Hooking up with czech girls

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How to date a Czech girl, for dummies

As we’ve talked in our article on Hungarian girls, recent years have brought a whole surge of foreign tourists to Central Europe. Aside from Budapest, another main destination is Prague, dubbed by some people as the most beautiful city in Europe.

Prague and the Czech Republic, in general, have for long been a kind of reclusive place, somewhere behind the Iron Curtain, with very few foreign visitors. That has somehow molded the mindset of Czech people and, especially, women towards foreigners; making the locals as open as a baseball field with regard to the non-Czech.

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This article is somehow useless, because Czech girls are some of the most open, friendly, but also, unfortunately, slutty women that I’ve ever met. Just do a quick search on the Internet for indecent movies with girls from this country and your computer will grind to a halt because of so many results.

I’ve been to Prague two times and the girls I’ve seen on the streets and in bars there vary between gorgeous and ugly as hell. So you’ve got a 50-50 chance of making a fool of yourself in front of your buddies or gaining superstar status for the next two months.

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As everywhere, the easiest place to pick up girls are bars and nightclubs, but I guess picking up on the street would also work out in the Czech Republic. The locals usually drink beer (the national beverage of the country) and prices are lower than in Western Europe or the US, so you won’t have big problems buying drinks for your lady friends.

Despite the fact that girls usually go around in groups of 3 or 4, I wouldn’t go for the whole group if I were you. Then you’ll have to pay for shots or drinks for the whole team and most of the time it’s just not worth it. Better yet, wait for them to split up, so one or two remain alone and then make your move.

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As a foreigner, you won’t have many problems finding chitchat topics, as they’re always interested in other cultures or people. Talk to them about where you come from, what do you do and also ask them a bit about their country. Always be courageous with the Czechs; they like a brave man that takes lead and is insistent – even if they reject you in the first place and you really like that specific girl, then try again; they’re just testing you.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for things and do crazy stuff – you’ll be surprised how open they are. Buy flaming shots, drink from their body, pop up champagne – you know, things that Floyd Mayweather would do, just that 10 times more expensive. If you follow this line the whole evening, I highly doubt it that you won’t get some…

Final tips: none. Maybe be aware of scammers, as everywhere in Central and Eastern Europe, but I wouldn’t be too afraid of that on the part of the Czech; you’ll usually get what you want so fast, that they wont have much reason to scam you anymore. Nazdravie!

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