How to successfully date romania girls

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written by: Cosmin

How to find a date in Romania? 

So, now that I’ve convinced you to visit Romania, maybe it’s time for a few tips on how to meet new people there.

First of all, you should know that people are generally friendly and welcoming to foreigners. Don’t be surprised if, travelling around the countryside, locals invite you in their homes for a freshly boiled polenta with cheese and a glass of Tuica (the local drink). Even if you’re in a hurry or you’re really not into cheese and cooked meat, it’s polite to accept these invitations and spend even a few minutes inside a person’s home – some houses, especially in Transylvania, are traditionally decorated and a splendor to watch.


Coming back to the city, as I’ve mentioned in the previous article, Bucharest is one of Eastern Europe’s nightlife “capitals” – you can find here over 200 nightclubs spread across the city and plenty more restaurants or pubs where you can spend a quiet evening, if you’re not into dancing and loud music.

And of course, if you’re up for a night on the town, you won’t want to spend it alone, would you? Meeting and dating girls in Romania, as a foreigner, is quite easy – they are beautiful, some say some of the nicest girls in Europe, so “Lucky you!”

Romania girls are elegant, proud and equally not so easy to impress. So don’t come flashing your Mercedes keys – it won’t work, that’s of course if you don’t want to end up with a hooker. They are well travelled, at least in Europe, usually speak at least two foreign languages and are always interested in meeting people from a different culture than theirs.

The common places for meeting girls are clubs and pubs (as in other places) and there are some key things that you should know if you want to land a date: dress elegantly – smart casual (no tracksuit, no shiny stuff – glasses, shoes etc.), take off your sun glasses when you go inside, always have a drink in front of you.  Act casual and for GOD SAKEs, DO NOT make a fool of yourself by showing people the traditional dances in your country.

Approaching women is not that hard, as you can simply enter into clubs where 75% of the customers are women (yes, you read correctly!), usually dancing to either Latino or hip-hop in short, elegant, dresses.  Just go up to them, start dancing around and things will work out naturally from then on.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning: Be careful! Although, as I said, the majority of Romania women are nice and pleasant, you can also be unlucky enough to find scammers (as it is everywhere). So, my advice for you would be: have fun! Enjoy yourself! But if she tells you she loves you after two days and asks for your bank card to help her sick mother, best run away! 🙂

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