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If you are thinking of living in Colorado Springs, Colorado then here are a few fun facts you should know:

Tons of hiking places.
People here are active and exercise often. The local government of Colorado Springs has also created tons of recreational parks for families and athletes to do their training or hiking. Bar trail is one of our favorites.  The manitou incline and the red rock canyon are also great.  Before you make a huge decision of relocating to Colorado Spring or or in any place around the United States, you should weigh the advantage and disadvantages of what you are about to do. Colorado is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. It is so rich in natural attractions. Living in Colorado Springs is so pleasant. People are kinda conservative but mostly mind their own

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Expect  a higher crime rate on some areas. Colorado Springs is one of the largest city in Colorado so you can expect all the same conveniences and inconveniences of a medium sized city. There are a few places with higher crime rate because of its bigger and growing population. However, compared to some other parts of the US, the crime is pretty low.

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The housing is another thing you have to check for.  I noticed the house prices are fluctuating a lot. It was continuously dropping on months of february-april 2015. Military workers were moving to other places and selling their properties. This place is a hot area of buying a house.  Any time of the year is ideal. You can also check it’s neighboring towns with a smaller population like Fountain. The interest rates are dropping drastically as people are moving in and out of the city.

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There are jobs available in the area. There are 5 bases around town. Most of the jobs that will be available here are associated with the military.  There are also some companies operating in Colorado Springs but the overall population of people’s jobs here are working in the

Lower Tax is also attractive. Colorado Springs tax charge only 7.63 %. It is way lower comparing to other places like LA which is 16 %. I found out the price difference are HUGE between Coloradod and California as we were booking a hotel in in places like Hollywood and tickets for LA.

Colorado Springs has a variety of food and restaurants.  The variety is definitely not as good as some larger cities in other states.  For example, there is an Asian market really only one and it is a 20 minute drive from the place we live. I always look for the filipino store.  There is one in Colorado Springs, but it is pretty small.  For filipino stores are even fewer.  Generally, when it comes to food and restaurants, there are not much availability here.

Colorado Springs is a great place to raise a family.  There are many areas that are very peaceful and it is great if you love nature.



Manitou springs bed and breakfast

Manitou Springs is among the top attraction in Colorado.  It is a very beautiful place to see.  It is filled with authentic shops, ice cream shops, restaurants and bed and breakfast hotels.

You will often see runners going up Barr Trail or hiking up the Incline early in the morning.  Next to the trail you can see the Cog Rail, a trail that goes up Pikes Peak.

There are several options for Manitou bed and breakfast in the area for you to stay during your trip.

  1. Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast has a good rating in google reviews with an average room price of $130.00.  The advantage of this bed and breakfast place is that it is very accessible and walking distance to all the unique shops and attractions of Manitou Springs.
  2. Red Crags bed and breakfast is a place full of antique stuff on it. The rooms look elegant but sadly do not have very good reviews from people that have stayed there.  It is situated .3 miles away from the Garden of the Gods.  Room prices ranges from $100.00- $200.00.
  3. Bed and Breakfast at Historic Onaledge. Would you mind staying with ghosts? Well, hopefully they won’t appear during your stay.  That is scary.  Or maybe the ghosts are gone or perhaps they just made it up as a promotion to sell this b&b place.  Onaledge is old but clean with good customer service.  It is one of the top locations in Manitou Springs with a good tripadvisor review.  It should be worth it.  The rooms look very old fashioned.  The room rate starts at  $125.00.  Their website is manitou-spings-bed-and-breakfast
  4. Agate Hill is another bed and breakfast Inn and cottages in Colorado Springs Area. The rates are not available on their website but you can call them directly on their number 719-685-0685.  You can contact them on their website at .manitou-springs-bed-and-breakfast
  5. Rockledge Country Inn has the most beautiful rooms among the other Manitou Springs rooms.  Among all the places I have seen, Rockledge has the best location.  It gives the most spectacular view of the mountains that really highlights the beautiful rock formation of Colorado. The rooms look spacious and pretty with excellent tripadvisor reviews.  Room rates ranges from $125.00 – $250.00
  6. Blue Skies Inn has a google review of 4.4 out of 5.  It is a pretty good review for an Inn.  Their website needs more development.  Although the Blue Skies Inn is not modern they have excellent services that  accommodate tourists and business travelers.  Room prices range from $ 145.00 – $ 240.00.
    There are plenty of bed and breakfast that you can find in Manitou Springs. You may even get a cheaper price in other places that are not listed here check out the online reviews to get an idea of what they have to offer.
    Other Places in Manitou:

