ladyboys While Traveling to South East Asia

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its hard to detect lady boys

its hard to detect lady boys

Ladyboys While Traveling to South East Asia

Congratulations WORLD!! Congrats for LBGT !!  Great Job USA!!  ladyboys While Traveling to South East Asia one of the most amazing phenomenons you will see is that transformation of men into women.  I say it’s amazing because sometimes transsexual (especially) ladyboys are actually very attractive and its extremely hard to tell just by looking.

In the case of Thailand, lesbian, gay, bi, trans is accepted that many there don’t think anything of it.  In fact, the top “ladyboy” is considered more beautiful and feminine than a straight woman!  The Philippines also have many ladyboys although its not as accepted as in Thailand.  But both countries are a very interesting place.

 The danger is when ladyboys try to deceive straight guys.

Tips on how to spot it:

1.   Adam’s Apple – it is one of the top signs of being a guy. So when you are meeting the a woman always check if there’s an Adam’s apple.

2.   Broad Shoulders – Look for broad shoulders and narrow hips.  This is a turn on to some guys.  Its a feature that is normally lacking in women.

3.   Tone of voice –  Some women have deep voices, this is true.  So really its the combination of deep voice with every thing else.  As sweet, loving filipina ladyboy will have a small submissive voice.  Voice alone is not enough.

4.   Muscular Arms – women don’t normally have very large upper body builds even if they are very strong.

5.   How they walk – a sexy ladyboy can walk sexier than your sexiest woman.  However, not all are born with this skill.  So watch the sway of the hips.  If they are overdoing it like a model with a ‘’catwalk on the streets’’ it might be a ladyboy.

6.   Extra – Nastiness – While its not ALL ladyboys, but SOME really ladyboys let their testosterone get out of hand and forget about the subtle estrogen that makes woman so mysterious on their sexual needs.


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  1. William
    May 7, 2014 at 2:47 am (4 years ago)

    I have been told Philippina ladyboys are not allowed travel to the US, but I see some here. How do you plan to travel here?

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