Top 15 Traveling Abroad Tips: Philippines

The Philippines is a great tourist spot.  The people are awesome, the culture is remarkable and there are lots of things to do and see there. However, just like other countries, there are precautions that you must take in order to stay safe and happy during your travels.  Here is a list of 15 tips to take note of if you are a bachelor traveling to the Philippines.

Mubuhay! Welcome to the Philippines and enjoy your vacation in paradise 🙂

1. Store Valuable in the Hotel Room.  Leave all your important belongings in the hotel room. Do not bring your passport with you while going out because there is a good chance you can lose it.

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2. Safety Box.  First of all, if you are a bachelor and wanting to hook up with lots of girls, there is nothing wrong with that!  But be careful.  Not all girls can be trusted with random valuables laying around.  Items like cellphones, money and other gadgets should be locked in a vault in your hotel room.  Remember that these girls are stranger who you may never see again.  You do not know who they are, where they come from and they might be thieves.  You should know that it is common for foreigners there to meet up with girls and end up losing some valuables. Prevention is best in this case.  If your room does not have a vault, you can secure the items in the luggage (luggage with a combination lock would be best).  You can also ask the front desk if they have a locker or safety box to store valuables.

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3.  Take the Cash that you need.  Bring only enough cash you wish to spend for the day.



4.  Don’t get too Drunk.  Don’t get drunk because you will become an easy target for robbers.

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5. Don’t Take ATM Card.  Do not bring your ATM or credit card c when you are going out to a disco club or strip club.  It is best to bring cash.  Many places don’t take credit anyway.  You should only use your debit or credit cards in well established places.  For example, Starbucks, Jolibee, Chowking and places in the Mall are safe places. traveling-abroad-tips

6. Condoms.  For bachelors, bring a survival kit because you do not know who the girls are or where they have been.  In 2013 there was an HIV infection every three hours.  As of 2014, the Philippines became one of 9 countries with a rising number over young people with HIV.  You need to stay safe and wear a condom. Always have safety sex.   Bring your own condoms.  Because the condoms there are smaller in size that might not fit to a western standard. This applies to women traveler too, never have sex without protection. Many men there have sex with multiple partners.traveling-abroad-tips

7.  Have a Wingman.  Having a companion is an advantage.  If there are two or more of you, thieves and scammers will think twice about trying anything. Another option would be a girlfriend. It is actually helpful to have one while you are there because she can guide you to safer places to go.

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8. Catch Cabs.  Cabs are safer than petty cabs.  My suggestion is to always catch a cab it is the safest for tourists.  In a petty cab lots of beggars, solicitors and street kids will want something for you at every stop (even at stop lights).  Petty cabs usually don’t have windows so you are very accessible.  It is great to help the kids but most of the time when you give one kid food or some money, more kids will come to ask you for more.Top 15 Traveling Abroad Tips: Philippines

9. Always walk fast. Walking fast will help you to be safe.  It will make it harder for random people (beggars, street kids and solicitors) to follow you.  And they will follow you asking for money, food, you name it. People approaching you mostly happens in crowded and touristic cities.

10. Watch your Phone.  If possible, don’t use your phone in public areas.  Generally, in big cities there are more crimes. It is dangerous even for locals.  It is not uncommon for phones to be snatched so when possible, do not use phones while walking. Another option you can do is to buy a local cheap phone that you won’t mind losing. traveling-abroad-tips

11. Never walk in a dark and quiet alley. Many people including locals get robbed when they are walking in dark alleys for shortcuts on the way home.



12. Ice. Avoid drinking water with ice that are not purified. If your stomach is sensitive. Do not do it. Our body takes a while to be immuned with tap water in a new country. Most water resource in the Philippines is not that clean or filtered properly.  An example of this is my husband (American) who was getting diarrhea while in the Philippines and we suspect it was ice in his glass of water or soda. If you really want some ice, always ask if they have an ice made of purified water ( we commonly say mineral water).traveling-abroad-tips

13. Avoid eating street food. Also, if you want to try filipino food, always check if it is hygienic and ensure that the food has not been out for long. Food poisoning there is so common.traveling-abroad-tips

14. Bottled water.  Always drink bottled water.  Do not drink tap water because the Philippines the water supply is not that clean.traveling-abroad-tips

15. NOT in the Back Pocket.  Do not put your wallet in a back pocket of your pants. Normally, men are used to putting wallets in back pocket but not in the Philippines. You can not do that there because there are so many pick pockets.

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The Philippines is one of the funnest places to party in South East Asia, but you should take care and heed these 15 tips.

