Travel Warning Manila

Travel Warning Manila

This is a travel warning to anyone going into Manila International Airport:  Beware of thieves and extortionist when you arrive in the Philippines.

Although Manila has many things to do and see there is a lot of corruption there.  In my opinion, Manila is a poor representation of Filipinos because many people that I met in Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, Cagiun were cool.

I have noticed that most overcrowded cities are full of mean, unhappy, people in a rush to go nowhere.  Many people in Manila are not actually from Manila but came from other towns.  So if you ask directions you will notice that only few people are familiar of streets & avenues around the city.

Metro Manila has developed a lot over the years.  Make sure you have a map or better yet a gps to help you get around the city.

An experience I had in Manila Airport:

A taxi driver service tried to rip me off the minute I got into Manila.  I came in on Ninoy Aquino International Airport and needed to go to Cebu.  An older gentlemen told me that I need to go to Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4.  Since I am familiar with the lies, deceit, corruption and hustling that goes on in Manila, I did not immediately trust this well dressed gentleman.  Since I had NO idea where to go, I followed him and thanked him as he offered to put my luggage toward a waiting taxi.  He spoke a quick phrase of Tagalog.. too fast for me to catch the few words I knew.

He ushered me in the cab on its way to Manila Domestic from Ninoy Aquino and then had the crazy audacity to ask for a tip.  I don’t know what the custom is in the Philippines, but in the US its rude.  Tips are earned by good service, gratuity is expect for waitresses.

“100 pesos.. no, thats to small in my country.  500 pesos.. yeah.. thats about right”.

Since I could not be bothered to take 2 minutes to know the conversion of dollar to peso BEFORE I got to Manila, I was hustled for a 10 dollar tip.  The mother fuckin’ taxi drive laughed and the clean cut Filipino man shut my door to send me on my way.

At that moment I realized I am a dumb American about to be led to god knows where.  The taxi driver smiled with a little small talk, “where you from?”  “where you going?”  “on business?”  At this point I was pissed off.  My answers were short, cold as I began to work up the nerve to punch this guy in the face or fight my way out of any awaiting ambush.  I kept thinking of his laugh at my HUGE tip.

By the grace of god, the taxi driver took me to the right place.  “That will be 500 pesos,” he said with a straight face.  500 pesos for a 5 minute ride.

“Are you trying to hustle me?”  I asked him.

“No, sir.  Thats the price.”

“I will give you 150.  You know,”  I said.  “I am here to spend money and enjoy your country.  I am a guest.  If you treat tourists like this.. no one will come here.”

He gave a nervous smile.  I paid him and I got out.

“Welcome to the Philippines,” I thought.


Travel Warning Manila

Chief Saballa my old boss, a Filipino-American, gave me a warning about roaming around Manila alone.  “Foreigners in Manila.. even me, have to be careful.  You should not go alone.  And definitely don’t walk around alone and drunk.”

Another bit of advice about Manila, I have gotten from several people is to watch out for the street kids.


“I saw a kid cut out a guys back pocket and take a wallet,” — and old co-worker

“Allows put your money in your sock just incase they take your wallet” — old boss

“Put your wallet in the front.. NEVER in the back pocket” — girlfriend

“poor kids?  No.. they will rob you.. you have to watch out”  — friend

“You give those kids money. YOu know what they do with it.. They give it to a handler” — girlfriend

Tip:  ‘’Always walk fast, ignore the kids and any strangers.

s and any strangers.

Cebu Girls Bar Girls

Cebu Girls Bar Girls

Prostitution is illegal in the Philippines BUT its still happens.  The Philippine government has made it illegal however they turn a blind eye to it (most of the time).   Certain Cebu Girls: Bar Girls (and strip clubs) try to keep it discrete by using “bar fines” to purchase the service.  If your are looking for filipinas, clubs are still the fastest place to find them.

Here are some of the Cebu Girls: Bar Girls  that offers fine quality Cebuanas:

Ratings of Drink Prices:

  • Cheap(below 100 pesos)
  • Average( 100 – 150 pesos)
  • Expensive (above 150 pesos)

*~40 Filipino pesos – to 1 US dollar

1. Arena Ktv Lounge

Located at North Reclamation Area corner road along Gen.  Maxilom Ave.

