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Go go bar Pattaya

One of the wildest places to go in asia is Pattaya, Thailand.  The streets are literally lined with prostitutes, the food is cheap (by western standards), you can drink and party all night every night.  There is a laid back attitude that focuses on allowing tourists to have great fun and be more than a little naughty ;p

go-go-bar-pattaya (2)Because the amount of cheap sex that can be purchased, Pattaya is like a bachelors paradise.  But its also great for couples.  We would NOT recommend it for kids of any age. Pattaya is pretty open about sexual promiscuity; its almost expected.

Thailand itself is very open about sexual orientation so its not shocking at all for a man or woman to be interested in transgender or same sex.

With the open and sexually free attitude its very important to use protection.  You should bring your own condoms since it is hard to find a variety of sizes in Thailand.


Go Go bars in Pattaya are the highlight of many men and women visiting and willing to expand sexual horizons.  When you visit a Go Go bar you will get way more than you pay for.  They charge for only one drink and you can see an entire set of shows while sipping one super cheap draft beer (between 59 and 100 baht or about 2-3 dollars).

Some of the shows are very, very good.  Many Go Go bars are way more than just ladies dancing.  They range from dominatrix dance sessions complete with whips, hot wax and leathers to full contact lesbian acts.

WARNING:  The shows are not for the conservative or shy.

DimeTravel recommended go go bars of Pattaya:

Angel’s Witch Go Go

Angel’s Witch is one of the most popular Go Gos because of the erotic shows they put on.  The show is so good that it makes it not your typical go go bar.  Its worth checking out if you are into go go bars.go-go-bar-pattaya

Angel’s Witch show starts at 10 o’clock in the evening.  The go go dancers really know how to make an entrance.  They  slide down a firefighter pole to reach the stage before they start dancing!

The waitresses sell ping pong balls at 20 baht each which the customers can either throw, hand to any of the girls they like, or insert in their panties.

Angel’s Witch also had some cultural sexy thai dance.

One of the performances actually includes a member of the audience.  The hot police women (Angel Witch girls) comes to surround the man with their sexy dance.

 *Draft beers with no discounts

Airport Club Pattaya

“In preparation for takeoff, please ensure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright and stowed positions, your seat belts are securely fastened and all your carry-on items are securely stowed.”


If you have a fantasy of a sexy stewardess doing more than just assisting you with your seatbelt, then Airport Club Go Go in Pattaya deserves your full attention.  

The ladies of Airport Club are all dressed sexy stewardess costumes.  They are so comited to the theme that even the waitresses and managers are in uniform.  Some of the music even sounds like airport music.  Airport club also has a shower show. They have different variety of girls.

Sugar baby agogo club

If you are homophobic then you may want to avoid this club… in fact, maybe you should not even be in thailand → here are some other places that are 76 countries that agree with you.


For the rest of us, check out some of the hottest bi-sexual, girl on girl action you will see on walking street.  Since its full contact for up to 15 to 20 minutes some of the girls do a half assed job of sexing each other up, but some are fully comited and you should go out of your way to tip them if you can.  This show takes place while girls are on stage shaking their money makers.

Iron club


Has the most hard core, sensuous, hot, S&M type shows you will catch on walking street.  Its about 50 Shades of Grey only with all girls.


Not to give too much way, but one of the shows is one dominatrix in the center of a tub pleasuring / punishing both chained up girls with whips, candle wax and paddles.  on the side and licking both pussies.

Honorable mention:

These are pretty average pattaya go gos with great ladies!

 Mandarin agogo bar has great girls with draft beer at 70 baht.



Peppermint agogo bar a large varety of sexy ladies with draft beer cost at 69 baht.

DimeTravel Tip:

If you want be “cheap charlie” ask for draft beer and pay 59 – 85 baht for the same amount of beer you get in a bottle.  Other drinks cost 100 baht and above.


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