Pattaya Prep: Learn Basic Thai Words

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Our first trip to Thailand was a disaster.  First of all, booked us on the wrong flight (minor oversight.. no big deal).. I also had very little money.  We also did not no where to go until we got there.  We still had a good time but next time we will do things waaaaay better by planning ahead.  I will learn some of the language, list all the places and things I want to do, and save money to go.

This series (Pattaya Prep) is a breakdown of all the things I am doing to prepare for my trip to Thailand with 6 months.  Its a walk through with resources and guidance on preparing for the culture, language, location and shock of the wild life style of Pattaya, Thailand.


Similar to Japan, being polite is very important to Thai culture.  You will notice people bowing and helping you out everywhere you go.  Its really one of my favorite things about these remarkable people and their beautiful culture.  Even more impressive is how much more polite and open people are when you show interest in their culture and try to speak the language.

Basic Thai Words

sa wa dee khrap – hello (male)

sa wa dee kha – hello (female)

sa baai dee mai – How are you?

sa baai dee – I am fine

khap khun khup – thanks (male)

khap khun kha – thanks (female)

khap thot khrap – sorry (female)

khap thot khrap – sorry (female)

chai – yes

mai chai – no

a run sa wat – good morning

sa wat dee tawn thiang – good noon

sa wat dee tawn yen – good evening

raa trii sa wat –  good night

chuay nawy daai mai – can you help me?

mai pen rai – no problem

chan chue <name> – my name is ___

khun chue a-rai – what is your name?

yin dee thee daai ru jak – nice to meet you


I am taking my first week to memorize and practice these words.


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