Arena bar has a greek inspired design. It offers beautiful ladies with sexy curves or petite, skinny bodies.  Some of them are actually models in Cebu who works there part time so you can expect a high quality of girls. Bar fine in that bar is expensive but its worth it to have sex with a model (good sex not guaranteed).

Entrance fee: 200.00

Drinks: average- expensive

Bar Fine: P 6,000.00

arena bar cebu girl

arena bar cebu girl

View Cebu Girls Map in a larger map

2. Club Harem

Located in Subangdaku, Mandaue

The bar has stairs where the girls dance while stepping on the way down seductively. Girls are pretty and sexy . High quality Cebu girls!!

Entrance Fee:

Drinks: average- expensive

Bar Fine: P 7,000- P 8,000.00

Love City Bar

Love City Bar

View Cebu Girls Map in a larger map

3. Dolvo KTV & Bar

Located in Cogon Ramos F. Ramos St. Cebu City, Cogon Ramos across Holiday Plaza Hotel, Ramos Blvd., Cebu City.

The bar has nice seating arrangement and placed the stage on the center so everyone can see them from many angles.  All of them are good looking, sexy girls.  You will find that most are taller than the average girl.

Entrance fee P 200.00

Drinks : cheap- average prices

Bar Fine: P 6,000.00

Dolvo Cebu Bar Girls

Picture of Dolvo KTV Bar

View Larger Map

4. Club Mermaid

Located at Quezon National Highway Pusok, Lapu-lapu City (+63 32 340 6190 ‎ ·

Do you like your Cebu girls WET and ready?  The girls bathe their beautiful bodies with the built-in shower on the stage while performing.  The show normally starts at late midnight.

Cebu Girls in Mermaid

Cebu Girl

cebu girl mermaid

cebu girl


cebu girl mermaidThese little mermaids are good-looking, hot ladies waiting to tease men.

Drinks : cheap to average
Bar Fine: P 3,500.00 – above

club mermaid cebu girls

club mermaid cebu girls

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5. White Castle KTV Bar

Located at Airport Road, Pusok, 6015 Baragay Pusok, Mactan, Lapu-lapu City. 

–> Cops raid Mactan KTV bar 8 girls, 35 women rescued 

Be aware that the risk of underage girls in these bars is high.  “The cooperative action by the PNP, DOJ, and DSWD, sends a strong message that the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation will not be tolerated in 2012,” — IJM Cebu field office director Andrey Sawchenko

6. Infinity KTV & Music Lounge

Infinity located at Archbishops Reyes Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.  Infinity is walking distance away from Ayala mall.  Some of the girls look pretty with the exotic “island girl” smooth, brown-skin that many westerners fantasize about.

Drinks: cheap – average price

Bar fine : P 6,000.00

Infinity Lounge Cebu Girls

Infinity Lounge Cebu Girls

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7. Strip clubs in Colon

These strip clubs are located in Sanciangko St. Colon, Cebu City

These are simple ordinary clubs with girls dancing on the stage in sexy two-piece bikini . The bars are what you might call a “whole in the wall”.  The this is EXACTLY the type of place some guys look for for their cheap prices compared to the other bars listed above. Some of the girls are cute, some are pretty, most have nice body figures. It’s worth checking out.  Colon is not the nicest part of Cebu but there are still many Expats & foreigners so how bad can it be.

Drinks – cheap price

Bar Fine: P1,500.00

strip clubs

strip clubs


8. Pussycat Bar

Located at Mango Avenue, Cebu City

The bar is not spacious. It has one pool table on the left side.  Their dance stage is placed next to the bar table where the drinks are served. The girls are boring and do not dance well but they are good looking, young and don’t look used up. Body type of the girls are thin with a little curves.

Drinks – Cheap price

Bar fine is P 1,500.00 – P 2,500.00


9. Love City Bar & KTV

Located at Mango Avenue, Cebu City. Love City Bar has a few really good dancers.  The bar has a VIP room with KTV.  The dance floor for the girls is on the center of the bar and seats are on the sides and corners.  Most are fine thin goodlooking ladies. Although you might see some unsightly belly jiggling and wiggling on stripper pole on a few girls, there are still some cute ladies.  Some of the girls look too young.. JAIL young.. White Castle young (you have been warned). It shows because their body seems not very developed yet.