Comfort Inn

The Cliff house at Pikes peak

Rodeway INN

Americas Best Value Inn Villa Hotel

Magnuson Hotel Manitou Springs

Silver Saddle Motel

Pikes Peak Inn

Eagle Motel

Days Inn Manitou Springs

Dillon Motel




best places to visit in colorado

If you like clean mountain air, hiking, and seeing the wonders of nature, then look no further than Colorado. Colorado has so many spectacular attractions that will amaze you. Its is a beautiful state in the edge of the Rocky Mountains close to the sky. It’s one of best places in the United States and one of the most popular destination in the world for things like rock climbing, and skiing.  There is more to see than just mountains!  

What are the best places to visit in Colorado you ask?

1. Garden of the Gods is one of the most wonderful scenic views that I have seen in my life. With amazing huge boulder formations playfully placed by nature it is easy to see how it got its name.  Garden of the Gods is free with lots of parking areas that are sometimes not enough for the hundreds of families visiting each weekend. This is also a perfect place to go rock climbing.



royal gorge

royal gorge


2. Royal Gorge is in little known Colorado town called Cañon City.  Royal Gorge National Park features an amazing suspension bridge that is almost 1000 feet above the Arkansas river.  Adjacent to the Arkansas River is the Royal Gorge Route Railroad.  This is an amazing place to take the family.


3. the-inclineThe Incline in Manitou Springs is a local attraction that would definitely have more tourists if they knew about it.  It is a hiking trail with an incline with a steady steep grade of 60 – 68% going 1 mile straight up.  It is a heck of a workout and definitely not for the unfit.

4. Pikes Peak has a train that will take you up the mountain.  It is called the Cog Railway.  It is so high up that you will actually feel dizzy from lack of oxygen.



red rock canyon

red rock canyon

5. Red Rock Canyon is less of a challenge than the Incline or Barr Trail, however if you are not careful you can become lost in its many paths and trails.  There is a lot of area there and it is very scenic.  You can see a lot of Colorado Springs from the top of the the trail and see lots of grazing deer on the way.



old colorado springs

old colorado springs

6. Old Colorado Springs is a very cool place to visit especially if you like local art collections and authentic Mom and Pops Shops.  There are a lot of historical buildings. You can also try the wonderful restaurants there.  We went to one called Uchenna Restaurants that served authentic Ehtiopean food!  Uchenna is rated one of the best in town and you could taste why.


manitou cool places colorado

manitou cool places colorado

7. Manitou Springs is a place best for kids in Colorado I would say.  It has many shops selling ice creams, home made chocolates, taffies and variety of flavored pop corns. Manitou springs also have many restaurants and old Arcade games. There are special events on Valentines Day, St Patricks day, Christmas, Halloween and other US holidays.



What we did not mention in this post were the many top skiing destination in Colorado.  You can check those out here


Hikes in colorado Barr Trail

One of our favorite things to do when we travel is to hike and explore so Colorado is a gold mine for this!!  Barr Trail is one of the best trails in Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs.  If you are looking for a challenging walk (or run) up a mountain pass then Barr Trail is for you.

Once you get about one mile into the trail you can see a large part of Manitou Springs below.  If you arrive early enough you can see a beautiful sunset shining into Pikes Forrest.  You get crisp and clean mountain air.  The sight is a glimpse into what birds must experience far away and above it all.  It is safe enough to take adolescent kids but probably too much for anyone younger than about 8 years old.

Bar Trail

Bar Trail

Although the total length of Barr Trail is 21 km (13 Miles), most people only do the first few miles that is parallel with the Incline, another popular trail in the Manitou Springs area.  The trail goes through Pikes National forest, pass Barr Camp and ends at the top of Pikes Peak.  The total trail goes up 7800 feet.