Things to do in Manila

Things to do in manila

Manila is the capital of the Philippines.  Here you will find businesses, investments, jobs, lots of  shopping malls, nice parks, and nightlife.  Manila consists of many a few large cities such as Makati City, Pasay City and Taguig City.  Each city offers all of the conveniences of a modern city.  As a country that prides itself on its tourism industry, foreigners on vacations are quite welcome.   The cities infrastructure lends it self to comforts that include huge shopping areas, big hotels, casinos, high-end condominiums and all kinds of entertainment.  The continued growth, modernization and development of Manila’s cities has trickle down to the many  clubs.  So you can find high quality disco’s and even decent strip clubs.

things to do in manila

picture of manila

List of Malls:

1. Market Market Mall at Taguig City

2. Greenbelt at Makati

3. SM Megamall at Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

4. Landmark- Makati

5. Mall of Asia – Pasay City

6. Sm mall – Pasay City

7. Glorieta mall Makati

8. Rockwell Center Makati City


‘A personal recommendation would be malls in Makati and Taguig area because it has easy access of transportation and restaurants that serve good food .’


Attractions around Manila :

1. Fort Santiago

2. Manila Ocean Park

3. Manila Bay

4. Star City , Pasay City Manila

5. Rizal Park

6. Malacanang Palace

7. National Museum of the Philippines

8. Black Nazarene at Quiapo Church

9. San Agustin Church, Manila

10. Manila Metropolitan Theater

11. Manila Cathedral

12. Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden


‘There are many travel agencies around Manila that conduct tours for certain amount but if you are up for an adventure, you can travel around the city with a map.’


Types of Transportation:

1. Jeepneys-  fare is P 8.00 for the first 5 kilometers

2. Taxi cabs – average fare for a short distance is less than P 100.00

3. Buses – P 10.00 and P 12.00 for the aircon buses

4. Lrt (train)- P 12.00 – P 20.00 varies on distance

5. Fx – it’s a mini -van that can  occupy  less than 10 people but this kind of transportation is not available throughout the entire city.  fare is around P  12.00 aor higher depends on the distance of travel

manila girls

Traveling to the capital of the Philippines ?

Want to hook up with a Manila girl?

 Whether you are a foreigner or a local, there are more Manila filipinas than there are guys.  The girls are aggressive for two main reasons:

 1. They want a guy to give them money (ESPECIALLY a foreigner)

2. Its hard to find a good guy in Manila since most guys are taken

For foreigners, Manila is full of hustlers.  You are more likely to be ripped off by a taxi or have a kid steal your wallet than to be stabbed.  Its a bad idea to roam around drunk, alone at night.  Its best to go with a partner or group.  Having a wing man will steal your nerve for a no strings attached, hook up with a Manila girl on your vacation.

Unlike Angeles City you cannot just grab any woman there.  You will need to be a little more smooth and respectful and maybe even discrete.  Although ladies are all over the city. Here are the list of places on where to find the most opportunity for a Manila women hook up.

 1. Malls (Robinsons Malls, Mall of Asia, any malls around Manila) – The locals hit up the malls to find a mate.  If you are travelling to Manila for a lady, you may want to do the same.  Dating a foreigner in the Philippines is no big deal so you may be able to find a girl that works in the mall. Start by just asking politely where to find girls around the area, and they will let you know or even give you their number.


manila girls

manila girls go to robinsons

2.Spa/Massage places – Some massage places offer more than just a back rubs.  But even if the massage place does not offer a happy endings you could just ask the working massage girl if she will extend the service in your hotel room, you can ask the girls mobile number and communicate to meet after shift :-). They won’t refuse to date if they like you.  That is potentially free sex .

manila girls philippine

manila girls philippine

 3. Disco Bars/Restobars – to get a more decent girl to hook up with, a bar might be the best place. Most of the young professionals in Manila area hang out on this areas for a drink to relax  after a stressful day at work or to have fun on the weekend. Some hookers may hang out at the  bars.

manila girls clubs

 4. Manila Bay ( Baywalk ) – many people hang in this area.  On Baywalk you will see groups of friends hanging out and prostitutes looking for clients.  If you’re walking alone the girls will approach to offer sex for some amount. Less than 50 usd.

manila girls strip clubs


5. Star Fleet Relax Zone  –  Fish bowl style “relax zone”.  Basically, dozens of beautiful Manila girls ready to provide services for a low price.   The prostitutes are lined up for the customers to pick which ones they want to take home.  Just ask the Taxi drivers to take you where they are located.

3rd Floor Oyster Plaza Bldg. II, Ninoy Aquino Avenue cor.

 Kabihasnan Road, Parañaque City 1700 Phils.

Tel: 829-3861 / 829-0304 / 829-7081       TeleFax: 820-7572

online manila girl

online manila girl

6. Online dating sites – this is one of the most effective way of meeting Manila women for sex or for a relationship since they’re always up to guy hunting. It can also be more than just sex.  If you want a more serious relationship just make sure you take your time to get to know them.  And don’t give money.  Before you commit to anything serious make sure you meet them first.  Its hard to find a match.