“Girls here are not allowed to go with the customers – No Barfine’”

Drinks – Cheap – average price

VIP KTV room – P 1,500.00

Love City Bar

Love City Bar


10. Las Vegas

Located across SM Mall, Cebu. It is a newly built KTV bar with many Cebu girls  who will entertain you in the bar. The girls in Las Vegas bar can be taken home overnight with a bar fine.

Drinks: cheap-average

Las Vegas Cebu

Las Vegas Cebu Girls


Why a Bar Girl and Not Street Girl?

The appeal of Cebu Bar girls over a random street hooker is that Cebu Bar girls tend to be more safe. They  undergo weekly hygiene and papsmear test every after several months for prevention from sexual diseases and AIDS.  Although it is still Best for Guys to use Protection to ensure your safety.  If you go out on the street she may cost 500 pesos but you may be purchasing a disease.  Some are addicts, some have reached a level of life that is so desparate that they must do anything for just a few peso, on the streets you DON’t KNOW what you are getting!  AIDS, HIV, robbed or maybe just a nice, cheap quickie.  You are rolling the dice.

Getting Robbed in Cebu

Cebu overall feels more safe than Manila.  But remember it depends on what part of the city you are in.  No matter where you are you should not be alone.  You should drink responsibly and be aware of pick pockets.  Put you wallet in your front pocket.  Don’t carry ALL your money and valuables on you.  Only carry what you need.  Don’t wear a lot of jewelry.  If you MUST take lots of money then don’t keep it in your wallet.  Put it in your sock, underwear anything.

manila girls

Traveling to the capital of the Philippines ?

Want to hook up with a Manila girl?

 Whether you are a foreigner or a local, there are more Manila filipinas than there are guys.  The girls are aggressive for two main reasons:

 1. They want a guy to give them money (ESPECIALLY a foreigner)

2. Its hard to find a good guy in Manila since most guys are taken

For foreigners, Manila is full of hustlers.  You are more likely to be ripped off by a taxi or have a kid steal your wallet than to be stabbed.  Its a bad idea to roam around drunk, alone at night.  Its best to go with a partner or group.  Having a wing man will steal your nerve for a no strings attached, hook up with a Manila girl on your vacation.

Unlike Angeles City you cannot just grab any woman there.  You will need to be a little more smooth and respectful and maybe even discrete.  Although ladies are all over the city. Here are the list of places on where to find the most opportunity for a Manila women hook up.

 1. Malls (Robinsons Malls, Mall of Asia, any malls around Manila) – The locals hit up the malls to find a mate.  If you are travelling to Manila for a lady, you may want to do the same.  Dating a foreigner in the Philippines is no big deal so you may be able to find a girl that works in the mall. Start by just asking politely where to find girls around the area, and they will let you know or even give you their number.


manila girls

manila girls go to robinsons

2.Spa/Massage places – Some massage places offer more than just a back rubs.  But even if the massage place does not offer a happy endings you could just ask the working massage girl if she will extend the service in your hotel room, you can ask the girls mobile number and communicate to meet after shift :-). They won’t refuse to date if they like you.  That is potentially free sex .

manila girls philippine

manila girls philippine

 3. Disco Bars/Restobars – to get a more decent girl to hook up with, a bar might be the best place. Most of the young professionals in Manila area hang out on this areas for a drink to relax  after a stressful day at work or to have fun on the weekend. Some hookers may hang out at the  bars.

manila girls clubs

 4. Manila Bay ( Baywalk ) – many people hang in this area.  On Baywalk you will see groups of friends hanging out and prostitutes looking for clients.  If you’re walking alone the girls will approach to offer sex for some amount. Less than 50 usd.

manila girls strip clubs


5. Star Fleet Relax Zone  –  Fish bowl style “relax zone”.  Basically, dozens of beautiful Manila girls ready to provide services for a low price.   The prostitutes are lined up for the customers to pick which ones they want to take home.  Just ask the Taxi drivers to take you where they are located.

3rd Floor Oyster Plaza Bldg. II, Ninoy Aquino Avenue cor.

