Mantayupan Falls

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A picture of Mantayupan Falls

Bored of the city, I had the thought of exploring the place of where I was born, Cebu.

One morning, I decided to go for a tour to the furthest areas away from the city to get a new experience of the province. I thought that it would be romantic and adventurous because I will be spending the day with the love of my life while traveling. My close friend had told me about the  Mantayupan falls. We’d passed through it and I thought of stopping by to check it out because Kawasan falls was under under nature preservation program that time and they were only allowing Kawasan falls Marathon runners.  It was not that far from the city. The falls is located in Barangay Campanga, Municipality of Barili less than 100 kilometers away from the Cebu City.

How to get to Mantayupan Falls:

From Cebu City South Bus Terminal, seek for the bus that has a sign Cebu Via BATO Barili to take you to Mantayupan falls. The fare cost P 70.00 make sure you tell the driver to drop you off in Shamrock Barili.

The people have really made use of Mantayupan falls by making a livelihood out of it. They’ve planted crops on the rice fields next to the falls and made a fish pond where guests are welcome to go fishing and cook the fishes they catch. They sell it for less than P200 per kilo. They also made a mini- hydro electric power system for the town which they have benefited from for more than a decade.

From the main road, we hired a motorbike driver to send us to the falls. The fare had cost P25.00 per person.  When we arrived to Mantayupan falls, I didn’t expect that it would be a very memorable experience for us. We paid for the entrance fee which was P15.00 each to get inside. I was surprised when we got to the falls because it was very beautiful, very high and looks so natural. The locals had took care of it well and didn’t build any cottages around it. The water was freezing cold even if it was noon time.

BE CAREFUL!  If you walk on the rocks of the falls, you need to be careful of the slippery, moss covered rocks. Its so dangerous and you can slip any time if you don’t walk slowly and watch your step. Do not even think of jumping from the top of the falls to the water grounds because it is too high and it all consists of rocks around it. It is really not allowed. Now, for the safety of the people swimming on the falls, wearing a life jacket has become mandatory. The Cooperative who’s managing the entire place are providing the life jacket with P10.00 rental. They have some chairs and umbrellas for rent for as low as P 150.00. For convenience, if you’re taking a car, they have a parking area too . Parking fee costs P 20.00.

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