When is St Patrick day 2014

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When is St Patrick day?

St Patrick’s day is celebrated around the world on March 17.  If you are traveling and want to check out the Irish festivities, here are a few suggestions:

Its an annual celebration of the life and work of the famous apostle St. Patrick.

It is believed that the celebration has started when St. Patrick died. Irish expatriates and immigrants shared the tradition all over the globe.

when is st patrick day

In the United States actually has MORE Irish people than Ireland itself (see reference below).  So St Patrick’s day is pretty big deal in America, even going so far as to turn rivers GREEN!  On 17 March everyone is expected to where green or they get pinched.  There are parades, parties and green beer.

 United States 40,000,000+[2]
 Great Britain 14,000,000[3]
 Australia 7,000,000[4]
 Canada 4,544,870[5]
 Argentina 1,000,000[6]
 Mexico 600,000[citation needed]

ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_people

Everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s day!

May the Irish hills caress you;

may her lakes and rivers bless you;

may the luck of the Irish enfold you;

may the blessings of Saint Patrick, behold you. -st-patrick-day.com

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