 Kabihasnan Road, Parañaque City 1700 Phils.

Tel: 829-3861 / 829-0304 / 829-7081       TeleFax: 820-7572

online manila girl

online manila girl

6. Online dating sites – this is one of the most effective way of meeting Manila women for sex or for a relationship since they’re always up to guy hunting. It can also be more than just sex.  If you want a more serious relationship just make sure you take your time to get to know them.  And don’t give money.  Before you commit to anything serious make sure you meet them first.  Its hard to find a match.


Is India Safe For Women?

india taj mahal rapeWe recently thought of traveling to India to see the birth place of Hinduism, Buddhism and many of the most profound explorations of human thoughts.  But then I see all the rapes of children & tourists in the news in the last year.

india fight against rape

india fight against rape (

(Arijit Sen/Hindustan Times/Getty Images)

Irish aid worker raped in India

rape protest

rape protest

5 year old raped in India

anti rape protest india

We decided its really not safe at all to travel there (particularly for women).  I just wonder why there is so much happening now.  And for god’s sake Why children??  How could this happen?     I got curious and started looking at actual statistics:


rape – courtesy of

The numbers of indexmundi come from United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime.

…number of rapes reported to police per 100,000 inhabitants. According to the UN data, the country with the highest rate of reported rapes is Botswana (92.9), while the country with the lowest rate is Egypt (0.1).

India is not the top the “rape statistics”.  This may be due to lack of reporting that its not high on the list.  And perhaps the shock of the recent attacks (children raped to death and violent protests) is what is giving India so much international attention.

Since Indian women are putting a stop to these horrible crimes, the media is anxious to watch history take shape.

Is India Safe For Women?  No.  They seem to be selecting “soft targets” or people that cannot defend themselves.  Then they overpower them with many and then leave the woman for dead.  The cases are happening in the poor areas of India.  Its a shame because India has such an amazing culture.  But I will never take the women I love there and if i do go it will be to kick someone ass.

I hope humanity to get it together on this.  Sometimes I am not so sure.

Hong Kong Girls

hong kong girls

hong kong girls

If you have thought about hooking up with a Hong Kong girl, you have come to the right place.   Hong Kong is wealthy with all kinds of beautiful women of all races.  If you want a Chinese woman who is strung out on her luck and working for a few years in the sex industry of Hong Kong, or a young fililpina mother of three breaking her temporary visa to survive on world’s cruel justice.  Or perhaps you prefer an overprice Russian Blonde bomshell that did not quite make it modeling in mother Russia.  Whatever your taste might be, you can find is among the 7 million souls of Hong Kong.

Where to find Hong Kong Girls

So you get the Hong Kong International Airport and you want to know where to find hot, fun girls of Hong Kong.  Where do you go?

There are many to choose from.  However because the of the fast pace homogenious ways of Hong Kong people it seems the women are unapproachable.  But if you know where to go you can find a girl  for sure.  And NOT just a prostitute.  We have broken this up into three categories:

  • HK girls (not for sale) – where to find Hong Kong Girls just want to have fun.. at the bars – where to go to find the girls that are looking for you!

  • Hong Kong Girls You can pay to play

    courtesy of

    courtesy of

HK girls  (NOT for sale) – There are over 7 million people in Hong Kong and MORE than 50% are women and many are single and looking for a man.  If you search on the Internet you will see quickly that Hong Kong girls have a bad rap, seen as materialistic gold diggers or even ugly.  But you should go to Hong Kong and see for yourself.  Hong Kong women are not only attractive, there they have their own money.  But don’t be intimidated, successful super Chinese women need love too.  I think its true that they are rather selective and most want a guy that is at least as successful and attractive as themselves.  Gold Diggers?? Every race and country has them.  Ugly?  look in the mirror.. how many people think you are ugly?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I was in Hong Kong and I will be honest and say that there are many lovely girls and also many that I would not call attractive.  But if you are looking for more than just sex, perhaps an average looking lady who is willing won’t cheat you and maybe even shower you will love and respect rather than a Hong Kong girl who is a 10 but want to use you and is lousy in bed and cold hearted.  There is more to life than looks.

Here are some places to find HK girls (not for sale):

Hong Kong Redlight District – Yes, you can find NON pay for play girls in hong kong’s redlight districts.

