Philippines boracay island

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Philippines boracay island is the top tourist destination in the with kilometers of white sand beaches.  It is very clean with crystal clear water. Its very hot there though the island is shaded by the the trees.

Boracay has many souvenir shops, boutiques and one big mall next to the shore called D’mall located on Station 1. It has everything, from seafood restaurants, traditional Filipino food, ice cream and desserts.  There are many shops to buy fliptops and beach attire.

philippines boracay island

It’s a paradise full of music and parties. Boracay is known not only for its island’s beauty but also for its nightlife. Being on that beach feels like you’re in the city but with all the comfort of island life. There are many lights, restobars, bands playing music on every corner, and a wide selection of food. Most people I’ve seen are young individuals who are into party and a relaxation at the same time away from home. Many hotels are found also right on the beachfront that range from P 3,000.00 and above.

While walking by the shore. There are many people that offers island and land tours. They sometimes bother the tourists so much and blocking the way to get your attention so if you’ve already had the tours or not interested in it you will just have to ignore it completely and act like you haven’t heard or seen anyone along the way so they won’t pursue on offering and talking. We took a land tour to Dreamland. It was full of fun and we rode on ATV bikes. Each trip has a tourist guide for assistance. The ATV stops on 3 spots with the last spot is on the  top of a mountain, it has a big telescope for viewing the whole island of Boracay. We also went for a cart ride and it’s really not that enjoyable for the beginners when you keep hitting the tires beside the road.

philippines boracay island


Anyone can easily reach the island without so much hassle. You can travel either by plane or by ship. There are direct international flights from neighboring countries via Kalibu Aklan Airport and domestic flights as well in Caticlan Airport. Upon arriving, you will need to ride on the pedicab to reach the port. The pedicab is the main transportation of the island which cost about P 100. Then enter inside to get your ticket for the boat. It cost P 100.00, its kinda shaky because it is small but its not dangerous. When you reach the island, you need to ride on the pedicab again and tell the driver if which station you wish to go: Station 1, 2 or 3. But station one is where everything is.


Dreamland Park

1. ATV RIDE — P 800.00

2. KART RIDE – P 700.00

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