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 This post was sent to dimetravel from someone who traveled to London.

There are a lot of places in the world that are overrated.  When everyone hyping up a tourist attraction it is easy to get sucked into it.  That being said, London, England has three horrible places you must avoid as if you life depends on it.

No matter how attractive it looks, no matter how many people try to tell you to go DO NOT listen.  Here are the places to black list:

  • Borough Market (on the Weekends)
  • Oxford Street
  • Buckingham Palace

1. Borough Market on Weekends

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Borough Market will try to lure you in with a wide range of delicious food items. Artisan chocolates, Parma ham, Herrings, Pate and many other amazing London delights are all over Borough.  All this sounds great but believe me, it is better not to go there especially on weekends. You cannot even imagine the situation you will get yourself in if you go on a Saturday afternoon.  There is a mountain of people there shopping.  If you MUST go to Borough Market on the weekends than at least go early:  6am.  At 6am you may get a chance to try out the free food samples there.

I would recommend Broadway Market over Borough if you want to go shopping in London.  Another good one is the Real Food market at Southbank Centre.  If you still insist on visiting Borough Market, don’t blame on me.. you have been warned.

2. The Oxford Street

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Oxford is even worse than Borough Market for shopping.  The place is packed. You’ll even forget that you went for shopping.  There is barely enough room to move.  This place should be avoided especially if you have small children.  It is just too crowded and it is too easy for them to get lost.

An alternative would be to go for Covent Garden or Carnaby Street.

3. Buckingham Palace


It is probably London’s most popular attraction.  While it is definitely beautiful it is boring.  There is nothing going on there.  If you are with a group of people, someone will want to go and drag you along.  The power of the Queen pulls everyone in.   We all know the palace is beautiful and the park is fascinating. You go there thinking that there will be some kind of exciting event but after a while you realize there is nothing happening. You are not going to see a formal march or a flyover or a balcony scene.  What you may see is the changing of the guards and if you really want to see this, you are welcome to go there.


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