Leyte Adventure island

Purple Shadow and friends go to Leyte, Philippines for an island adventure.  Your are invited to join a few beautiful women as they spend a day on the beach.

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Leyte is in the Visayas group of the Philippines.  Leyte is divided into two provinces: (Northern) Leyte and Southern Leyte. Territorially, Southern Leyte includes the island of Panaon to its south. To the north of Leyte is the island province of Biliran, a former sub-province of Leyte.  The main city is called Tacloban.

Shopping in Philippines (yuri in Philippines 3)

Yuri, Purple Shadow, Jay and Yuri’s brother go shopping in Talisay. They show the prices on grocery items in the mall. The malls in the Philippines is very different from the malls in the US.

You can see that most prices in the Philippines are lower than what you find in the US.

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The Space Flower – Boogieman

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Philippines Cost of Living : Makati city Philippines : Buy or rent

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Yuri’s response to dragontemple1 who said:
“Great! I am just wondering if U can make a vlog about living in Makati as the richest area in the country & of course most expensive ! How to find the best deal on rental & possibility of buying a condo there. I saw one of your video about places to live & U briefly mentioned Makati. But I want to get a more in depth Info. Thank you.”

makati places for rent











Retiring in the Philipipnes : Is mindanao safe?

A user Stated the following:
“I sat through about 10 minutes of this video and didn’t learn a thing. In fact I’ve been in Philippines for 12 + years and except for the infrastructure being terrible and the internet also being terrible, she isn’t very accurate in much of what she says.

She said, “Mindanao is where all the terrorism happens.” That simply isn’t true. I was on a bus on Feb 14, 2005 that left from the same Manila terminal as a bus that left later in the day and was bombed. Add to the fact that this woman totally ignores the fact that 90% of the “Mindanao terrorism” occurs actually in minor islands groups called Sulu and Jolo, not the mainland of the main island of Mindanao, and she is hard to believe about anything she says. The Philippines is NOT “paradise” unless you are a tourist and only go to remote places where the tourist industry has not yet ruined them.

This place might be a “paradise” if you are an older white guy looking for short time girlfriends (ready to take ALL your money as quickly as they can). If you want to go hunting or fishing, forget it because the water is too polluted to support aquatic life and even if you could carry a gun, the only things to hunt would be cobras, pythons and the occasional monkey because they have killed every living thing here. Oh, almost forgot, you might be able to kill a water monitor lizard if you get in the right place.”

He said a LOT here, but we wanted for focus on his statement about Mindanao. He said, “Add to the fact that this woman totally ignores the fact that 90% of the ‘Mindanao terrorism’ occurs actually in minor islands groups called Sulu and Jolo, not the mainland of the main island of Mindanao, and she is hard to believe about anything she says.”

So we put together a few facts about Mindanao so that the view can make there own decision. While we do use Wikipedia as a reference , note that we also use government travel warnings from multiple countries. We also explain our own experiences.