Party Cebu: Top 8 Cebu Clubs

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Cebu Party

its better in the phils!!

One of the more popular places in Cebu is Mango Square.  It is a place where the locals and foreigners go to party and drink. In this area, you can find different kinds of entertainment such as comedy bars, karaoke bars, disco bars and strip clubs when you walk straight to Mango Avenue.

There are also plenty of places to eat and drink across Mango square.  You will find restaurants like Mang Inasal, Xiamen, Sunburst, Chowking and Jollibee are available.

Top 8 Clubs in Cebu


Cebu Club


 宿霧 J.Ave.  is a great place to go clubbing, drinking and partying as well as hooking up with the girls  (for free). J Ave is located at Mango Square.  Though there are many prostitutes in that club that will approach you.. sometimes if they like you they won’t charge you for the sex.  This disco club is one of the top spots of locals.  Foreigners are very welcome there. They serve different kinds of beverages and alcoholic drinks. The club serves food and appetizers. They have VIP seating  on the corners and upstairs that cost P2,500 can accommodate 6-10 persons. If you are on a budget, the club has provided seats for free or you can stand on the bar side to look around. If you are new in town and looking for company (for free). This is the right place for you. There are plenty of Cebuanas that will fit even the most finicky appetite.  You can approach them, buy them some drinks, dance and talk then.. move to a more private party lol.

Entrance fee: P 100.00

Club P.U.M.P

Club P.U.M.P

‘ Club Pump is the second in line for top “hook up” spots. The club is located at the back of Cebu Grand Convention Center near Ayala mall. They serve alcoholic drinks, beers and food for cheap. This is a “Korean Territory” which means that most of the people you see here are Koreans and mostly play Korean music.  You will hear “Gangnam Style” all night until your ears bleed. If you’re a foreigner and looking for girls,  you can try this club too since there are many girls that come to hunt.


Entrance fee: P 100.00

 Weekdays are ladies night






loft cebu club



Loft is a class A club in Cebu City.  This is located at IT park across the 3 star Waterfront Hotel where the call center businesses are. There are many restaurants near the club. The kind of music they play are techno, Dub step and instrumental. The security is strict to ensure the safety of the guests.


Entrance Fee: P 300.00

Weekdays are ladies night





cebu vudu


Vudu is a high class drinking place in Crossroads Banilad Cebu City with a peaceful ambience.

The bar has an elegant design surrounded with blue colored lights. The club plays jazz and slow types of music. There’s no entrance fee in this pub though the prices of drinks are more expensive compared to the other clubs.  Dress decently so you won’t look trashy when you get there.





courtesy of City Girl Diaries


Pipeline is a place to drink chill and to play pool. If you are a big sports fan this is the place for you! There’s no entrance fee and free charge for playing. They serve local brands of beers and few alcoholic drinks. In front of Pipeline is the Rainbow Karaoke bar. The place is a walking distance from Club Pump.







[caption id="attachment_23" align="alignleft" width="150"]mo2 resto bar MO2 Restobar



MO2 DiscoBar is another place to party.It is divided with a restaurant,an outdoor restobar with a band playing music and a discobar. They also have pool tables, and a ktv bar . MO2 is located at North Reclamation Area.







Rainbow KTV is for entertainment for singing with group of friends and family. This is a 24 hour bar with wide flat screen televisions and a good quality of sound system.



Red Hot Chili Bar is a bar to watch women dancing on the stage (they look bored though and not really entertaining  but you can play pool at the corner of the bar for free. You just need to purchase some drinks. Prices are not high.

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