More info into the heart and mind of Hong Kong girls:

successful Hong Kong Girls cannot find a guy

Super Chinese Women –

4 types of HK girl


Hong Kong Prostitues

First of all you need to know that prostitution is LEGAL in Hong Kong.  Organized prostitution (i.e. brothels) is illegal but an individual person may sell sex as a service and promote themselves via the Internets and/or local classified ads.

1 6 1 s e x dot com

s e x 1 4 1 dot com


Hong Kong Red Light District

The locals don’t call it “Red Light District” since that is an English colloquial some Chinese people are not even familiar with that term.  These areas are in Mong Kok, Tsim Sa Tsui, and Wan Chai districts.  More on Hong Kong Red Light District here.

When searching for “red-light” district You might find it in google map outside hong kong

 Jordan Road is another hot spot you may find ladies offering individual service.  To get around to all the other spots use the MTR station located at Jordan and Nathan Road.

Hong Kong


hong kong







Hong Kong is a great vacation spot.  Its a very wealthy, clean port-metropolis that allows you to experience China in bite size portions.  If you have a choice between Thailand, Philippines, or Hong Kong.. then I would be Hong Kong LAST as it is MUCH more expensive though it gives more opportunity for first world comforts.

Transportation, food and hotels are all very convenient since so many tourist frequently visit Hong Kong.

hong kong

Hong Kong is Expensive?

One of the first things I heard from people that had been to Hong Kong is that it is expensive.  After seeing it for myself I would say, yes and no.  Compared to other South East Asian tourist spots (Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines) YES .. HELL YES (with the exception of electronics).   The “expensive” is relative.  Compared to a European holiday NO.. HEL NO its not expensive compared to Germany, for example.

 Although you will have a very hard time beating food & lodging prices in Thailand/Indonesia/or Philippines you can find some decent prices online for Hong Kong hotels.  Just like anywhere else, you can spend as much as you want but will have to really think ahead to get a reasonable budget for decent service.  Hong Kong can get VERY expensive VERY fast. Hong Kong is the New York of South East Asia (not as expensive, not as rude, not as convenient but almost as fancy and convenient).

Hostel to Hotel Hong Kong

Hong Kong hotel

If you want SUPER cheap and comfort/convenience is secondary then try a Hong Kong Hostel.  You can stay in a Hong Kong hostel for 30USD (200HKD) or less per night like USA Hostel here are some other hostels:

 If you want a comfortable place with a good prices then you will have to spend a little more.  60+USD (400HKD) is what you may have to spend unless you get a pretty good deal online.

If money is no object then check out Hong Kong’s Shangrila.  It gets up to 500+USD/per night (4000HKD).

Electronics of Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Finding GREAT price on electronics is a huge plus for going to Hong Kong.  You can get a brand new, name brand laptop for 20-30% less than you would spend in the US or Europe.  You will see more variety for better cost than you would see in other South East Asian countries other than main land China (or maybe Singapore).  You find cool stuff in Japan but they want you to sell your soul and children along with a 30% mark-up.

There are whole streets dedicated to electonics.   And whole buildings such as Golden Computer Center on Fuk Wa street.  Other streets include: Apliu Street Flea Market.  More here.

Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

For food try a side street restaurant.  The prices are very cheap and the food is good.  There is a great variety of food in Hong Kong.  There is every type of Asian cuisine but also western foods.

 Places to Shop in Hongkong

1. Sham Shui Po

a video of  Sham Shui Po Market

2. Ladies Market and other parts of Mongkok are places to shop for cheap clothes, bags, purses, souvenirs and more. There are also many stores selling name brand products.











3. Wan Chai in Hongkong Island – has western designer fashion stores such as Abercrombie, Dolce & Gabbana and other famous brand names.


Cool stuff about Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the world.  Since its a “Special Administrative District” of the People Republic of China, it feels more like a very westernized country with many Chinese residence rather than REAL China.  Its China (communism not included).  I have seen more McDonald’s there then I saw of Hammer & Sickle.  There is a difference between people from China and Chinese people from Hong Kong.

