Do NOT USE OrlandoFunTickets for DisneyWorld

We made the mistake of booking out DisneyWorld tickets through this company called Oralando Fun Tickets. They gave us a confirmation number that we thought we could use at DisneyWorld to claim our tickets once we got there.

We drove from Colorado to Florida only to be told by DisneyWorld that we did not have a ticket. Now at this point you could argue that it is OUR fault for not actually getting the tickets before we got there. That is a valid argument. But when we went to the actual “Orlando Fun Tickets” Office in Orlando, it was closed with an note to a new destination 10 miles away and a new phone number different from the one on their website.

We drove to the new destination to see if we could straighten out this mess and get the ticket. They told us the ticket had been cancelled. What is strange about that, is they actually took the money, gave use a confirmation number, then (2 months later) cancelled the ticket and put our money back on the credit card.

We were not notified of the cancellation. I am not sure why.


Anyway, the moral of this story is if you are going to buy tickets to DisneyWorld, buy them directly from DisneyWorld. In the end the tickets from DisneyWorld were actually cheaper.


A Himitsu – Icey Vindur

Night Music – Kevin Macleod
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Dimetravel – Disney World Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was one of the coolest attractions at Disney World. When you walk in to the park, you can see, hear and feel the genius of the Disney Imagineers. They are truly brilliant. How they are able to blend animal habitats with the magic of Disney. With a few steps you are walking through several continents. The park pays homage to cultures from all over the world. It is breath taking and beautiful.


Dimetravel Disney World Epcot

We traveled to Disney World had fun in Epcot. We went inside the Epcot center and rode the thought provoking Space Ship Earth ride.
We rode the spinning Mission: Space ride. We saw an amazing costume of Baymax and “Inside Out”.


Dimetravel – RoadTrip to DisneyWorld

Should you Drive or Fly to DisneyWorld?  We decided to take a road trip from Colorado to Florida, because it would be way cheaper.  There were four of us so flying was an expensive option.  With flights being about $400 per person we decided we wanted to save that money and just drive.  Driving is harder and can take days but gas prices are super cheap right now (2016/17), so it was only about 300 for the drive.  We ended up doing the whole trip for 2100USD.  It was worth it!



Family Vacation in Miami – 2016

We had a great time in South Beach, Miami, Florida!  We brought our kids and stayed at a hotel called the President (formerly Penguin).  It is located on Collins and 14th in Miami.  It was a great location for us.  There are some homeless, vagrant type wandering around but everything was fine for us.  Overall, we felt safe and could focus on having a good time.

We drove from DisneyWorld (Orlando Florida) to Miami which was about a 4 hour drive.

We were walking distance from the beach, clubs and restaurants.  The area was suggested to us by a Miami local and it was a good choice.  Walgreens was right across the street.

Parking is pretty expensive especially on the weekends, but we found a place to park for the full 3 days for about $135 dollars.  It is normally about $15 dollar/hour.  There is a great variety of food on Washington street, which is also walking distance.

Overall we had a great, great time and could definitely see ourselves going back.

Miami Official Page