What are the pros and cons in moving to thailand?

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We have been in Thailand traveling to some of the tourist destinations and visiting friends in Bangkok.  Over the years we have gathered tips on how to travel Thailand and come up with some pro and cons of moving to Thailand.

It is such a great place that we are still considering moving there.  We have talk to some of our friends who are locals and some who are expats coming from all over the US, France, and UK.  Here is what we have gathered.

Pros Cons
Great weather High Humidity (year round)
Many Nice People Language Barrier
Open Attitude Military Coup (political unrest)
Beautiful women High level of STDs
Many things to see High level of poverty
Travel through Asia Bangkok Expensive

There are few other things that you might want to consider as well depending on the area.  For example, Pattaya is not very family friendly (depending on what part you venture into) and like Chang Mai it is very “touristy”.  A great place to visit but probably not the best place to live.  Also, in some cases the “High Humidity” might be a huge plus for some people.  The people of Thailand was what made us consider living there as well as the lower overall cost of living for average people.


moving to thailand

moving to thailand


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