If you were to generalize all Chinese people, then this difference is completely LOST on you.  But  if you are interested in Hong Kong even a little you will appreciate that Hong Kongers will be upset if you mistake them for a Chinese citizen and that they take pride in speaking CANTONESE which is NOT Mandarin.  Also, most Hong Kong citizens speak some English.  English is on EVERY sign and many menus across town (sometimes English is there with NO Chinese).  English is the official language of business in Hong Kong.  I don’t mean to be rude but I found Hong Kong manners MUCH better than that of my fellow Chinese travelers.  And Hong Kong people have better fashion sense than Chinese citizens, in my humble opinion.

I hope this is not taken as a bad opinion of Chinese citizens.   So to end on a positive note, Chinese people will rule the world in about 5 years and I plan on learning Mandrin in the near future LOL.. And I am learning to be more rude.. I am working on it… JOKE.  Not all Chinese people are rude, of course.  I was helped several times while in Hong Kong while lost.. very nice people!  I may learn Cantonese instead of Mandarin.

 Hong Kong Lantau, Big BuddhaStuff To Do in Hong Kong

For drinking and girls go to the Hong Kong redlight district.  But some of the more popular places include Disneyland, Hong Kong, Macau (for gambling), Tian Tan Buddha, Lantua,  Ocean Park.


Ocean ParkHong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Redlight District

If you tell a taxi driver in Hong Kong “take me to the red-light district”, they will not know what you are talking about.

Hong Kong Redlight

When searching for “red-light” district You might find it in google map outside hong kong

Jordan Road is another hot spot you may find ladies offering individual service.  To get around to all the other spots use the MTR station located at Jordan and Nathan Road

I was in Hong Kong looking for fun.  I jumped in the cab and told the cabbie “redlight district”.  He did not know what I was talking about.  The locals don’t call it “redlight district”.  But they do have areas that have “redlight district” activities.

These areas are in Mong Kok, Tsim Sa Tsui, and Wan Chai districts:

hong kong redlight

Mong Kok – some westerners call this a Hong Kong redlight district.  It is in the Yau Tsim Mong District on Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong.

Portland Street

Mong Kok includes part of Portland Street which is a major Hong Kong redlight area. If you are on the MTR you get off at the Mong Kok station and Exit C2, C4, E1.  Portland street has many brothels run by the Chinese Triad.

8 Mong Kok

more information hong kong girls 8 Mong kok – 8 Mong Kok –

King Hing Building No. 52-54 Argyle St ( entrance to the building is around the corner on Fa Yuen St. )

Tsim Sa Tsui – abbreviated as TST, this part of Hong Kong Redlight in southern Kowloon, Hong Kong.

All Night Long – is a bar to find ladies for hook ups.  Not only prostitutes.  9 Knutsford Terrace Tsim Sha Tsui, 2367 9487.

Hong Kong redlight

Wan Chai districts –  is a metropolitan area in the western part of the northern shore of Hong Kong Island.

Laguna – 1/F, 17-21 Fenwick St, Wan Chai

Traffik – 3/F The Phoenix, 21-25 Luard Rd, Wan  Chai

Neptume – B/F, 98-108 Jaffe Rd, Wan Chai

Playmate – playmate com hk

Secret Woman – secretwoman net

My Secret Massage – hongkonglife net

Dusk Till Dawn – bar for hookups 76-84 Jaffe Rd, Wan Chai, 2528 4689

Bar George – bar for hookups 38-44 D’Aguilar St, Central, 2521 2202

Mes Amis – bar for hookups 81-85 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, 2527 6680

Directions to hook up bars of D’Aguilar Street:

The best way to get to Hong Kong island is from MTR.  Catch  TSUI Wan line to central – and then walk through Exit D1.  Walk across the street to reach 21D  D’Aquilar strt


Hong Kong Food

eel sushi hong kong


We had a few great dishes in Hong Kong.  This eel sushi was very tasty with a little mayonnaise dressing on the plate which made it creamy adding to the sweet sauced soaked in the eel.


noodles in hong kong


The noodles are the best in Hong Kong.  Good almost everytime.  Ramen or udon you cannot go wrong with noodles.

Watch out for under cooked poultry.

boiled duck hong kong

We had a great 36oz Steak at the Scene Bar.  With live music, mixed drinks and a HUGE salad it was not bad, but the price was too high (600+HKD).

