Traveling to Philippines : Cebu shops

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Traveling to Philippines : Cebu shops

If you are traveling to Philippines and planning on living there for some time, renting an apartment is really the best thing to do. If you are on a tight budget or just want to save money, go to places with very low prices in Cebu. The Cebu shops listed below are the places that I used to go to buy cheap goods. The products range from low to good quality but all generally have low prices.


1. Groceries  

Colonnade Mall -This mall offers Wholesale prices on their goods.  The store offers great prices are small store owners to sell goods at retail prices.

Price sample: Brown sugar ½ kl P 16.30, other stores charge up to P 20.00

travel shop cebu Colonnade Mall

La Nueva Branches Supermarket – La Nueva branches are located at M. C. Briones St., Cebu City and G.Y. Dela Serna St, Lapu-Lapu City ‎

Prince Warehouse Club is located at M.C Briones St.

Emall  has a big convenient supermarket. It sometimes mark down the prices of their goods or sell it by several pieces with discounts


travel shop cebu La Nueva Branches Supermarket

2. Furnitures & Appliance

SunGold  – SunGold has lots of sales on their furnitures.  They have many types of designs and colors. Prices from cheap to expensive.

 Price range – P 6,000.00 and above

Unitop – are located at Colon St.  and Lapu-Lapu City – it has a few selection of unique design furnitures and a few good quality appliances.

Silawan Furnitures – located at Leon Kilat St. The store have two types of furnitures, cheap and expensive. The cheaper classes of furniture has a decent quality. They also have high quality sets sofa that are made from oak and other expensive material.  It looks classy and durable.They also have leatherette sofa set that cost P 6,000.00 . All their sofa set comes with a center table.

Delivery Charge : P 500.00

J Marketing sells all house appliances in cash or installments at lower prices compared to other stores

travel shop cebu

Cheapest  for a refrigerator : P 8,800.00 5cc


Metro Appliance Centrum Plaza Inc. sells home appliance by cash or installments.

The store has cheap and expensive branded appliances. Prices differs according to the brand name and the model of the appliance

Price sample :  Oven w/ 4 burner stove P 16,000.00 and above




3. Toys & Clothing

. Emall 2nd floor sells very cheap clothing, colognes

. Grandmall – located @ Basak, Lapu-Lapu Area

Price Sample: A shirt cost less than P 100.00 to P 200.00 (fine quality)

– Metro Gaisano has cheaper prices of branded shoes and clothing. They always have sale on their products, have good quality and are also cheaper compared to SM and ayala.

Price Sample:  Bench Shirt P 1,000.00 goes on sale up to 40 % sometimes 50%

Price becomes P 600.00




Other cheap wholesale and retail clothing and toys are along Borromeo and Magallanes St .  (back road of Metro Gaisano)

Big malls like SM and Ayala have big sales usually starting in June (opening of classes) and December, they markdown the prices to sell off the old products.


4. Housewares

Unitop – located at D. Jakosalem Street  offers the cheapest prices in housewares, lowest price kitchen utensils in fine quality. Just be careful on breakable things because it is very crowded there.

Price Sample : Mugs- P 15.00- P 70.00 prices differs on sizes and designs

Novo is located at next building from Unitop.  They have very cheap prices of curtains bedsheets and pillows. Novo also has nice unique, cheap kitchen utensils.

Prices: egg pan in flower and bear face shape P 35.00

             egg beater P 20.00

             spaghetti ladle P 10.00

5. Electronics

K Star – has very cheap electronics and cellphone parts, phone cases, and tablets. They also have head phones and every kind of charger you can think of.  Electronics in Philippines malls are RIDICULOUSLY over priced.  So its best to go to some of the small stores around K Star.

k star cebu travel shop

Unitop  also has some stores selling electronics on the first floor like Cherry mobile brands that are way cheaper compared to other phones and original phones they also sell fake samsung and other phones.

Joyo Marketing has mostly computer parts and accessories for sale. They also sell a few laptop and cds.

6. Fresh Vegetables & Meat

Carbon Market – on the evening until early morning at 6 o’clock. This is the place where vegetable vendor buy wholesale to resell to people from other small market around the city.  Carbon Market also sells chicken, pork, beef & mutton located at Magallanes St. Across San Jose  Recoletos Main Campus all meat are fresh because they slaughter the animals here and sell it that morning.

fresh vegetables and meat travel shop


fresh vegetables and meat travel shop carbon market

7.  Fresh Fish

Tabuan Market sells  dried and fresh fish.  Fish vendors buy the fishes per container and sell it retail to people.  All fishes sold here are fresh because it is also the fish port of Cebu City. All fishermen sells their fishes here.

fresh fish travel shop


           Lapu-lapu City – Opon Market and Saac Market is along the road of Brgy. Bankal

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