male)

khap khun kha – thanks (female)

khap thot khrap – sorry (female)

khap thot khrap – sorry (female)

chai – yes

mai chai – no

a run sa wat – good morning

sa wat dee tawn thiang – good noon

sa wat dee tawn yen – good evening

raa trii sa wat –  good night

chuay nawy daai mai – can you help me?

mai pen rai – no problem

chan chue <name> – my name is ___

khun chue a-rai – what is your name?

yin dee thee daai ru jak – nice to meet you


I am taking my first week to memorize and practice these words.


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