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While traveling in a new country, trying the food is one of greatest way of knowing the culture and its people. Some of the philippine dishes may not be acceptable in appetite but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Ever wondered how it taste?

1. Balut – is an 18 day old egg right before it is about to hatch.  Its cooked and sold in a basket. Inside the eggshell you will see whites and body parts of a chick.  Yum, Yum!!


2. Chicken Intestines – barbecued chicken intestines are a famous appetizers and normally eaten as snacks and dinner.  Its sometimes eaten along with pork barbecue and other dishes.  It is grilled in charcoal available on the streets.

3. Pig’s blood dish (dinuguan) – it is sauted in spices(onions and garlic,ginger).  Its cooked for a long time with lots of green chili to make it hot /spicy and to get rid of the smell.

4. Deep Fried Pigs Tongue – are battered with some seasoning before frying.

 Lingua, another dish is a long process of cooking the pig’s tongue then boiled in a little bit of vinegar. The outer layer is scraped, sliced and cook with spices and tomato sauce.


5. Chicharon Bulaklak or Pig Intestines – are cleaned several times before cooking, dip into flour and cook deep fried.

6. Balbacua ( cow’s skin) – is cook and boiled for a long time until tender with peanuts and seasoning


7. Frogs – with white meat are taken from rice fields. Natives clean it and fry it in a pan, grill, or sometimes stew.


8. Shipworm or ‘Tamilok – is a delicacy from Aklan and Palawan. It is cleaned and eaten raw in vinegar, onions and chili or ‘Kinilaw.

9. Wood worm – delicious grubs found in wood. Very tasty grilled.  It taste like a crab meat.

10. Lansiaois made from testicles of a male cow. It is a famous dish from Cebu City. Testicles are stewed with many spices. Cebuanos believe that eating it can make them more sexually active.

11. Calderetang Kabayo – a dish known in Talisay City, Cebu province. It is from horse meat. It is cook stewed and taste similar as beef.


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