Cebu Girls Bar Girls

Cebu Girls Bar Girls

Prostitution is illegal in the Philippines BUT its still happens.  The Philippine government has made it illegal however they turn a blind eye to it (most of the time).   Certain Cebu Girls: Bar Girls (and strip clubs) try to keep it discrete by using “bar fines” to purchase the service.  If your are looking for filipinas, clubs are still the fastest place to find them.

Here are some of the Cebu Girls: Bar Girls  that offers fine quality Cebuanas:

Ratings of Drink Prices:

  • Cheap(below 100 pesos)
  • Average( 100 – 150 pesos)
  • Expensive (above 150 pesos)

*~40 Filipino pesos – to 1 US dollar

1. Arena Ktv Lounge

Located at North Reclamation Area corner road along Gen.  Maxilom Ave.

Arena bar has a greek inspired design. It offers beautiful ladies with sexy curves or petite, skinny bodies.  Some of them are actually models in Cebu who works there part time so you can expect a high quality of girls. Bar fine in that bar is expensive but its worth it to have sex with a model (good sex not guaranteed).

Entrance fee: 200.00

Drinks: average- expensive

Bar Fine: P 6,000.00

arena bar cebu girl

arena bar cebu girl

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2. Club Harem

Located in Subangdaku, Mandaue

The bar has stairs where the girls dance while stepping on the way down seductively. Girls are pretty and sexy . High quality Cebu girls!!

Entrance Fee:

Drinks: average- expensive

Bar Fine: P 7,000- P 8,000.00

Love City Bar

Love City Bar

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3. Dolvo KTV & Bar

Located in Cogon Ramos F. Ramos St. Cebu City, Cogon Ramos across Holiday Plaza Hotel, Ramos Blvd., Cebu City.

The bar has nice seating arrangement and placed the stage on the center so everyone can see them from many angles.  All of them are good looking, sexy girls.  You will find that most are taller than the average girl.

Entrance fee P 200.00

Drinks : cheap- average prices

Bar Fine: P 6,000.00

Dolvo Cebu Bar Girls

Picture of Dolvo KTV Bar

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4. Club Mermaid

Located at Quezon National Highway Pusok, Lapu-lapu City (+63 32 340 6190 ‎ ·

Do you like your Cebu girls WET and ready?  The girls bathe their beautiful bodies with the built-in shower on the stage while performing.  The show normally starts at late midnight.

Cebu Girls in Mermaid

Cebu Girl

cebu girl mermaid

cebu girl


cebu girl mermaidThese little mermaids are good-looking, hot ladies waiting to tease men.

Drinks : cheap to average
Bar Fine: P 3,500.00 – above

club mermaid cebu girls

club mermaid cebu girls

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5. White Castle KTV Bar

Located at Airport Road, Pusok, 6015 Baragay Pusok, Mactan, Lapu-lapu City. 

–> Cops raid Mactan KTV bar 8 girls, 35 women rescued 

Be aware that the risk of underage girls in these bars is high.  “The cooperative action by the PNP, DOJ, and DSWD, sends a strong message that the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation will not be tolerated in 2012,” — IJM Cebu field office director Andrey Sawchenko

6. Infinity KTV & Music Lounge

Infinity located at Archbishops Reyes Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.  Infinity is walking distance away from Ayala mall.  Some of the girls look pretty with the exotic “island girl” smooth, brown-skin that many westerners fantasize about.

Drinks: cheap – average price

Bar fine : P 6,000.00

Infinity Lounge Cebu Girls

Infinity Lounge Cebu Girls

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7. Strip clubs in Colon

These strip clubs are located in Sanciangko St. Colon, Cebu City

These are simple ordinary clubs with girls dancing on the stage in sexy two-piece bikini . The bars are what you might call a “whole in the wall”.  The this is EXACTLY the type of place some guys look for for their cheap prices compared to the other bars listed above. Some of the girls are cute, some are pretty, most have nice body figures. It’s worth checking out.  Colon is not the nicest part of Cebu but there are still many Expats & foreigners so how bad can it be.

Drinks – cheap price

Bar Fine: P1,500.00

strip clubs

strip clubs


8. Pussycat Bar

Located at Mango Avenue, Cebu City

The bar is not spacious. It has one pool table on the left side.  Their dance stage is placed next to the bar table where the drinks are served. The girls are boring and do not dance well but they are good looking, young and don’t look used up. Body type of the girls are thin with a little curves.

Drinks – Cheap price

Bar fine is P 1,500.00 – P 2,500.00


9. Love City Bar & KTV

Located at Mango Avenue, Cebu City. Love City Bar has a few really good dancers.  The bar has a VIP room with KTV.  The dance floor for the girls is on the center of the bar and seats are on the sides and corners.  Most are fine thin goodlooking ladies. Although you might see some unsightly belly jiggling and wiggling on stripper pole on a few girls, there are still some cute ladies.  Some of the girls look too young.. JAIL young.. White Castle young (you have been warned). It shows because their body seems not very developed yet.

