Malapascua Island

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Located on the North of Cebu Philippines is the beautiful Malapascua island that is full of beautiful palm trees.  This palm tree filled paradise can be a great adventure with friends or a relaxing experience with family or lovers.

Malapascua island’s natural beauty is preserved well by the natives. The seaweed remains mostly  untouched which makes  the water look greenish.The coral reef is the most interesting to see. It’s a perfect place to go diving and snorkeling.  The coral reef is vibrant and colorful. Underwater, you will see fishes,seahorses, sea urchin, squid and snakes with a rainbow color

on their bodies. I’ve discovered that squids are not only delicious on plates but also really fun to watch in their natural habitat.

Despite the green color, the water is very clear and its only one and half meter above the sea (low tide), you could easily see all the creatures even if you don’t snorkel.

Malapascua has 3 spots underwater:

  1. Garden Corals
  2. Japanese Shipwreck
  3. Cliff under the sea

How to get there:

From Cebu City, ride a cab and tell the driver to go to North Bus Terminal. When you get there, check the yellow big buses that has a sign marked ‘’MayaBagay’’. That will take you to the end of Cebu North. The time of travel will be 4-5 hours and the fare will be 100 peso.  When you arrive there, you will see the boats in line beside the port. Ask the boatmen if which one is going to Malapascua. They put 25 pesos on their signs there for boat fares but they actually charge more. The fare would be 100 pesos and the travel time will be an hour. Upon arriving there, you won’t have to worry on getting a hotel room because there are a lot of resorts right on the beach to choose from according to your choice of convenience and budget or you could do an online booking too to ensure of getting one before the date of travel.


  1. It’s ideal to travel on summertime. January-April. for safety on boat travel. Because rainy seasons in the Philippines means typhoons. So the sea will have strong winds and big waves.
  2. Its better to travel early morning to ride on the bus by 6 or 7am. Travelling early will not be too dusty since there are less vehicles. They don’t have air-conditioned  buses on going there.
  3. Do not entertain the dispatchers on the North Bus terminal as they may lead you to the private van which cost very expensive than the regular bus transportation, plus they will ask you money from carrying your bags 5-10 meters away from the bus.





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