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Hong Kong is a great vacation spot.  Its a very wealthy, clean port-metropolis that allows you to experience China in bite size portions.  If you have a choice between Thailand, Philippines, or Hong Kong.. then I would be Hong Kong LAST as it is MUCH more expensive though it gives more opportunity for first world comforts.

Transportation, food and hotels are all very convenient since so many tourist frequently visit Hong Kong.

hong kong

Hong Kong is Expensive?

One of the first things I heard from people that had been to Hong Kong is that it is expensive.  After seeing it for myself I would say, yes and no.  Compared to other South East Asian tourist spots (Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines) YES .. HELL YES (with the exception of electronics).   The “expensive” is relative.  Compared to a European holiday NO.. HEL NO its not expensive compared to Germany, for example.

 Although you will have a very hard time beating food & lodging prices in Thailand/Indonesia/or Philippines you can find some decent prices online for Hong Kong hotels.  Just like anywhere else, you can spend as much as you want but will have to really think ahead to get a reasonable budget for decent service.  Hong Kong can get VERY expensive VERY fast. Hong Kong is the New York of South East Asia (not as expensive, not as rude, not as convenient but almost as fancy and convenient).

Hostel to Hotel Hong Kong

Hong Kong hotel

If you want SUPER cheap and comfort/convenience is secondary then try a Hong Kong Hostel.  You can stay in a Hong Kong hostel for 30USD (200HKD) or less per night like USA Hostel here are some other hostels:




 If you want a comfortable place with a good prices then you will have to spend a little more.  60+USD (400HKD) is what you may have to spend unless you get a pretty good deal online.




If money is no object then check out Hong Kong’s Shangrila.  It gets up to 500+USD/per night (4000HKD).

Electronics of Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Finding GREAT price on electronics is a huge plus for going to Hong Kong.  You can get a brand new, name brand laptop for 20-30% less than you would spend in the US or Europe.  You will see more variety for better cost than you would see in other South East Asian countries other than main land China (or maybe Singapore).  You find cool stuff in Japan but they want you to sell your soul and children along with a 30% mark-up.

There are whole streets dedicated to electonics.   And whole buildings such as Golden Computer Center on Fuk Wa street.  Other streets include: Apliu Street Flea Market.  More here.

Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

For food try a side street restaurant.  The prices are very cheap and the food is good.  There is a great variety of food in Hong Kong.  There is every type of Asian cuisine but also western foods.

 Places to Shop in Hongkong

1. Sham Shui Po

a video of  Sham Shui Po Market

2. Ladies Market and other parts of Mongkok are places to shop for cheap clothes, bags, purses, souvenirs and more. There are also many stores selling name brand products.











3. Wan Chai in Hongkong Island – has western designer fashion stores such as Abercrombie, Dolce & Gabbana and other famous brand names.


Cool stuff about Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the world.  Since its a “Special Administrative District” of the People Republic of China, it feels more like a very westernized country with many Chinese residence rather than REAL China.  Its China (communism not included).  I have seen more McDonald’s there then I saw of Hammer & Sickle.  There is a difference between people from China and Chinese people from Hong Kong.

If you were to generalize all Chinese people, then this difference is completely LOST on you.  But  if you are interested in Hong Kong even a little you will appreciate that Hong Kongers will be upset if you mistake them for a Chinese citizen and that they take pride in speaking CANTONESE which is NOT Mandarin.  Also, most Hong Kong citizens speak some English.  English is on EVERY sign and many menus across town (sometimes English is there with NO Chinese).  English is the official language of business in Hong Kong.  I don’t mean to be rude but I found Hong Kong manners MUCH better than that of my fellow Chinese travelers.  And Hong Kong people have better fashion sense than Chinese citizens, in my humble opinion.

I hope this is not taken as a bad opinion of Chinese citizens.   So to end on a positive note, Chinese people will rule the world in about 5 years and I plan on learning Mandrin in the near future LOL.. And I am learning to be more rude.. I am working on it… JOKE.  Not all Chinese people are rude, of course.  I was helped several times while in Hong Kong while lost.. very nice people!  I may learn Cantonese instead of Mandarin.

 Hong Kong Lantau, Big BuddhaStuff To Do in Hong Kong

For drinking and girls go to the Hong Kong redlight district.  But some of the more popular places include Disneyland, Hong Kong, Macau (for gambling), Tian Tan Buddha, Lantua,  Ocean Park.


Ocean ParkHong Kong Disneyland

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