36 oz steak Hong Kongsalad hong kong


Camotes Island

Camotes Island is a very affordable vacation spot frequented by people from all over the Philippines.  Filipinos love it because it has so much to offer.  There are caves, a lake, beautiful beaches with white sands, hotels, and not as many drivers and tourist guides trying to lure you into pricey deals.  All of this is available at a fraction of the price you would pay in famous islands like Palawan, Bohol or Boracay.

Santiago Bay is one of the more popular places in Camotes that has the hotel accommodations.


Hotels Located in Santiago Bay, San Francisco Camotes, Cebu City:

1. Santiago Bay Beach Resort – rates start from P1,000.00 – P 5,000.00

camotes santiago bay

2. Bellavista Hotel -P 1,300.00 overnight stay

camotes Bella Vitsa Hotel

Camotes island consists of three main towns:

1. Poro

2. Tudela

3. San Francisco

*Pilar is the fourth town of Camotes but its separated from the island. People need to ride on a boat to reach this neighboring town because there’s no bridge built to connect them.

There are 3 small Restaurants Located in Santiago Bay, Camotes:

1. Pito’s Sutokil


2. Nena’s Grill and Drinks

Camotes Nena's Grill & Drinks

3. Rees’ Sizzling and Seafood Restaurant

camotes rees'

These restaurants have a few rooms to stay although there’s NO AIR CONDITIONING and private bathroom.

Disadvantage of Camotes

The biggest disadvantage of the island’s hotels is that there’s no wifi and they only have 1 cell tower, its Globe Telecom.

My Camotes Journal

*Jeepney to Port*

On Thursday morning January 24, 2013, I woke up early for my trip to camotes. I rode a jeepney from the mall at the back street of A.S Fortuna. Mandaue. Luckily, the driver sent me directly to the port but they usually drop off the passengers in the terminal. The jeepney routes have now changed. It used to be across Jollibee in A.s. fortuna branch.

Jumalia Shipping trips were cancelled on Jan. 23, 2013 so I had to take a pump boat on the way to Sonog Port.

Outrigger Style Boat (terrifying)

Travelling in the passenger pump outrigger style boat is quite shaky and sometimes scary especially if its raining with big waves in the sea. In the middle of my travel in the wavy sea, I was getting bored yawning looking at the water when I saw a dolphin beside the bamboo ama of the boat! I was very excited and happy seeing more group of dolphins!

Upon arriving, the small boat had a hard time departing because of the big waves. The locals had to help the boatmen pull the rope and successfully tie it on the rocks.

It was continually shaking so I ran fast from the plank to get down from the boat. It was already passed 5 O’clock when I arrived. I hired a driver to send me to a resort to stay for the night.

camotes dock

Sonog port


A Tour Of Camotes

He offered me a tour for a cheap price since we would pass the tourist spots on the way to the hotel. There were three top tourist places I wanted to see in Camotes: A cave, an untouched,very white sand beach and a big lake.

There are many other places to see in Camotes. Places to visit :

1. Timubo Cave – P 15.00 entrance

Camotes Tamubo Cave

2. Bakhaw beach – P 10.00 entrance

Camotes Bakhaw

3. Lake Danao – P 15.00 entrance

Camotes Lake Danao

4. Bukilat Cave

5. Holy Crystal Cave

6. Tulang Diot


7. Taliwang Bas

8. Mangodlong Rock Resort

As the tour finished, we headed to the resort for my overnight stay in Santiago Bay beach.

As I had a long tiring day, I went to bed early.

The Santiago Bay beach has a very wide beach with white sand.

I started swimming quickly even if the water is only up to knee. After an hour, it was time for breakfast, and a cup of coffee. I took pictures while waiting for the food.

After eating, it was time to pack and check out from the hotel room to catch the afternoon boat trip from Jumalia Shipping, a cargo ship. I felt safer because I didn’t feel it shaking so much from inside while resting in my seat. What I learned is to never travel by sea if there’s a nearby typhoon around Visayas area because its really dangerous.


