Mothers day – 5 places Around the world to celebrate

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Mothers day

5 Place Around the World to Celebrate Mother’s Day

If you could take your mom anywhere in the world on mother’s day and money was no object, where would it be?

If you had months of free time and could get tickets anywhere, where would you go?

To celebrate mother’s day around the world, you would have to consider the logistics because many countries celebrate mother’s day on different days.  Queen-Sirikit.jpg


Mother’s Day in Thailand, August 12


If you go to Thailand and want to celebrate mother’s day you will have to honor of helping show respect and love to the Queen.  The Thai people celebrate the mother of all Thai’s, her Majesty Sirikit, the Queen of Thailand.  Her birthday, August 12, is mother day, set by the Thai government.

 mothers day thailand

The Thai people celebrate her birthday by lighting candles and enjoy fireworks in honor of Thailand’s royal mother.  Can you guess what day Father’s day falls on in Thailand?  Thats right the current king’s birthday.


Mother’s Day in Brazil, 2nd Sunday of May

mothers-day-brazilIf you want to celebrate mother’s day with your mom in Brazil, you will have to go there on the second Sunday of May.  In Brazil, Mother’s day is kind of a big deal.  People spend more money on Mother’s day than any other holiday (except Christmas).  People all over Brazil spend time with their mothers and buy gifts.  Surprisingly, Mother’s day is not an official holiday in Brazil.

Mother’s Day in India, 2nd Monday in May

mothers day around the world

mothers day in india

Take your mom to India and she is a goddess of her children.  Although many Indians don’t have money to buy extravagant gifts, they find a way to honor their mom’s with lots of love and caring.  In some areas, mothers are given performances in their honor.

Mother’s day in Sweden

mothers day swedenMothers day in Sweden is celebrated every last Sunday in May. Mothers day is a very special festivities and has been expansively celebrated in 1930’s . Flying the flags, serving mothers with breakfast, children making drawings in schools, singing songs, giving gifts ,asking forgiveness and doing good deeds are all the things that children must do for their mothers. Mothers day in Sweden is equal to celebrating birthdays.

Mothers day Netherlands

Kitchen garden is the worlds largest garden and is called as the ‘ Garden of Europe. It is located at Keukenhof Park, in the town of Lisse , South Holland. It covers 7 million flower bulbs planted annually in 32 hectares land. It is open for viewing 2 months in one year starting March 20- 18th of May.

mothers day netherlands

Tulip Festival Netherlands is one of the most beautiful festivals in the world that all Mothers would love featuring all the tulips in different booths.The event is held every 16th of April until 4th of May. Flowers symbolizes a woman. Flowers come with different colors, scent sizes and shapes.

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