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Pattaya is like the the Las Vegas of Thailand... but replace fancy flashy casinos with a few hundred bars, GoGo bars,  and dance clubs.   And then imagine 100s of prostitutes lining the streets… oh, and beaches, too.

There are tourists from all over the world packing the sidewalks, catching “baht buses” or just hanging out.  According the Bangkok Post, Thailand’s travel and tourism industry will contribute 6.7% of the GDP (2007).  People are attracted to the Nightlife of Pattaya, the girls of Pattaya, low prices,  culture of Thailand and the kindness of many of the Thai people.

pattaya beach

Pattaya beach

Soi 6-8 are packed with restobars and “bar girls” constantly trying to get guys into their bars.  If you are with family or a significant other or simply want to be left in peace, its best not to stay in those areas.

1. Flipper House Hotel Soi 7 — Buffet breakfast, Thai and American breakfast

Wifi signal may be weak inside the hotel

Pattaya Beach line

Pattaya Beach line

room but works better in the lobby and restaurant area

150 baht 24 hrs

unlimited Internet

390 baht 1 week unlimited Internet

The hotel requires a 500 baht deposit from the guest upon checking in.



2. Bella Vista Soi 7 (Eastiny group of companies) — There are MANY Eastiny’s all over Thailand.  The Soi 7 Easiny (Bella Vista) has good rooms for a reasonable budget.  The furniture is quite old.  ONE HUGE unfortunate thing about Bella Vista Eastiny Soi 7, is that all sound goes to every room adjacent.  If you want privacy, we DO NOT recommend Bella Vista at all.

300 baht 1 week unlimited Internet


pattaya food

pattaya food Nautical Inn

My partner and I are food lovers.  As compatible as we are in life, we are from different worlds when it comes to food.  We are both adventurous with food, but our taste buds are very different.  Her tastes are more refined.  She can taste the individual ingredients used and how they were cooked at what temperature and whether or not the cook was in a good mood.  My taste buds are more caveman like.. my tastes buds say, “GROG, LIKE FUD, FUD GUD!!”  Her taste buds say, “what a fine meal.  Shall we have wine?”

So Foodloft made us have a fight to the death.  I like foodloft. I want to say that I LOVE foodloft but i am afraid my partner will laugh at my foolishness.  She hates Foodloft.

Note:  Customer service is something that varies from country to country.  I must say that as kind as the Thai people are, customer service is really not the best in Thailand.

Here are the List of Restaurants and ratings:

Pattaya Tequila Reef

Pattaya Tequila Reef

1. Tequila Reef Cantina

Mexican Restaurant in Soi 7 PATTAYA Beach Road has very tasty ribs and grilled chicken.

Their Margarita is perfect!!! Fit for the ladies who doesn’t like a strong taste of alcohol.

Beer Garden / Biergarten in Sukhumwit Soi 7

Beer Garden

2. Beer Garden Pattaya – ‘We’ll Bowl you in’

– Steamed snapper fish , they serve good food and drinks, and a fun atmosphere that makes it hard to leave.  The music and videos from 50’s – 90’s will make you laugh and reminisce.

“Great Customer Service’’ , welcoming and smiling staffs great food and drinks they serve delicious thai food and roasted chicken

 3. Cafe New Orleans – tasty ribs  “good , friendly staffs’”

4. FoodLoft –  daddy’s favorite with varieties of Thai, Korean , European cuisine (i love food loft!!!) it sucks.

nautical inn

nautical inn

5. Nautical Inn – great delicious food and drinks average customer service

6. Oh Lala – serves good food and delicious breakfast, a coffee with fresh taste and aroma average customer service, free wifi

7. Aroy dee – the restaurant is located across soi 8, the staff are nice and friendly, very fast service of clean and good taste of Thai food and European food, Open 24 hrs

8.  Yiam – the restaurant is located across soi 7 , they serve good English breakfast Free WiFi, open 24 hrs

9. Domicil – is an Austrian restaurant with a great ambiance, nice interior designing full of unique  decorations and delicious food. Clean Toilet!!

‘Don’t drink the mineral water with their ice cubes because it can cause diarrhea for a sensitive stomach’’

red kimchi pattaya

red kimchi

10. Red Kimchi – located at Royal Garden Place that has a  Barbecue Buffet Sushi and Korean food


Things to do in pattaya:

1. Clubbing

2. Beach

3. Atv Ride

4. Shopping – clothes and shoes are cheap there

5. Easy Kart Race

6. Elephant ride at the elephant village

There’s lots more than just the sex and the walking street of Pattaya.


Types of Transportation:

Getting around Pattaya can be cheap or expensive if you book your travel and tours from the hotel. Approach a guy sitting in the beer bar in Soi 7 to get a cheap tour or ask around that area.

 1. Private car – 1200 baht -for 2 tourist spots:

     – Nong Nooch Garden

     – khao kheow zoo or any options of 3 tourist spots that are close to each other 1500 baht – a whole day tour,options in any of the Pattaya tourist spots

2. Baht Bus – 10 Baht

3. Taxi cab – they charge 200 Baht fixed rate

 4. Hotel Cars – 1200 baht – Pattaya transport to Subarnabhumi International Airport


Contact number of a Travel Agency

Reliable Travel Services

Hotel Reservation & Package Tour

Tel. (038) 719 -027-28   Fax. (038) 719-035

Check for more travel contacts  that ive kept

I think learning the thai basic words/ greetings is a Must for a better understanding in communication.

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