7 Tips for Foreign Exchange Student Philippines

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7 Tips for Foreign Exchange Student Philippines

7 Tips for Foreign Exchange Student Philippines

How do Philippine Colleges Rank in the World ?

If you are considering being a foreign student going to Cebu there are a few things you should know before you go.

1. Student Visa – All the foreigners that want to enroll at the Philippine schools are required to apply for a student visa before studying in the Philippines.  Students have to renew the visa each year. Another way would be to visit as a tourist and enroll in a school. Schools always assist the foreigner students during its process for the visa application. You may also ask for more informations at the Philippine embassies at your home country .


courtesy of su.edu.ph

This is the link to the immigration website and the corresponding fees of student visa and extensions.


2. School Registration – Choose which school you wish to enroll.  Schools have a foreigner student fees and some  are provided with their own facility in school.

List of Schools / Universities in the Philippines

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1  University of the Philippines Diliman

Quezon City …

2  De La Salle University


3  Ateneo de Manila University

Quezon City …

4  University of the Philippines System

Quezon City

5  University of the Philippines Los Baños

Los Baños

6  University of Baguio

Baguio City

7  University of San Carlos

Cebu City

8  University of Santo Tomas


9  Aquinas University of Legazpi

Legazpi City

10  University of the East

Manila …

11  Ateneo de Naga University

Naga City …

12  Silliman University

Dumaguete City

13  Mapua Institute of Technology

Manila …

14  Ateneo de Zamboanga University

Zamboanga City

15  Asian Institute of Management

Makati City

16  University of the Philippines Mindanao

Davao City

17  Saint Louis University

Baguio City

18  University of the Philippines Manila

Manila …

19  Xavier University

Cagayan de Oro City

20  Angeles University Foundation

Angeles City

http://www.4icu.org/ph/ -more to  lists of colleges

Note: Some of the schools conduct entrance examination and have requirements that are needed to comply with.

3. Know English – You don’t need to know tagalog to get along in Cebu (or anywhere in the Philippines) but you should know English.  Most of the staff speaks good or fluent English.  The homework and lessons will be in English.

4. Learn When Classes Start – All classes in the Philippines starts every June,  a short 2 weeks vacation on december 3rd week for Christmas and New Year.  The summertime is April

5. Where to live – There are many apartments located in the center of the city. Average Monthly rental for a studio pad is  P 5,000.00- P8,000.00 and 1- 3 bedroom apartment is P10,000.00 to P 25,000.00 depending on the location. Choose a safe place to live in a gated compound or

Here are list of where to find places to live:

a. http://www.ayosdito.ph/

b. http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/classifieds+directory/…/apartment+for+rent‎

c. http://www.cebuclassifieds.com Apartments & Lodging Apartments for Rent

d. http://www.olx.com.ph/houses-apartments-for-rent-cat-363‎

e. manila.en.craigslist.com.ph/apa/‎

6. Where to have fun – Nightlife are found on big cities and touristic places except some provinces at Mindanao Area.

More information of the nightlife, things to do, types of transportation are found in the previously written articles.


http://dimetravel.org/things-to-do-in-cebu-city/  – attractions/transportation

http://dimetravel.org/lotus-of-lapu-lap/   – nightlife

http://dimetravel.org/party-cebu-top-8-cebu-clubs/  – nightlife


http://dimetravel.org/things-to-do-in-manila/ – attractions/transportation

7. What to expect – Since the  Philippines is a third world country , expect that the infrastructures are still into its development. Some Areas in Manila and Cebu have high percentage of crimes so always ensure your safety. Avoid going out alone at midnight and walk / travel with a companion. Be alert and watch your stuff when you are out. Don’t hand money to the beggars as it is a criminal offense in the Philippines.They  can also be sneaky stealing money from people.


There are a few great advantages to going to school in the Philippines.   Its much cheaper to go to school in the Philippines and there is lots to do.  The bad thing is that with the except you University of Philippines, some of the colleges listed may have questionable standards.

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    Any tips for non-traditional married applicant w a you g son?

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      We don’t understand why non-traditional marriage or having a young son would stop you from applying as a foreign exchange student. Could you explain more?

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