Daan Bantayan

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serenity of Bantayan Island

My boyfriend and I escaped for the day to a little known beaches of Bantayan Island.  Although it is not Boracay, but it does have beautiful powder like sand and nice accommodations.  We held walked down the beach at noon and made love by the light of our moonlit dinner.

It was not luxurious but it was definitely romantic for us.  We did not have to spend a lot of money, but we were able to have one of the most memorable times of our relationship at Bantayan Islands.

If you are looking for a simple, quiet time without the typical tourist crowd, try Bantayan.

This beach is near one of the towns of Daan Bantayan Island.  This town and is known for a Catholic Church there that has a big feast that allows Christians to eat pork during the Holy Week. *Some Christians believe that eating pork during this holy days is prohibited and  is a sin base on the Roman Catholic Religion.


From Cebu City, it is 3 hours by buss (2 hrs by private vehicle) plus one hour by boat

To reach the town of Daan Bantayan, you need to go to the North Bus Terminal and ride in either the regular non aircon bus or for a better convenient ride they have a bigger and more comfortable seats in an aircon buses. Buses have sign that says  Daan Bantayan. The ride will take 3 hours to reach the port of those cargo boats that take passengers to STA. Fe where the white sand beaches are located.

 Worried of a place to stay? No need to worry coz you wont encounter problems when it comes to accommodation.
Upon arriving at the Sta fe Daan Bantayan port, their are locals that will ask and offer resort deals and packages or you can choose any of those resorts by that same beach because its just walking distance.  If it is peak season , its better to make an advance booking before traveling to the place so you wont have a hard time seeking for one when you reach there. The room rates of the beach resorts are from 1500-5000 pesos. There are more places to stay like guest houses and inns less than a kilometer away from the beach suited for travelers that are on a tight budget..

Some of the resorts offers motorbike rental for as low as P 100.00 per hour.

Sta fe is a small town , so an hour to drive around would be enough to see the whole place. There’s nothing much to see on the town except the park and their church.


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Paolo Marco

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