“Girls here are not allowed to go with the customers – No Barfine’”

Drinks – Cheap – average price

VIP KTV room – P 1,500.00

Love City Bar

Love City Bar


10. Las Vegas

Located across SM Mall, Cebu. It is a newly built KTV bar with many Cebu girls  who will entertain you in the bar. The girls in Las Vegas bar can be taken home overnight with a bar fine.

Drinks: cheap-average

Las Vegas Cebu

Las Vegas Cebu Girls


Why a Bar Girl and Not Street Girl?

The appeal of Cebu Bar girls over a random street hooker is that Cebu Bar girls tend to be more safe. They  undergo weekly hygiene and papsmear test every after several months for prevention from sexual diseases and AIDS.  Although it is still Best for Guys to use Protection to ensure your safety.  If you go out on the street she may cost 500 pesos but you may be purchasing a disease.  Some are addicts, some have reached a level of life that is so desparate that they must do anything for just a few peso, on the streets you DON’t KNOW what you are getting!  AIDS, HIV, robbed or maybe just a nice, cheap quickie.  You are rolling the dice.

Getting Robbed in Cebu

Cebu overall feels more safe than Manila.  But remember it depends on what part of the city you are in.  No matter where you are you should not be alone.  You should drink responsibly and be aware of pick pockets.  Put you wallet in your front pocket.  Don’t carry ALL your money and valuables on you.  Only carry what you need.  Don’t wear a lot of jewelry.  If you MUST take lots of money then don’t keep it in your wallet.  Put it in your sock, underwear anything.

Cebu Girls

Going on a vacation to the Philippines?

Forget about the overpriced Boracay tourist trap, forget about the Boracay’s poor cousin “Bohol” and don’t go to Manila to get robbed by street kids!

Go to the “Queen City of the South” Cebu! There is LOTS to do in the beautiful city of Cebu. You can see the rich culture and strength of a proud Catholic people that has over come hundreds of years of adversity.  But why see any of that when you can go straight to Cebu’s best ASSET, Cebu girls!!
If you are looking for girls in Cebu there are four places that have the best crop of fresh (and not so fresh) Cebuana flowers:

  • Mango Street
  • SM/Ayala Mall
  • IT Park
  • The Internet

Mango Street

I believe sex is one of the most beautiful, natural and wholesome things money can buy. That is why Mango street is like heaven and the Cebu angels are there.. selling their bodies for about 500-1000 pesos.

Cebuana Expert:
“prices may vary: for more mature average looking they may charge more. Also depends on what they think they can get out of you.”

Just ignore the half naked, begging children and step over the homeless mother holding her baby sleeping on the streets, and you will be swimming in a sea of prostitution.

Cebuana Expert:
“Prostitution in the Philippines is illegal unless the translation is done in a bar. In the bar you get a “bar girl” you will need to pay the bar. The bar fine is about 2500-5000 pesos.”

J Ave is a great club with many Cebuanas starving for tall, white meat. If you have the average white guy look that is worshiped all over the Philippines, they will swarm you and tear you apart like a pack of tiger sharks. If you are trying to get a quick one-night stand, most of your time will be spent dancing them into bed. These girls might expect a little money after a quick one night stand.
A white guy is a status symbol in the Philippines. They like Koreans and Japanese because its easier to get their money. Black men are favored for their big, long black wallets. In the Philippines all foreigners (and their money) are welcome. If you are concerned about racism don’t worry, because there are no black, yellow, brown or white people.. only green.. you are a walking dollar $ in Mango.  If you have money and show a little bit of respect, you will be treated very well.

If you want to just pay and get down to business, just step right outside and you will be asked right away especially if its a weekend and you happen to be a foreign looking guy. The street of Mango is littered with all kinds of hookers. You will find Cebu girls in different sizes and shapes: Fat ones, thin ones. Yes, you can get ALL types of working girls from the ugliest to the prettiest. Use protection because many of them go through 100’s of guys with no protection. Its a recipe for the finest STDs; its like a STD Adobo. Mango is a street ripe with sexually transmitted diseases.

Hookers in the MALL?  no way?! In CEBU , YES Way!  SM Mall go the French Baker to get a french kiss.  Bos coffee in Ayala.. get coffee AND cream… because there are hookers there too.  Also, in the Ayala Mall you may see a 60+ Western man with a cane holding the hand of a girl wearing a “Dora the explorer” shirt.NO, ITS NOT HIS DAUGHTER.YES, that grandfather is F#$%ing that high school student.Now, I must admit.. the first time I saw it.. I wanted to beat up the old pervert and take the little girl back to the school playground so she could continue to enjoy her childhood. But then I realized, that the girl is 18 (I hope) and she definitely has a filipino boyfriend and that old foreign guy is paying her whole family so that he can have the time of his life.Is it right? Who am I to judge? She is an adult (I hope), so she can sleep with that guy for money if she wants. Things are different in the fils.