1. Jeepney fare Mandaue -Danao. – P 30.00

2.PumpBoat fare Danao -Sonog – P 180.00

3. Terminal fee – P 5.00

4. Tour + fare to Santiago bay – P 400.00

5. Fare from Santiago bay to port – P 50.00

6.Jumalia shipping boat fare – P 200.00

7. Terminal fee -P 5.00

8. Jeepney fare Danao -Mandaue. – P 30.00

Camotes Boat

Camotes Danao Boat Schedule

Things to do in Cebu City

Things to do in Cebu City

What to do in Cebu City?

cebu cityCebu is is the second capital of the Philippines which is also called as the Queen City of the south. The city is surrounded with the nearby beautiful islands for diving & snorkeling off the shore of white sand beaches.

You can go to whatever beach you want.  It just depends on your budget and how far want to travel.  The budget will determine the accommodations and it ranges from very cheap prices of resort to luxurious resort location on paradise islands.

A little Cebu History

cebu city Rajah HumabonMore than 300 years ago, Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan came to introduce Christianity to  Rajah Humabon (, the leader of Cebu City . Magellan made a cross as a symbol of their friendship that now became one of the tourist spot in Cebu.  Today, this is a popular tourist spot in Cebu City known as Magellan’s Cross Cebu city Magellan's Cross.


Magellan’s Cross is not the only place to visit in Cebu.

Other places to visit  are the following:

Lapu-Lapu Shrine – Statue of the warrior Datu Lapu-Lapu, a native leader who defeated Spanish soldiers.cebulapulapu

Parian Monument – cement, steel, collage depicting the Cebu heritage built right on the original Plaza Parian in Cebu City.Parian Monument

Yap Ancestral House – One of the oldest existing structural residential houses in the Philippines located in the Parian District of Cebu City.

cebu city

Skywalk and edge Coaster of Crown Regency Hotel Fuente Osmena – Roller coaster attraction built on the tallest building in Cebu.

cebu city crown regeny coaster

Sto. Nino Cathedral – Oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines.

Sto. Nino Cathedral cebu citty things to do

Fort San Pedro – Military fort built by Spanish and indigenous Cebuano labourers under the command of Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in the 18th Century.

ft san pedro cebu city

Museo Sugbo – Cebu Provincial Museum located in Cebu City.

museo sugbo cebu city                                              from totally

Casa Rosario – house built in the mid-19th century in the historic Parian district of Cebu City.

cebu city Casa Rosario                                              tripvisor – casa rosario

Taoist Temple – 1972, the Cebu Taoist Temple

taoist temple cebu city

Tops – popular observation deck that offers romantic views of the city.

cebu city tops                                              Cebu City, Tops

Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Cebu City

Sinulog Festival in Cebu City

The most Interesting to see in Cebu City is the Sinulog Festival that happens only once a year every third Sunday of January, where cebuanos and participants from different provinces joins for the contest of dances with colorful glittered costumes. This dance contest celebration started for the worship of people for Senior Sto Nino the son of God.

source: filipino star news

Places to eat

If you are curious to try Filipino food, here is the list of restaurants with delicious variety of food:

Golden Courie  – located at  lahug and in ayala mall

Abuhan Restaurant– located at IT park and ramos St.

Mr. A – located on top of the mountain . overview of cebu city while eating

AA’s Barbecue – located beside the plaza independencia and Mabolo

Joe’s Chicken – for tasty chicken barbecue with cheap price

Jerry’s Grill – ayala and sm mall

Mang Inasal – Colon, E-mall, Sm mall, Grand mall Lapu-Lapu, La Nueva Lapu-Lapu, Gaisano Mactan &                                                                                                                                                                     Gaisano Tabunok

Lantaw Restaurant – located at Cordova Cebu City, seaview restaurant

Sutukil Restaurant– located in Opon and Mactan Area

American food and other type of cuisines are available around the city.

This is just a small list of things to do while visiting the Queen City of the South.  Each of these things offer rich culture for very little money and in many cases free.  If you are not Filipino you may catch a lot of stares from the locals however you will find most people their are ok and even accustom to different faces.
Types of Transportation:
1. Jeepneys – P 8.00
2. KMK buses – route is Sm – Talisay City /vice versa- fare is P 20.00
3. Cabs -meter starts at P 40.00, average fare around the city is less than P 100.00

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