Barr is used for the Pikes Peak Marathon which goes as far as Barr Camp and back.  Barr trail is great to just walk for exercise.  Its fun to run down but you have to be careful since the path gets pretty steep and uneven.  Depending on when you go it can be hard to find parking.  It costs $5 for the privilege of parking next to the mouth of the trail.  You do have the option of parking for free about a half a mile or more away in Manitou.







Places to visit colorado

Last february 2015, me and my family visited Old Colorado Springs to eat at this place called Uchenna.places-to-visit-colorado Wow that place had good Ethiopian food. Their style of cooking is very unique. We went there because it was listed as second highest ranked restaurant in Colorado springs.places-to-visit-colorado

After our meal, we walked around a bit and found art galleries there. I think people should check it out if they are seeking for a specific unique thing that is rare to find. They may find it here.places-to-visit-colorado (2) The shops in Old Colorado Springs have many unique things for sale from wooden Buddha, hookahs,paintings and gemstones. places-to-visit-coloradoThere are also many restaurants in different cuisines. I also seen couple of shops selling home made ice cream. places-to-visit-colorado (11)

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Cool places to visit in Colorado- Royal Gorge

As we walked across the bridge the breeze hit us in the face and made the solid steal and wood supports sway.  The magnificent height is like the scenes of a movie.  With tall walls of rock embracing the white water Arkansa river below; it is an very beautiful place.  Every angle is offers a photographic master piece.  It is hard to believe that here was a fire that destroyed the area around the Royal Gorge Bridge.  They have done an amazing job of restoring some of the (2)

The ticket price for an adult costs $16.00USD. cool-places-to-visit-colorado And when you get in

On the way to Royal Gorge, there are shops that offer all kinds of activities you and your family can do such as river rafting, zipline, kid’s train rides, small restaurants and souvenir shops.  You will see very unique merchandise such as giant amethyst rocks.  Unfortunately, these shops are not open on

In 2013, the facilities and rides of Royal Gorge were destroyed by a wildfire.

Ninety percent of the park was gone with 48 out of 52 buildings and world class attractions destroyed on each side of the bridge. During this time, the Royal Gorge Bridge stood majestically above the rubble and was relatively unscathed except for approximately 100 boards that were scorched on the south side of the Bridge. —


As of 2015, they are still in the process of rebuilding some of the facilities.  The new building includes a big cafe with huge deck over looking the gorge.  The building also has a souvenir shop selling shirts, mugs, necklaces, stuffed toys and a few types of rocks.  At the back of the building are benches where you can sit to (4)

Royal Gorge is Open at 10 o’clock in the morning and closes at 4pm, 5pm or 6pm. It changes according to month.  Please see the guide.

Note: As you are driving towards Royal Gorge and while you are there, you may lose cell phone reception.

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cool places to visit in colorado: Manitou Springs

  • Entrance fee: None
  • Parking fee: None – $0 – 5.00 per day. Certain areas are free.
  • 1 LB home made chocolate: $ 16.00
  • Taffies: $ 9.00

Manitou Springs is one of the coolest places to visit in Colorado.  The unique shops and restored old town look give it a comforting small town feel that you and your family will love.

My family loves this place and keep asking to go back.  What is it about this place that keeps the streets flowing with local tourists from all over Colorado?

I think it is the spirit of the place.  It has a certain feeling of calm, openness to it that is hard to explain.  It’s peaceful.  It has an old town, quaint feel to it where it seems like most people there are content.  The shops are very unique selling product connected directly to real people not giant corporations selling things mass produced and stamped with “made in China”.  It’s nice to feel that connection.  The feeling that when you buy something it is helping the person that opened the store.

“Manitou”, a Native American word for “ great spirit”, describes this beautiful mountain community. Eight naturally carbonated mineral spring fountains, located throughout this historic town, run free for all who wish to enjoy the healing benefits. The Ute, Cheyenne and other Native Americans considered this area sacred for the healing springs and clean mountain air.

The Naturally-Occurring mineral springs have a rich history in giving and restoring health to people who traveled thousands of miles to be healed by the magical waters. Today, health and wellness continues to be a draw for residents and visitors who come to the area for its unparalleled quality of life and holistic, spiritually uplifting personality.

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manitou cool places colorado

manitou cool places colorado