WHO CARES about the older gentleman and his high school sweet heart?! How do you get a piece of that MALL action? The first step is to have money. Second step is that it helps to be white… I am not saying you MUST be white. I am saying it REALLY helps. Since 99% of Filipinos worship white skin.  Ultimately, in Ayala and SM all you have to do is look cool and look foreign. Last step, approach girls that look interested in you. Its sooo easy right?


There are three very very bad things about the mall:

  1. Many girls in the Mall are NOT LEGAL. They may even lie about their age. JAIL IN THE PHILIPPINES– do not risk international shame and being raped in jail by taking the Jail Bait.  Due to rampant poverty there are many underage girls in soliciting sex.  THERE IS SO MUCH JAIL BAIT.  YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH AN UNDERAGE GIRL.. not for long as Investigators are beginning to crack down.  If you think so, then you deserve international shame and ass rape in a Philippine prison… ok.. i am off my soap box..
  2. If you already have a girl and are STUPID enough to take another girl there then you deserve to get caught.
  3. There are not many prostitutes there.

Cebuana Expert:
“One more pick up place is infront of Robinson’s Mall where girls stand and wait to get picked up by customers.. sometimes they are there at daytime approaching white guys to pay them for sex. They look fine. theres one Bo’s coffee shop in robinsons too. That is mostly where white guys that live around fuente hang out and look around for meats.  Mostly those girls are out there waiting at night time when Robinson’s mall closes.. prices would be P500-1500.. it really depends on negotiation but it cannot be higher than that.  in ayala that  on the second floor has a bos coffee. that is where they passes by and hunt a customer by that coffee shop there’s a terrace on the side. so they stand their first. smoke then go start checking for guys that they can approach “

IT Park

If you really want a classy woman go to IT Park and flirt with a Cebuana that is working. You have nothing to lose. The worst thing that can happen is she humiliates you in front of your friends and you kill yourself in shame.

But a Cebuana with a regular (non sex job) realizes the value of money so she won’t try to spend all YOURs. She will even buy YOU things. IT Park also has some smart filipino women that have not had sex in a long time because all they have done is study and work. If you treat them, you will win not only her P#%y but also her heart. A classy woman will expect more, so you should probably learn a little about Filipino culture, maybe some tagalog or Cebuano language and show a LOT of respect. If you are just a broke loser that lives with your parents, don’t even waste your time with an IT Park woman, go to Mango Street and get a two for one discount with a hooker.

The Internet

SCAM SCAM SCAM! The first thing you need to know about getting a girl on an Internet Dating site is that many Filipinos (straight/gay/lesbian) make a living off dating/romance scams on dumb foreign men.. including ME 🙁

Don’t believe their sob stories.. save your pity and money for prostitutes and sluts that deserve it because at least they work for it. Scammers will cry about sick family members or getting milk for their baby but think about this.. How the hell can they have enough pesos for electric and Internet but not enough to get milk?

If you can get past the army of scammers, then THE BEST way to meet a Cebuana is online. Some really do want to meet for a relationship, or just for fun. The only way to know if they are real is to actually meet them. If they are asking money.. just move on.

DO NOT GIVE MONEY ONLINE! No normal person is going to ask you for money within a month of meeting you if they are serious about keeping you around. The situation in the Philippines is desperate especially for single mothers, but the best thing you can do is fly there and invest in the Philippine travel & tourism industry. Remember its more fun in the Philippines!!

Cebu Call Girls

Cebu call girls are rare and limited in Cebu City.  When checking out Cebu Call Girls, Cebu Escort services, Cebu erotic massage, Cebu sensual massage you will see that the services and meaning blurs.  If you have an escort she can give sensual massage and if you have a woman giving a sensual massage, she might be willing to be an escort.  What all of these have in common is that its a pretty girl you can call for sensual service or companionship and it can be discrete or it can be out in the open (depending on the arrangement and the service itself).  There are differences in quality of service and how much is spent.

Model Cebu Escort Service

High class people are the ones who usually request their services as an escort while playing golf, a companion, a date in the day, a night out or more.  A high quality call girl will look like a model (and she may even be a model).  Filipino standards of beauty is tall, thin girls that look Caucasian.


Some Cebu call girls (Cebu escorts) are expensive since they are like a status symbol or a “trophy wife”.  You can expect a high maintenance, diva, with expensive tastes.  Sex may not be apart of the deal.  Its mostly for show.  You need to know someone to get this and its p5000 – p10,000+


Cebu Call Girl Sensual Massage

Some Cebu call girls are linked to Cebu massage.  Please don’t get confused and think that ALL massage places in Cebu have “happy endings”.  If they say “sensual massage” that is where you will pay more and get your happy ending and maybe more.  Price must be negotiated with the Cebu call girl.


sensual massage

CEBU Escort service agency is the finest place where you will find the most elegant CEBUANAS massage girls available. We continuously look for fresh faces that can possibly be part of us and become a escort in CEBU.

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